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Surprised by Housekeeping

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I travel a lot on business, and try to stay in hotels that have efficiency type suites with a kitchen and a nice desk area to work from. I have been staying here for a few weeks now and have settled in nicely. Housekeeping comes twice a week to change your sheets and bring clean towels and vacuum. I love music and travel with my headphones, so I can enjoy good music while I am on my laptop.

It is Sunday morning, I have just finished working out, and am back in my room. I am undressed, and am usually naked when in my room. I put in a good CD, put on my headphones and am reading erotic stories from one of my favorite sites. I am reading a really hot story about a college guy and his older sister who find themselves acting on feelings they have each had for a long time, after she walks in on him masturbating.

I am really enjoying the story and find myself slowly stroking myself as I read. My older sister was/is very attractive, and I always had a secret fantasy about a meeting like that. I even left my door open many times when we were younger in the hope that she would see me and maybe come in and join me. We saw each other naked coming from the shower and such, but never more.

I am oozing pre-cum and am super hard. I start stroking harder imagining this couple is my sister and I. As I feel myself getting close something catches my eye, and I realise that the lady from housekeeping is here. I panicked and covered my dick with my hands. I removed one hand to take my headphones off, and started apologising for my condition. I can feel that I am beet red. She is in the room, and the door is closed behind her, so I know she has been in long enough to have seen me thoroughly enjoying myself. She apologises, right back and says she knocked and when there was no answer she let herself in. She apologised again that she didn't leave when she saw me, but that she was so interested at seeing a man masturbate that she just froze and could not stop watching.

She is in her late twenties, short brown hair, very average looking, a little overweight, but has a very nice smile which I see when she asks me if I would please continue touching myself. I am still a little flustered, and explain that I have lost most of my erection. She smiles again and says PLEEEEASE. So, I slowly start stroking my dick again. I swivel the chair so now I am looking in her direction. The blood is returning to my penis and it is fully engorged. She said it was beautiful which made me suddenly feel comfortable and confident enough to tell her that if she were to participate in some way that it would help me and maybe she would enjoy it as well.

She pulled off the golf shirt she had on and unsnapped her bra to expose her rather small, but very cute A cups with the cutest little rock hard nipples. I love small breasts. She asked if that was better and I said yes, and feel free to take off her jeans if she wanted. I was starting to really ooze pre-cum and so I squeezed out a big drop and wiped it on my index finger and put that finger in my mouth just as she finished unzipping her jeans. I love the taste of that clear fluid. She said wow that was nice, and that she liked to taste herself too when she was really worked up. I asked her to please show me.

She kicked off her running shoes, pulled down her jeans and put her hand in her panties and started rubbing her pussy. I just had to see her pussy and asked her to please take off her panties. She said OK, but that she had a boyfriend and masturbating was as far as she wanted this to go. I was so excited I would have agreed to anything. She pulled down her panties to reveal a beautiful pussy with very little hair on it and very prominent lips and a clitoral hood that was swollen and sticking out at the top of her swollen lips. I almost came at this sight, and had to stop touching myself for a moment.

She sat down on the corner of the bed and opened her legs for me to see that magnificent pussy. I just kept saying wow and complimenting her on her perfect breasts and nipples and the most beautiful pussy I had ever had the pleasure to gaze upon. I milked some more clear fluid out of my dick and licked off my finger. This inspired her to put one, then two fingers deep in her wet hole. She moved them in and out and around and around and made a clear movement up and forward to stroke her G spot, and then she slowly pulled them out and rubbed her lips with her slick fluids, and then in her mouth they went. She said she wanted to see me cum, so I went to work stroking as she took her large clit between two fingers and started rubbing. That was all I could stand and I told her I was close.

She said come on my tits, so I stood and took aim as I felt the first spasm hit me. The first squirt was a little high and hit her neck, and the next three hit those perfect little breasts. Just as I was starting to get my vision back she fell back on the bed and started moaning and shaking and cramming several fingers in her pussy, and working her G spot with one hand while she worked her clit with the other. I squeezed a big glob of cum out of my dick and licked it off. She said she thought that was sooo hot, and told me that if I wanted to I could lick what I had just shot on her neck and chest off.

I quickly accepted her offer and enjoyed eating my cum off her neck, and then I eased down to those breasts and licked all my cum from them while taking the opportunity to suck on those little marble sized nipples. I could smell her pussy so well, and instinctively started to move my head in that direction. She slowly put her hands on my face to stop me, and sweetly reminded me of our agreement. Her hands smelled so strongly of her pussy that I took one of them and kissed and licked it so I could taste her. She was nice enough to put two fingers deep in her sopping wet pussy and then offered them for me to taste.

We did this several times before she asked if she could taste some of what was still oozing from my dick. I squeezed some out on my finger and offered it to her. She quickly rubbed it on her lips then took it in her mouth and said mmmmmm. I was jerked back to reality when she said she was really happy that we shared this, but she did not want to get into trouble, and had to get back to work, but we agreed to do this again next Sunday. I can't wait. I hope we can take it just a little further.

More to follow....



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