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Surprise Seeing an Old Friend Online

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This is an experience I had yesterday, and I am still giddy over it. I was browsing free adult galleries online after having spent about half an hour reading stories here, getting worked up.
I was already masturbating, enjoying my free time, naked, searching out arousing pictures, when one of the links I clicked on brought me to an 'amateur' thumbnail gallery of a young woman posing in various states of undress, progressing through more and more arousing poses, and touching herself.
Looking at the thumbnails, I noticed with slight amusement that the model almost looked a bit like a girl I had known in highschool, and whom I had had a bit of a crush on for a short time. We had been friends, and hung out together, but I hadn't seen her for about ten years now, since she moved out of town.
I clicked on the first thumbnail, and as it loaded the full-sized picture, I was absolutely shocked and astonished to recognize Brooke... I just couldn't believe my eyes!
I went on to the next picture, and the next, just to be sure, and there was absolutely no mistaking it. I was looking at a series of erotic pictures featuring a girl I actually knew, and had been attracted to!
I was stunned, but also incredibly excited. I picked up the pace of my stroking, and spread my legs wider, putting my feet up on another chair opposite me. As I went through the series of images, each one getting racier and racier, I was getting incredibly aroused, sitting here, in the privacy of my own apartment, masturbating while having this 'secret' look at someone I actually knew. I really wanted to enjoy this experience, so I took my time with myself. I like to bring myself almost to the point of orgasm, and try to linger there, on the edge, and try to maintain that intensely pleasurable feeling for as long as I can before I just can't hold it back anymore, so I slowed down and made long slow strokes up and down my shaft, alternating with short shallow grips rubbing just along the head of my penis.
After I had viewed every picture, and decided which ones were the most arousing, I had already been lingering at the brink, desperately trying to hold back my orgasm because I didn't want the pleasure to end, but I knew I could not hold back much longer. I went back to look at one particularly sexy picture of her bending over with her fingers between her legs, and one of them pressed into her lips (I really enjoy looking at a beautiful behind, and hers was no exception!), and then I let it all go, increasing the pace of my stroking and finally and quite suddenly convulsing as I came, spraying all over my stomach and chest. It was the most intense orgasm I had had in weeks, at least.
I sat there, slumped in my chair for a few minutes, panting and reeling from the incredible pleasure, before I got up and cleaned myself off in the shower.
While in the shower, I kept thinking of the pictures I had just been looking at, and had another go, my second orgasm being less intense, and a little more hurried, but still enjoyable nonetheless.
When I returned to the computer, I decided to bookmark the page, and I intend to go back to it now, after making this post, and appreciate her pictures once more.



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