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Surprise Surprise

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Inspired by here


Well, over the last few months, a whole lot of my world view has changed. Suddenly, I realize people are a lot more perverted, and a lot more secretive than I ever imagined. Which, I suppose, is a great thing. I masturbate a lot, and Solo Touch, and life have really helped me feel a whole lot better about myself. I have at least a dozen stories that are very appropriate for her, and I hope you all enjoy them. They're true enough-which is to say only minor details are changed to protect the delightfully guilty.

Since my vasectomy last year I've had some fairly serious erectile issues. I can get hard, but it is not reliable enough for intercourse and so masturbation is my primary sexual outlet. This has led to a lot of marital strife and some screaming matches, but on the whole, life is good, and I'm very happy with masturbation. A little less than a year ago I was online doing my favorite thing, which is watching real people masturbate on webcam. I particularly like real women. By real, I mean not porno-seeming models. I like curves and genuine beauty like you'd see amongst your neighbors and random strangers at the grocery store. After searching around through the anonymous cams on a free public webcam site, I settled on watching a faceless woman with DD breasts, olive skin, thick bald fat pussy lips and a clit that was actually swollen and distended and large enough to see as she manipulated herself.

Obviously, since I'm doing this in secret, I am watching in dead silence, watching as the text scrolls by and enjoying the way she grew wetter, and her fingers near-flew over her pussy. I watched until she came, and then I came and then continued to watch for a while after, and book marked her before I Left.

This went on for several weeks, perhaps as much as a month and a half, and I came to rely on watching her juicy delicious pussy as I worked my cock into a wonderful state of bliss. I would poke around for a while and each night settle on her pussy, then cum and go to bed. It was a wonderful soothing relaxing regime that was doing wonders for my stress levels.

Unusual for me, I started to actually chat back at her in the room. We chatted every night and she asked me to put my cock on cam for her. So I did. She told me how much she loved seeing me stroke my cock and gave me a thumbs up when I came. 'You have such a gorgeous cock, I would love to suck it for hours,' she said.

Then one night all that changed, for some reason, she got up. I didn't see her face, but I did see the room behind her for the first time. At first I didn't think about it, but then, I started to think. I started to look closely. My stomach turned. I knew her. I knew her well.

It was my sister Pam.

I turned off my camera, and started shaking. I had to be wrong. My God, I'd come buckets watching her. It couldn't be Pam. Could it? No no. It's my imagination.

I didn't go back for a few days. When I did, I couldn't help but think it really was Pam. I looked and looked for clues, but honestly, I just didn't know my sister's pussy that well.

After a few months, I had decided I was nuts, there was no way it was my sister. No possible way. When my sister came up that forth of July, it was perfectly normal. I obviously wouldn't say anything. And how would she have any clue?

The second night she was up, I asked if I could borrow her laptop to check my email, and she said sure. When I did, for some reason, I just glanced at her browser history. And there it was, the same webcam site. I went to it, and there was the screen name. The pussy that kept me cumming and cumming was hers. My own sisters.

I didn't say anything.

That night, I peeked and she was on, and I could see my guest room behind her. She was masturbating in my house. Her fingers were plowing into her, her thumbs circling her clit, her leg shaking. She was masturbating as if her life depended on it. I thought about surprising her, but instead, I just watched and enjoyed. I watched, and as my sister was moaning, I was pulling my cock, circling my finger just below the purple of my dickhead. I was tempted to share it with her, but really, fantasy is one thing, reality is completely different.

I think it's best if I keep it all to myself. Or, at least I did... for a while.



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