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Surfing the Groups

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Love the site and read every story.


It's 7:30 p.m. and I am overdosing on war coverage on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. I step into the laundry room, toss my clothes into the hamper and put on my bathrobe and slippers. I enjoy the feeling of being nude with the back door open and the possibility that some neighbor is peeking at me from across the back lawn. The retired spinster next door is puttering around in her flowers but hasn't looked up as I close the door with my robe hanging open. I wrap my robe around me and tie the belt. The missus is in the den playing a game on the computer as I climb the creaking stairs to my computer desk. I sit down loosening my robe so that it falls to my sides as I turn on the monitor and check my email. Nothing but spam about mortgage loans and penis enlargement. I log into my picture groups to see if any new photos have been posted since the night before and am beginning to become aroused looking at the recent postings. Leaning back in my chair I admire the effect that the pictures are having on my growing cock and I can't resist giving it a couple of strokes which brings it to full hardness. It is now standing straight up and throbbing involuntarily. Taking some lotion from a pump bottle next to the monitor I generously apply it to my cock and balls until they are slippery and glistening. The sensation is exquisite as I stroke the full length of my cock and especially the swollen head.
'What are you doing up there?' my wife shouts up the stairs.
'Just checking my mail.' I answer pulling my robe together over my hard on.
'If you're surfing naked, you'd better be sure that camera is turned off.' she says teasingly. She had caught me sitting in front of the computer naked with the webcam pointing toward my crotch a couple of weeks earlier and asked if I was having cybersex. I just gave her a smile and she went on to the bedroom without further comment. When I went to bed she slid over to my side of the bed and jacked me off before going to sleep. I appreciated that as I had built up quite a need looking at my cock on the computer screen earlier. She's no longer very interested in fucking but will give me a hand job or occasionally a blow job just to keep me home I guess.
'I'll be up in a little while.' she continues.
I am still very hard and precum is running down my cock and dripping off my balls onto the chair. I continue my stroking with renewed urgency while listening for the creaking of the stairs. Precum is now spattering my stomach as I pound faster and faster with mounting excitement. I am at the point of no return as she begins climbing the stairs. There's no way to stop now. As she tops the stairs I am frozen with my pulsing cock in my hand.
'Well...you've been a busy boy.' she chides putting her hands on her hips and staring at my cock which is now erupting in great streams of cum reaching my chest and running down over my belly.
'Sorry, I just couldn't stop.' I stammer as she shakes her head and hands me a towel from the bathroom.
'You guys...I guess it never ends.' she says in a resigned tone as she goes down the hall to the bedroom.
I sure hope not!



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