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I was a good kid at 18 so when my parents went out of town on the weekend there was no wild party at our house. This pissed off my friends enough so for that weekend they totally shunned me; but that was ok because the reason I wasn't with my parents was because I had to work anyway.

I had just finished working my part time job, got home jumped in the shower, got out towelled dry and immediately got a hard on. I was so horny that day. One of the cashiers wasn't wearing a bra and it was all I could do just to keep it down. I never did anything with my girlfriends beyond feeling their breasts (not that I didn't try!!) so masturbation was the only outlet for me.

I was naked and was just getting into it, oblivious to the world, when all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice 'Danny!'

It was my Father's secretary, Pam. She was almost like family. Twenty something, blond, a hell of a flirt, and standing right there in front of me in her tennis outfit, eyes wide open, jaw hanging down in a state of shock. I was so embarrassed and humiliated I thought I was going to throw up. I went limp as a dish rag and started blathering like an idiot. I don't remember what I said but something like 'don't tell my parents,' 'I'll never do it again,' etc. etc.

Pam came out of her stupor, handed me a bath towel and looked away as I tied it around me. She looked me straight in the eye and was very sympathetic and understanding. 'I'm sorry Danny I should have knocked. It was very rude of me to violate your privacy.' I don't remember what I said but she then said 'I hope you don't think that masturbation is wrong, it's ok; perfectly natural.' Then she said 'I even do it myself quite frequently.' That really got my attention. The pictures that ran through my head of Pam masturbating started me throbbing under my towel. Then she said 'I'll let you go so you can finish.' I then said something like 'I didn't think I could finish after all that had happened.' What happened next became the single best day of my 18 years: Pam looked at me and smiled a really wicked smile. Before I could do anything in one swift motion she took off her shirt and bra. 'Maybe this will help.' In front of me was one of the best racks I had ever seen. Perfect B cup breasts, nipples the color of bubble gum, and getting rock hard right before my very eyes. I let the towel drop and my cock came back to life. A long thin strand of precum oozed out the tip of my dick and on to the floor. Pam took my cock in her hand and I gasped as she led me over to the john where she positioned me so I was straddling the toilet. She then stood behind me and with one hand began playing with my cock while the other rubbed one of my nipples.

I let out a groan. She whispered into my ear 'don't want you to get a complex or anything on my account.' She kissed my neck. I could feel her nipples rubbing against my back as she picked up the pace. Soon Pam had kicked off her skirt and panties and while she was stroking me, she was rubbing her pussy against me. It felt hot, and I could also feel it getting slicker as she ground into me.

Pam now had my balls in one hand and was stroking me with the other. As she picked up the pace stroking me, she ground into me more and her wetness was now running down my leg. All this time she was whispering words of encouragement into my ear like 'you have a gorgeous cock' and 'yeah, that's it.' I told I was getting ready to cum. My hips started involuntarily darting back and forth. She rubbed her pussy into me harder. I started groaning and copious amounts of precum started oozing out. I was getting closer. I was groaning and panting, rocking my hips. Pam was whispering in my ear 'That's right...yeah...cum for Pammy.'

I did. I came so hard my jism made a splat sound as it shot straight out of my cock and hit the toilet seat. Pam milked me for all I had and then turned me around to face her. She was kissing me now and she guided my hands to her nipples making me pinch and pull her nipples. While. I was doing this she squatted slightly and with one hand she rubbed her clit and with the other she slid three fingers up her pussy. In very little time at all she started to buck and shake. I heard her moan. 'I'm cumming! I'm cumming!' she said, almost shouting. She shuddered, bucked her hips and then slid to the floor in near convulsions. Pam looked up to me glassy eyed and smiling, cheeks flush. I was hard again and without saying a word I began stroking like a mad man. In no time at all I was pushing out a load of cum that hit Pam square in the tits as she watched me lazily played with her pussy. As soon as I had finished, Pam stood up, and we cleaned each other up.

Pam and I are close to this day. She taught me how to please a woman before I went to college. She's married now, has three kids and still works for my Dad. Every year on the anniversary of the day she walked in on me I either call her or send her flowers.



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