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Surprise Roommate

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My first year away from home....


When I went away to college, I was supposed to live in the dorms, but at the last minute there was no space, and an had to find an apartment to share. I didn't know anyone, so for the first semester I picked a roommate from the realtor's list.

I got to town three days before he did, and I have to say I spent all three days jacking off. Being away from home for the first time, the freedom and privacy of my own place, the isolation of not knowing anyone-it all combined to make for an incredible wanking session that never stopped!

My new roommate was a geeky guy, short and bookish. One look and I was pretty sure he had never masturbated in his life. The first evening, we went around the corner for a hamburger, and were talking, trying to find mutual interests. I was so crazed with my masturbation marathon, that about the third thing I asked him if he ever masturbates.

'Yes', he said. I was kinda surprised, and also surprised at the matter of fact way he said 'yes'. So I asked how often.

'Oh, a couple of times a day.' And he smiled.

In a couple of minutes, we were back at the apartment, and had sucked down our burgers.

He went to unpack some things, and we kept talking until it was late. He got out his toothbrush and stuff, and put it in the bathroom while we were talking, and then he put his pajamas out and undressed.

He was naked in front of me, and my eyes went to his cock. It was small, about as small as I'd ever seen, and that made his balls look big. That, and that he has very light pinkish red pubic hair that you hardly noticed. It thought his groin looked very attractive, in its way.

He didn't put on his pajamas right away, but went into the bathroom. I followed, and brushed my teeth too, just for something to do.

'You ever jack off with another guy?' he asked. I told him not since grammar school.

'Oh, me and some other guys jacked each other off all the time at home,' he said. 'Want to jack off?' I was stunned and dizzy. I said OK, and just stood there. 'Well, why don't you get naked, ok?' he said.

He took me to his bed, and laid me back, then knelled next to me, so that his cock was right there for me to grab, and he could easily reach over and take mine in his hand. He was already hard, about four inches long and very straight and pink and thin. My cock was shrunken with nervousness, and then I felt his hand. He started squeezing and rubbing my balls and cock...it felt so good. He was so smooth and quick and knew just where to touch me. I felt myself getting hard in his fingers, and enjoyed the feeling enormously.

He didn't stop playing with me, but only increased his stroking and caressing of my cock, my balls, and my thighs. I had never felt so good! My eyes were on his cock, his light pubic hair, his pink balls. He took my hand and put it on his cock, and I began to stroke it. It was so small, but very hard and excited! The feeling of his cock in my hand put me over the top!!! In seconds my legs opened wide and I was cumming in his palm, gushing and oozing.

My eyes closed for a moment, and then opened when I felt his cock begin to twitch and throb in my hand. Kneeling, his ass clenched and he stiffened, straight and unmoving, before his cock began to gush and pump big gobs of cum all over my arm and onto my belly. He covered my belly in cum, two or three times what I shot, and after he stopped pumping, he laughed, leaned over and rubbed his cum into my stomach and pubic hair.

'Wow, that was incredible' I said. He just laughed. 'Yeah, I love to jack.' I got up and stumbled into the shower. I cleaned myself off, and started for my bed, but turned around and went back to his bed. 'Want to jack again?'

'Sure,' he said...and so it went for a year, two or three times a day!



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