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Surprised by Wife

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Once in a while, the wife really surprises me.


The wife and I like to sit in the back yard in the late evenings and watch the sky. We look at the stars and try to spot satelites crossing the sky. We have a secluded yard with 5' block walls on all sides for privacy from the close neighbors. We live in the desert southwest and it can be pretty warm in the evenings. We were sitting and she made a comment that her feet hurt. I am pretty good at massage and she likes to be pampered a bit with a good massage once in a while. I volunteered to massage her feet to relieve some of the tension of the day.

I got some lotion and sat in a chair at her feet with her in her lounge chair sitting back. After I finished with her feet, I started to work farther up her legs massaging her calves and knees. I moved around behind her and started to rub her shoulders. She let me raise her tank top and unclip her bra to work on her back and shoulders. She did not make a move to stop me, and that surprised me. She is not one to be at all frisky in public. I then removed her shirt completely and also her bra so that she was nude from the waist up. I worked her back and shoulders all the way down until I was putting my fingers in the waist line of her shorts. I had her recline her lounger and started to rub the front of her shoulders and neck.

When I got to her breasts with lotion, her nipples responded by perking right up. I was totally surprised that she did not stop me. My wife is not a prude, but is not at all wild either. She let me continue her front until I was down to the waist of her shorts there. I went back down to the foot of her chair and started on her legs again. I was way above her knees and going into the loose legs of her shorts but still really concentrating on her muscles. She started to squirm a bit and said to stop because it tickled. I said that it only tickles because of the mental thought that I was going up the leg of her shorts and that I was going to remove them and she would see that I could continue to give her a relaxing massage on her thighs.

She did not believe me, but when I got her shorts off and massaged her thighs directly, it did not tickle at all. I was now all the way up to the lower edge of her panties and occasionally let my fingers brush across her mound through the fabric. I reached up to lower the elastic of her panties and massaged her lower abdomen. I was even more surprised because we had never been outside in the fresh air or where we could have been seen by a neighbor over the wall. She started to protest a bit, but I said to hush and relax, that no one could see in the dark and that we were being quiet as well. I rubbed her slit through the fabric and things started to moisten a bit and she spread her legs a little.

I slipped my finger in the side of her panties and made direct contact with her wet clit. She let me rub there a bit and then she parted her legs even more so that I had better access. I took that as an invitation and reached up and removed her panties all together. I was totally surprised, here was my demure wife outside in our back yard completely naked with my hand on her mound. I took more lotion and continued touching her clit. She was really getting wet now and had her legs wide so that I had no problem inserting one and then two fingers inside her. She does not usually have a g spot orgasm but has one on a rare occasion. She started to rock her hips up and down in time to my internal rubbing. I added some more lotion on her clit and caressed it while still atteding to her g spot. She let out some quiet little wimpers and then her shoulders rose high, her stomach muscles tightened, her head turned to one side and she took in a hard breath through clenched teeth. I could then feel her pussy clenching around my fingers and her clit throbbing.

She is not one for huge orgasms, but usually has several small shudders during sex. She believes that sex is love and love is sex and small orgasms during sex is enough. This one was huge for her. She was panting and bucking for at least 40 seconds to a minute, and then she grabbed my hand on her clit and held it tight to her but not moving and squeezed her legs together to hold my other hand. She said 'stop, I need to breathe, hold still, OVERLOAD' We sat that way for at least 3 minutes until she calmed down a bit. I said that was really hot for me to see her get that worked up. She said 'Whew, give me a minute-That was a lot intense' I told her that was about as pleasureable for me as things could get without my cumming. She has trouble believing that I enjoy getting her off every bit as much as sex itself. She has not been inclined to go outside for another session in the open air, but the tone of the massages I give her has changed a bit. She is willing to let go and just enjoy a good relaxing 'O' 'O' 'O' massage about once a week in addition to our normal love making. She has 'cum' to like the new all inclusive total massage and is more comfortable with cumming in general. It was not planned but I am happy that my wife can surprise me once in a while like that. Enjoy life and all that it throws at you.




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