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Surprise Saturday

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My story happened when I was a college student. My girlfriend Cindy had an apartment by herself and often on Friday nights I would spend the night with her. I always sleep naked and my Saturday morning routine at her place usually started when I would wake up about 8:30 or so. Usually she was already up and would be in her robe, but I would be naked. I would go in the kitchen, pour a cup of coffee and sit next to her usually with my coffee cup in my right hand while I played with my penis with my left hand. Although not masturbating, I would generally stroke and rub my penis and balls through at least two cups of coffee.

One morning we were discussing a place we had been to and had a disagreement over who was there. I was dead sure that I was right and I told her, 'I bet anything that I am right!' She then looked at me and said, 'Anything?' Then I added my conditions by saying, 'I will bet anything as long as it doesn't cost me money or get me in trouble!' She said, 'Okay then, its a bet!' She immediately called the person that I was claiming was present and I soon found out that she was right and I was wrong!' Then she just blew the bet off and did not talk about it anymore.

Two weeks later I again spent Friday night with her and woke up between 8:30 and 9:00. As usual I walked into the living room totally naked and to my surprise there was Cindy and five of her girl friends, all dressed! I started to turn and go back in the room when Cindy said, 'No you don't! You stay in here!' Then she said, 'Remember the bet a few weeks ago about 'anything'? Well, this is it, you have to go through your normal Saturday morning routine while my friends are here!' I knew three of the girls and actually had classes with them, but the other two were strangers to me.

When I again tried to get dressed, Cindy said, 'No way! Normal Saturday morning routine. Go get your coffee and come over here with me. After getting my coffee I sat down next to her, the other girls watching me. Then Cindy said, 'Well?' I replied, 'Well what?' She said, 'Play with your penis like you usually do while you drink your coffee!' When I looked at the girls they were nodding their heads indicating that I needed to start playing with myself. I grabbed my penis and was immediately hard and thought to myself that I might as well enjoy this total surprise!

When Cindy noticed I was getting tense, she said, 'No cumming yet! You have a cup and a half of coffee worth of cock playing before we let you do anymore. So, for the next 20 to 25 minutes I sat there in front of all those girls playing with my penis and balls and trying my best not to cum.

Finally when I finished my second cup of coffee, one of the girls, Sarah (who was in one of my classes) came over to me and got on her knees not two inches from my penis. Then Cindy said to me, 'Go for it now! But don't cum until Sarah says it is okay!' Needless to say my penis was as hard as it had ever been and I was now getting into a full scale masturbation session, only this time I had an audience! Two more girls came over and put their hands on my legs and began saying things to me like, 'Oh beat it, beat it hard!' By this time I was jerking like never before, with my right hand pumping and my left hand cupping my balls. Then another surprise as Sarah slipped off her blouse and said to me, 'Cum on me!! Cum on my face!' At that point I shot a load like never before, right in Sarah's face, with all the other girls, including Cindy cheering me on.

Then Cindy had one more surprise in store for me when she said, 'Now lick Sarah clean!' My cum was all over Sarah, but again with the girls watching I began cleaning my cum off of Sarah with my tongue with an occasional slip of my tongue into her mouth. My own cum tasted very good and I have eaten it many times since.

It was a Saturday morning I will never forget and one that I have masturbated many times since as I relive it in my memory. It also was the first of many times since that I have masturbated to an audience of females.



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