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Surprised by Twin Bros

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Long time reader first time writer. Story is mostly true, only changed the names and a little of the dialogue.


I have twin brothers who are 3 years older than me, lets call them Brandon and Travis. They are both 6'0' and are pretty athletic, Brandon plays lacrosse and Travis plays water polo, and have dark hair. I was 13 at the time and had just recently started puberty and masturbating, I was slim about 5'4, and had dark blond hair.

At this time we all lived at home in Florida. One week during our summer vacation our parents decided to go to North Carolina for a seven day trip. They were going to leave the three of us at home. This was exciting, since that would mean we wouldn't have to clean up the house till the day before they came back, and could spend the week being lazy.

So Friday came, and mom needlessly reminded us again of our responsibilities while they were gone. Which pretty much added up to let the pets out regularly, no parties, and keep the house clean. So after mom assured us that the fridge was stocked for the week, the parents finally pulled out of the driveway, and out of our lives for 7 sweet days of freedom.

So that night, after our dinners of oven cooked meat lovers pizzas, Brandon and Travis kicked me off the living room T.V. the 36 inch plasma, forcing me to entertain myself on my T.V., 24 inch and no cable. Older brothers rock, but not so much sometimes.

I'd been playing video games for about four hours when Brandon and Travis burst in decked out in only gym shorts. I could see their six pack abs and defined arms and pecs that I was so envious of. Now, this interloping isn't unusual, as I have no privacy and my brothers frequently break in to harass me. Travis looked a little embarrassed. And Brandon was looking at Travis like he was expecting something. I was pissed because they had burst in on me for seemingly no reason, so I asked why.

'So what do you guys want?'

Travis just kind of let out an 'uuuuhhhh'

'Come on dude ask him', Brandon prods.

Getting annoyed, but also starting to get curious I ask, 'Ask me what dude?'

After a few more awkward moments Travis kind of sputters , 'Wel,.me and uh, Brandon have been wondering, uh for a little while now uh, how big you were.'

Stunned silence ensues and now both Brandon and Travis are looking at me expectantly. Now, I had measured before and was very proud of what I at the time had thought was a really big 4 1/2 inches.

Trying to play it cool, yet still testing if this was a trick, I respond, 'I've never measured before. Why?'

Brandon not getting quite what he wanted pressed the subject, 'Just curious, we want to see if our little brother was any competition to us yet.'

Travis let out a nervous laugh, I could tell he wanted to know to, and now that Brandon put it on the table, I was curious how my penis measured up against those of my brothers'.

I noticed a larger than usual lump starting to press against Brandon's gym shorts. By now I was beginning to sport a sizable bulge too, which I was trying to cover with my game controller.

Travis must have noticed because then he said, 'Why not find out then? Looks like your willy is interested anyway.'

Brandon let out a laugh and gave a tug at his shorts, I could tell he had been waiting for this for awhile, and now that Travis' nervousness had passed, I could see he wanted to know too, at least so I judged from the bulge that was starting to look identical to Brandon's (No pun intended). And truth be told I was getting interested to see if my penis would impress my brothers.

'Ok. Fine.', I finally said, at which I saw Brandon's gym shorts twitch, 'So, how are we going to do this?'

'With a ruler idiot.' Brandon smiles. 'I'll go get one from the office.' Brandon tromps into the hallway, bulge bouncing with him. While we waited, I used this opportunity to check out the sizable lump that Travis' gym shorts were vainly trying to hold back. This display makes me begin to think that I may not be that big after all.

Brandon returned, ruler in hand, his boner still flopping inside his gym shorts as he hurries back to the room.

My willy is now aching and pressing with all its might against my boxers, making itself painfully obvious I was excited about this too. Brandon comes over, and Travis follows him to where I'm sitting. They are standing in front of me bulges right in my face, but I don't think they notice. Travis and Brandon sit down on either side of me on my bed. You could cut the tension with a knife. Brandon let's out a nervous chuckle, Travis now has one hand moving in his pants eyes glued to the waistband of my boxers and the lump beneath.

'Um, so mind if I measure you?' Brandon asks, slowly laying his hand on my crotch.

'Sure, go ahead.' I manage to gasp out.

With that Brandon whips down my boxers and my cock springs up at full attention. Trying not to be too self-conscious, and failing miserably, I look at my brothers' reactions, making me feel no better I see broad smug smiles on both their faces. Brandon places the ruler next to my throbbing cock and reads '4 and a half inches' to Travis and me.

'Is that big?' ,I ask suddenly needing to know.

Travis replies, 'Well I guess that's a good size for your age.'

'Plenty of time for it to grow a bit' ,Brandon adds

Getting a little angry, but seizing the opportunity I retort,' Well then how big are you guys?'

Laughing, Brandon says to Travis. 'Suppose it's only fair he sees ours since we saw his.'

'To true', says Travis.

Then my brothers stand up and take off their gym shorts and boxers letting their mammoth cocks pop out, glad to free of their constraints. My mouth dropped. How wrong I was to think 4 1/2 inches was big. Not only were they big, but they were surrounded by a nice full bush, while I only had a few pubes coming in around my shaft. Travis and Brandon sat down on either side of me, their giant cocks dwarfing my little pecker in the middle. By now we were all rubbing our members. I was trying to take turns looking at both Brandon's and Travis' dicks.

Laughing Brandon took the ruler and placed it next to his penis, it read 7 1/2 inches, my eyes bulged.

'Yup that's a man's cock little brother.' He says as he passes the ruler to Travis. Travis repeats the ritual of placing the ruler next to his cock and I went slack jawed. 'Holy shit dude your almost 8 inches!' I yell.

'Yeah, I know, is all Travis manages to say huge smile plastered on his face.

By now we are all stroking at a good pace. Brandon lay back on my bed really working his cock as he watched me rub mine. Travis hand must must have slipped because his dick whacked me in the arm. When his his penis hit my arm, I couldn't hold it anymore. I let out a gasp and came everywhere. It was the most intense orgasm I'd had in the short history of my masturbation rituals. Spent I watched on as Travis began stroking, and breathing faster. The he let out a groan then he erupted in a fountain of cum. It sprayed everywhere, all over his chest, on me, and my bed.

'I'm gonna cum.' Brandon says, making me take my eyes off Travis slowly rubbing his subsiding monster. Then Brandon held his breath and his giant cock spurted out just as much cum as Travis' had.

We all just lay their spent. After a few minutes they left, and on the way out Brandon says, 'That was fun, we'll have to do it again sometime.'

Which is a story for another time.



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