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Surprised by Younger Cousin

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The summer after finishing ninth grade, I was sent to live with relatives in California so my parents could spend time working through some problems in their marriage. I hadn't ever met these relatives and was nervous when I found out they had a son who had just turned 13.

The reason for my nervousness was that at 15 and 1/2 years old I was small for my age and had not yet started puberty. I was the only one in my ninth grade PE class without pubic hair and had been teased a lot. The only indication that puberty may be approaching was that my penis had started to grow. Unfortunately, it was only growing in length and looked rather like a long middle finger. Of course, this was another source of constant teasing in the locker room.

When I arrived at LAX, I was very relieved when I met the family. My cousin, Todd, was also very small, probably not more than 5 feet, and very skinny. He was blond, like me, and I always had a suspicion that blonds tended to start puberty later than others.

That evening, as we were getting ready for bed, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and tug on my penis to make it as big as possible without becoming erect. I was hopeful that I might finally be able to impress someone.

When I returned to the bedroom, Todd was already under the covers in the twin bed. Setting my pajamas on the bed and facing him, I began slowly undressing. His eyes were glued to me. I was feeling pumped as I removed all of my clothing except for my boxers. Then the moment came. I slowly lowered my boxers and stood up, giving him a good look at my semi. I began to smile as I saw his eyes widen, staring at my groin.

But my smile quickly vanished when he blurted out, 'Do you shave your pubic hair?'

Now my eyes widened as I struggled for something to say. But nothing came out. He looked up at me and asked, 'Wow, you're not still bald are you?'

My deer-in-the-headlights look gave the answer that I couldn't verbalize. When nothing came out, Todd asked, 'Do you want to see mine?' Before I could respond, Todd pulled back the covers, stood up on the bed, pulled down his pajama bottoms and lifted up his t-shirt. I couldn't believe it. Less than a foot from my face hung his small penis with a sparse swirl of pubic hair on each side. There probably weren't more than six or eight blond hairs in each swirl, but it was enough to make me very envious.

When he asked if I wanted to feel his pubes, I reached out wihtout even thinking. I was surprised at how soft they were. Since pubic hair is so curly, I had always assumed they must be bristly. I don't know how long I had been feeling them when Todd began laughing and pointed down, saying, 'You must beat off a lot.' I looked down and knew right away what he was talking about. My penis, now fully erect, had a rather pronounced curve to the left. Although I know better now, it was one of those myths that I had heard numerous times. Plus, with my three-plus times a day habit, it wasn't something I could refute. I don't think I had said a word since walking into the bedroom and all I could do now was nod my head in answer to his statement.

Todd stepped out of his pajama bottoms and pullled off his t-shirt and said, 'Let's beat off now.' He rushed to lock the door and hopped back onto the bed, sitting down cross-legged. I followed suit, sitting across from him. We immediately began masturbating, watching each other's technique. My penis was just over five inches, so I was able to fist it. Todd's was probably an inch shorter but he just used his index finger and thumb.

Within a few minutes I reached that point and my body began to spasm in a wonderful orgasm. Todd asked if I was done and I nodded with a big smile. He smiled back and said, 'Watch this.' A few minutes later he began to arch his back and three drops fired out of his penis, two of them landing on me. Although I hadn't seen sperm before, I knew what it was and immediately turned red because I was so far behind in my development.

Todd noticed that I was still hard and asked if he could play with mine. I leaned back and he quickly grabbed hold. He started first with his finger and thumb, but quickly went to using his whole fist. It really felt good to be able to lay back and have someone else play with my penis. He commented on how mine felt so different. To save some pride, I said, 'Yeah, mine's a lot longer, isn't it?' Todd didn't help my ego, he said, 'Yeah, it's longer, but what feels so different is how skinny it is.' I probably lasted about five minutes this time before I reached orgasm and began those spasms. Todd continued stroking me but I finally had to grab his hand to stop him.

By this time, Todd was hard and he lay on his back. I knew what this meant and I began playing with him. It was awkward at first, because I couldn't use my fist like I was use to and had to resort to the thumb and finger method he had used. It felt so different in my fingers, and I did notice there was a considerable difference in girth. It wasn't that Todd was thick by any means, it was that mine was so thin. I continued stroking him and watched as his body tensed, eager to see him shoot again. I was amazed as I watched several drops shoot out and up, about a foot or two into the air.

That was the beginning of a great summer.



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