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Surprised My Step Brother

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My mom remarried my step dad when I was 14. My step dad had a son by a previous marriage named Howard and he was a year younger than me. I lived with my mom and Howard lived with his mom also but also stayed with his dad every chance he could.

When I was 16 and off for the summer Howard was also off from school and came to live with his dad for a few weeks. He had his own bedroom and it was next to mine. I almost always went through what was his room all the time taking a short cut to the bath room. So, on the first morning he was there, I got up and as usual, headed for the bathroom not thinking went my usual way. I opened the door to his room and walked right in. As soon as I did I immediately saw him. He was laying on his bed on his back with his pajama shorts and briefs pulled down with his hand wrapped around his erect penis playing with himself. I stopped in my tracks, said 'Oops' and turned around and walked back into my room. At the same time Howard had grabbed his sheet covering himself up real quick saying 'Kate!!!'. Both of us were very embarrassed by what had just happened.

Later that morning I was sitting in the living room watching TV. Howard came in still embarrassed and pissed and didn't say a word to me. This went on all day long. When I went to bed that night all that was on my mind was what I had seen and I couldn't keep my hands and fingers away from my pussy. I don't remember how many times I came off. The next day things hadn't changed and Howard wasn't speaking. I finally told him that I was sorry about everything. He still stayed tight lipped and pissed. Later that morning I thought I had a good idea to help put this behind us so we could get back to normal again.

We were sitting in the living room and I told Howard 'If I show you mine will we then be even'? Howard looked at me and I could see his face light up. He finally spoke to me asking 'Do you really mean it'? I told him 'It would only be fair, Come on and let's go to my room'. We got up and headed to the bedrooms. I told him 'I'll go in and lay down and you can walk in on me like I did you'. I went in and took off my shorts and panties and laid down. I called to Howard to tell him I was ready. He quickly opened the door and walked in on me just like I had done to him. I was laying there on my back with my legs spread open with my hands and fingers rubbing on my pussy just as I do when masturbating. Howard's eyes went straight for my pussy. I'm sure this was his first time seeing one.

Instead of turning and running out he just stood there looking. I was getting so aroused that I continued with my fun. Howard then walked over to get a closer look. I looked down at his shorts and could see 'it'. I looked up at him again and asked him 'Can I see it again'? Howard said 'you really want to'? I said 'yes'. He then pulled down his shorts and I couldn't keep my eyes off of his erect penis. Howard then put his hand around it and started stroking himself. Next thing I knew he and I both had fantastic orgasms and Howard went off on my bed. I wasn't expecting this having never seeing a boy come before. I thought it was so neat.

We got over our orgasms and went to the bath room to clean off. At least we were talking to each other again but now telling each other how good it felt. I'm sure it goes without saying that I and Howard ended up having a great Summer together. He ended up practically spending the whole Summer staying with us and every morning we both could hardly wait for my mom and step dad to go to work so we could get together and get each other off.

We came close to 'going all the way' several times and would end up getting nude and laying on top of each other taking turns getting each other off like this. I'd end up covered with Howard's cum and he'd end up covered with my jucies. Other times the sheet would have so many stains on it we'd have to strip the bed and wash, dry and remake the bed before mom got home. If mom only knew. She would have killed us!



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