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Surprise in the Hot Tub

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It was a lot of years ago, but this is a true story-and the memory still lingers


While I was still married, we had a college girl living with us as an au pair to take care of the kids - maybe ages 2 and 5 at the time. I was in my mid-thirties. The au pair, Laura, was 19, had been in college one year, and was saving up money to go back. My wife travelled a lot (she was a director for a Fortune 500 company) - and I often had no choice but to work late in my downtown office. We were pretty well off back then, with a four bedroom house, swimming pool and separate hot tub room in the basement. We had all the electronic devices to allow Laura to monitor the kids from afar - to swim or be in the basement, and still hear the kids if they woke up. We wanted Laura to get relaxation time when she needed it - because taking care of our kids was almost a 24-hour job, seven days a week.

Even though I was married with two kids, I couldn't help looking at Laura and knew there was electricity between us. I had even peeked through the crack of her bedroom door (that's hard to admit, but I did it) and saw her sitting nude at her vanity, brushing her hair - and another time I watched her undressing. This girl was like a Playboy model, maybe 5'8,' blonde, lithe and in shape with an hourglass figure - and breasts to make you just cry. The sight of her nudity sent me back into my own room, shaking for almost an hour, touching myself to my own incredible climax. I had the feeling ever after that that she knew I had watched.

Laura was pretty open around our house after the first few weeks, often wearing only a towel in the hall after swimming, letting it fall away from her before she reached her room, wearing a nightgown I could almost see right through to breakfast one morning while Grace was still in bed. I noticed. You bet he did. But, I never acted out. Never made a move, or touched her, or even suggested anything.

One night when Grace was on a trip to San Diego, I went to check on everything - and went down stairs to the basement to make sure the hot tub room doors to the swimming pool were locked. I honestly had thought that Laura was in her room, probably asleep. I swung the door open and she was standing there, next to the tub, about to get in. She had nothing on but a pair casual blue satin pants.

'Oh, gosh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here.' I turned to go, slowly.

'NO.' She looked right at me, I swear, this 20-year-old goddess. 'It's ok, really. You're not a kid, I'm sure you've seen a naked woman. I was just going to use the hot tub for a few minutes.' She made no move to cover her full breasts. We were merely 20 feet away and I did not move my eyes from her nakedness.

'Please, stay, Mark. I would like it if you would. I don't mind you seeing me at all - I'm not modest like some girls. I'm flattered.' I had the distinct impression that she knew I was looking at her mammary beauty and further had the impression that she liked my stares.

'Come on, stay and keep me company,' she almost whispered. 'I'm going to stay,' and she unzipped the side of her satin pants, letting them drop and whisked them over her feet. Then, just as quickly I saw her sex peek out as she slid her light pink panties down her legs and discarded them carelessly.

I looked at her nakedness and wondered at her calm lack of modesty. She smiled. I was close to shaking again, I was so disturbed. I wanted to stay, but I couldn't move either way - to go or stay.

She said nothing more, but had reached into her purse to bring out some hair pins and remained standing there before me holding her arms up and pinning her hair. It took minutes, and somewhere just before she finished I started unbuttoning my shirt.

She said nothing more as she slid into the swirling waters. I took off my shoes and socks and stood to slide my pants down. I was hard with desire for this young beautiful female. I was also embarrassed, but she had so easily shed her inhibitions that I realized she would not be surprised. My briefs were bulging. I slid them down and my swollen rod broke free and stood straight out, filling even fuller with the blood of need. I'm OK in the endowment area and I just seemed to be all cock as I sloughed off the briefs.

She smiled at me, 'I knew you'd like this.' Nothing more, no leer, no laugh, just taking me in with her eyes. In the next minutes her eyes seldom left my desire, which made me insane.

I lowered myself to the side of the Jacuzzi and sat on the edge, while she did the same just across from me. She spread her legs naturally, without flaunting her sex, but the movement opened the flower-like lips of her pussy. I remained engorged. Believe it or not, we chatted as naturally as neighbors at a fence for a few minutes, the only difference being that we were drinking in each others desire and nakedness - a virile, 36-year-old man and a budding girl of 19.

Then she got out and poured a couple of cokes from the tiny refrigerator we keep down in the tub and pool area. She sat back down on her side of the hot tub, put her drink down and walked into the pool, gliding over to place my drink in my hands. She had come up to me between my legs and her young, plump boobs were now inches from my still erect cock. I took a drink and she put one hand on each of my thighs, nonchalantly seeming now not to notice that the underside of her left breast was rubbing softly against my tumescent sex. I'll bet she could feel the surges of blood in my needy organ.

