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Surprise Experience

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A couple years back, I had just had a rough end with a girl I was dating at the time. My friend K was also dealing with her unhappiness in her current relationship. We bonded through this and there were definite sparks, but I would not do anything with her while still attached to E (the previous girl), even though I knew things were coming to an end. I had lost my virginity to E rather hastily and still wanted to make things work with her, even though I knew it was futile. When E finally broke the news, I went over to K's house (as I had been doing almost nightly for a week or so). K is a pretty, slightly chubby 5'4' with nice small and firm breasts and a smile to die for. Her hair was dark black and swept fashionably to the side of her face. She had always been gorgeous to me. We sat on her bed talking together, trying to comfort one another and help each other through our situations. We had come close to kissing each previous night, but I broke the trance to remind her of our commitments. She seemed intent on not honoring hers to her boyfriend, and with E out of the picture, I was free to indulge.

After grazing each others faces for a minute, we locked lips. It was a passionate and tender kiss, all that you would expect from two heartbroken and lonely individuals coming together after a week of anticipation. The kiss started romantic and in a way that only kissing can, gained rhythm and speed and changed the atmosphere in the room. Our tongues exploring each others, we shifted position on her bed so that she was on her knees and slightly above me. It seemed so natural to just lay down, and at once we both hit the bed and continued passionately tonguing, her straddling my body. I was (and still am) very sexually inexperienced, and was unaware of how this would proceed. I had done everything in my power to prevent an erection, thinking it would be an embarrassment.

What she did next shocked me. I felt a slight rubbing against my crotch and while secretly hoping she was grinding on me, I chalked it up to the random movements of making out. She buried her head into my neck and started sucking on it, knowing from previous conversations that I found this to be a huge turn on. The grinding against my groin intensified to where it was now noticeable what she was doing, and to punctuate it all, she moved her head up slightly and moaned in my ear. The human body is a complex machine, and to this day I am still amazed at how quickly I became unfailingly and solidly erect after a simple vocal noise. My penis lay parallel to my body, now hard and throbbing, and while grinding herself on it she lifted herself up and I saw the expression on her face as her body made its increasingly intense motions. She looked as though she was in heaven. I became even more aroused by the female form in front of me, eyes closed and mouth parted slightly into an oval shape.

The grinding continued until I felt I was close to orgasm. She dismounted when she heard a noise in the next room, thinking it was her mother. Having been so caught up in this very new experience of sexual contact, I had neglected to think about any consequences of our actions. This noise seemed to snap us both into reality. We immediately stopped, turned over and started watching a DVD. I had to be at work early in the morning, so after some awkward shuffling to lose my erection, I got up and kissed her on the lips and departed her house. I went home, still in awe about the whole thing and upon entering my room, threw off my clothes and slowly stroked myself. It was probably my mindset at the time, but it felt as though she was still on top of me, grinding and moaning into my ear. It was a very surreal and in one transcendent moment, I reached climax. My eyes rolled back into my head, and I felt as though I was weightless. A steady stream of semen erupted from the head of my penis as waves of pleasure overtook me. I filled the tissue as I felt myself come back down to earth. It was one of the best orgasms ever and I remember it to this day. K and I eventually did get to have orgasms together, but those are another story for another time if you'd like to hear them.

Thank you for your time.




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