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Surprise by My Mom

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I only recently discovered this site and am I glad. I enjoy reading the stories and the comments. I am going to tell you about a certain morning encounter with my mother that was a real eye opener for me and made me see my mum in a totally different light. To put it simply, "Was I surprised!" We lived in a nice neighborhood in a three bedroom house. When I say we I mean my Mom, Dad and my brother Jimmy. Our house had two bathrooms. There was the main bathroom and there was the master bathroom that was attached to the master bedroom that was my mom and dad's room. In the morning my brother and I had to race to the bathroom to be first. I usually woke up first so I was usually the first one to get the bathroom to get ready for school.

On this particular day I was not first. My brother beat me to the bathroom. He was in the shower and it seemed like it was an eternity. It is always an eternity when you have to go and the toilet is occupied. I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to ask mom if I could use her bathroom. I could tell by the light under the door that she was in the bathroom. I knocked on the door quietly opened it a little and said, "Mom I have to go pee real bad can I use your restroom? Jimmy is taking a shower and I can't wait any longer." She replied, "Sure honey come on in." I opened the door and went to the toilet and sat down and immediately relieved myself. I thought that the stream was never going to stop.

My mother was totally nude leaning over the counter and it was obvious that she was putting on her make-up. My mother was always meticulous about her hair, nails, and make-up. She would say "Never leave home without it." I also noticed something else. She had no pubic hair and I noticed a fleshy-pink protusion from her rear side facing me. I could see an ivory clear colored liquid ring around this fleshy pink thing I thought was a dildo protruding from her pussy. I thought that it was obvious that it had made several motions in and out. I sat silently for a brief moment, then said quietly, "Mom what are you doing?" I was trying to sound as innocent as I possibly could. She replied, "Putting on my make-up dear I do it like this every morning. I start every day like this when your dad isn't home."

Dad travelled a lot and he was gone on this particular day. I said, "No, this is different." She looked in the mirror at me and said, "Oh that, well I am Masturbating while I put on my make-up. Like I said I do this every day when your dad is gone. I like the feeling of my dildo in my pussy. I know that you play with your self right?" I said, "Yes." sheepishly. She said, "Well this is how I do it." To my surprise she stepped away from the counter of the vanity, turned away from me facing away from me bent over at the waist, reached between her legs took a firm grip on her dildo and proceeded to move it in and out of her pussy very quickly. She started to make a loud grunting noise that ended with a great big aaaaaahhhhhhhhh. I just wittnessed my mother give herself an orgasm.

She stroked herself a little more the stood straight up, her dildo still in her pussy, turned around and said, "Any questions?" I said, "Does it hurt?" she replied that when a woman starts to have sex it hurts a little at first, but the more you do it the better it feels. She also said that she got her first dildo at nineteen way before she got married. She said, "I had to do something, I was so horny all the time. I was always rubbing my mound fantasizing about penetration. I was just curious and horny. I had to take care of it. Your Aunt Jen got it for me." My Aunt Jen was my mom's older sister. I guess she was also my mom's confidante. She then said to me, "Have you had sex yet?" I said, "No." Then she said,"Have you tried penetration yet?" I replied,"Only my fingers." She then took her dildo out, rinsed it off with warm water, dried it off with a towel, then handed it to me. I didn't want to touch it at first then she said, "Take it, it won't bite."

At that moment she dropped it in my hands. She said, "Look at it, feel it. It is almost life like. I held it in my hands and felt it. It was so real looking. It had veins and head and looked like a real penis. As I was holding her dildo I could feel my pussy getting wet. I needed to relieve my self bad. And I don't mean pee. My mother then proceeded to tell me about female anatomy. She spread her legs slightly and said to me that masturbating is a natural thing and takes care of a natural desire. She said as you get older you will understand what I am talking about. I already knew. I had been rubbing my mound since early childhood.

Getting back to the anatomy lesson. My mom spread her outer lips with her fingers and said the the outer lips are called the labia majora, the she touched her inner lips and said this is the labia minora. I was amazed and shocked at the frankness of my mom. Who would have thought? She then explained about her clitoral hood and touched it. She gave it a circular rub and gave a deep sigh. I watched as she opened the clitoral hood and exposed her clitoris. She then said, "This is the clitoris, I call it the fun button. All I have to do is touch it like this and I can have an orgasm." She then pushed on her clit and made a circular motion directly on it and let out a loud whimper and the said,"Oh that feels so goood."

To my amazement she then bent over and exposed her pussy to me from the back side. She spread the lips of her pussy and exposed the opening to her vagina and said this is my vagina. She then pushed her middle finger in it as far as she could. She then moved it in and out as quickly as she could and came again. What a show. I was totally amazed. She then held out her hand and I dropped the dildo in her hand. She rinsed it off with warm water, dried it off with a towel, reached in a drawer for some lubricating gel and proceeded to lube it up. She then said to me this is how you do it. After she lubed it. She placed it at the lips of her pussy and started to move ti up and down her pussy. Her lips spread and then she pushed it in again. She moved it in and out several times and let out a loud whimper as she gave herself another orgasm.

I quietly left the bathroom. She finished a few mintes later. I went to my room and rubbed my wet pussy until I came. I exposed my clit just as saw my mother do it and came even harder. I then fingered myself until I felt the relief that I desired. It took a while. I was almost late for school that day. I was aroused all day that day. My panties were wet all day. It is a good thing I wore a dress to school. When I got home after school that day there was a gift bag on my bed. It was a special gift from my mom. In the bag was a dildo just like the one that I had seen in the morning and a vibrating dildo of the same design that took size "C" batteries. There was also a bottle of lubricating liquid and a tube of lubricating gel. A note from my mother was in an envelope. It said today is a good day for you to explore and enjoy yourself. I hope that you enjoy as much as I do. Love Mom.

I stayed in my room all night. I can tell you that my pussy was sore for a couple of days. After the first few days the soreness went away but the enjoyment never did. I still have the "gifts" from my mom and many others. I have never told anyone about that day until now. I never told any body about this particular day. How do you do it?



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