'God,' I whispered.

'I've got a boyfriend, so I can't screw.' I thought I was going to pass out as I looked down to see her wet swaying full bosoms. 'But I love to jack off guys and that's not cheating.' I almost spit my just swallowed drink. 'But, let me give you a neck massage first.' She softly took my rigid cock in both hands and brought it between her boobs. 'Ummmm......' she said from deep in her throat. 'Jump in the water, I'll massage your neck.'

I was so lost in desire that any thought of holding back, or going forward was lost. I knew I would just follow now, having no will at all left. As she massaged my shoulders in the hot tub, I could feel her full breasts against my back, her legs wrapped around me, her pussy up against the small of my back. She worked hard on my shoulders, upper arms, neck, and even head, massaging my wet hair. I thought how that would be heaven just in itself, even if this naked nymph was not teasing me with her open sexuality. Her hands began straying after awhile, coming down to my upper thighs, and moving up to my crotch, just barely stopping short of my tumescence, and then rubbing back towards my knees. I literally let out a purr. She laughed, 'And who didn't want to stay when he barged in on me with my boobs out? I think you like this!'

I purred again. Her hands didn't stop this time, the left cupping my balls and the right wrapping around my stiff shaft, fingers teasing the swollen head. 'God,' she whispered, 'Your cock is soooooo perfect.' She got up and moved in front of me in the water, her mammary beauty even more incredible now that I had felt her touch. I couldn't take my eyes off of her dripping breasts. 'I want to see it,' her voice an octave lower now with desire. She wasn't teasing anymore, she was clearly filled with lust. 'Sit on the side,' she almost commanded, 'I have to see you.'

I did as she said, my boner sticking almost straight up towards my chest. She kneeled on the hot tub seat directly in front of me and moved her cheek against my full manhood, not kissing it, but moving her lips close and then rubbing me back into her wet hair. Then, electricity filled me as she moved her thumb directly over the head of my cock and with her index finger enveloped me softly, moving her hand up and down ever so gently. She was moaning with pleasure to have my cock so proud in her hand. My whole body filled with warmth and desire, being felt for the first time by the girl I'd dreamed about for months - for the first time a very young woman, not a girl, but a woman who knew sex and knew men and who still was falling off the world just for me.

She didn't want me to cum, and her blatant descent into the sluttiest of sexual positions, her moaning, and her handling ministrations were not going to allow me to last long. She stood in front of me, breasts at my face, still holding my cock.

'I want to jack you off. I want to see you cum on my breasts.'

I was beyond desire, beyond hope of any turning back. I would have done anything. If she had said, 'I want you to fuck me' I would have done that even though I knew it would be almost certain divorce.

She started the pumping of my cock with both hands, and knelt again, her head so very close to my swollen sex, but not licking or sucking me, just gazing at my cock as she pumped.

'Oh, God, you feel so good, I want you to have me, to be in my pussy, but we can't do that, so I'm going to do the best I can with my hands.' She looked up with a leer. 'Warn me, and you can shoot your cum on my breasts when you're ready.'

I was almost there, even though I didn't want to be. She was stroking me ever so slowly, both hands, looking at my phallus, and then looking up at me with a smile. Running the tips of her fingers over the full head of my engorged manhood. She put her face even closer, I reacted almost immediately, her auburn hair and soft face, loving my cock. My balls contracted and I felt my whole being spasm with pleasure.

She could feel it, and moved back, wanting to see my cum shoot onto her. The first spasm was just a blurt of spunk, but the next was a huge stream like from a hose. It shot just on the right side of her neck and waterfalled over her right breast, hot and creamy. She was bathed by it and the next shot creamed directly on her boob. I was moaning, almost screaming, but watching my cum bathe her beauty. It caused me to lose all control and several more huge gobs of spunk poured over her beautiful breasts. She kept jacking me all this time, milking out my desire.

'God,' she whispered. 'So hot. So purely sex. So huge.'

I was beside myself, looking down at her cum drenched neck and breasts. She rubbed my faltering phallus against her boobs, working in my cum, and I could feel her hard nipples against me. She gently kissed me on my cheek.

'Jesus,' is all I could say. Her eyes were partially closed and she stepped back.

'I told you you'd like it,' she smiled.

'That was like a dream.' I was in heaven.

'Well,' she smiled, 'This jizz is real. More than I've ever seen, ever.' She leered at me and then immersed herself into the tub, laughing softly.



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