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Supper, Wine, and an Evening With Becca

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This is the story I've never had an outlet to share before about three beautiful girls I knew in Florida.


I had met Becca, Marie, and Trish at the apartment complex where I lived in Florida. Being away from home, we all bonded right away, glad to make good friends as we moved in, in the same week. The girls shared a three-bedroom apartment, while I had my own place a few buildings away. All were fun loving, unique, and hotter than a Florida summer's day. We did things together, but often I would be lucky enough to be alone with each of the girls.

As it turns out, Becca had a night off from work, so I invited her over for dinner. Becca looked great in a very short, frilly skirt, and a scooped-neck white knit top that hugged her braless 36C's oh so well. Her shoulder length brown hair was loose, and she smelt of jasmine. I grilled some steaks, and she was thrilled that I waited on her hand and foot that night. I had bought some special wine for the occasion to go with the dinner.

We decided to watch some television before she went home, and she settled on the couch. I took my usual spot, on a fake skin rug on the floor. We continued to talk, and I found myself watching her more than the television. I kept trying to avoid staring up her skirt, but since it was at eye level, it was darned near impossible. Soon I was straining to keep my cock hidden in my shorts, and my composure at the same time. See, Becca was shaved, as I could readily see!

I needed to pee and on my return, Becca had moved to the floor, bringing a pillow from the couch, and laying on her left side facing the TV. I started to sit on the couch, and she said, 'Don't let me run you off. You always sit on the floor, and I thought I would join you.' Being no fool, I laid on the floor behind her, close but not quite spooning.

As we lay talking, we were soon cuddled up closer together. My boner started returning, since I hadn't seen my fiancé in three months. Becca reached back, and pulled my arm over her, and I was pulled right up behind her, my dick totally rigid and now starting to peek out the leg of my shorts. Becca said how good it felt being so close together. I took my chance, and hugged her in tight, no longer caring if my dick got me in trouble or not.

I shouldn't have been concerned, as it turns out. Becca's short skirt had bunched up over her ass, and my cock was pressing against her crack. I raised up on my left elbow, and nuzzled Becca's neck. She surprised me, as she took my right hand, and moved it down the low cut top, onto her left breast. She arched her right leg back, over mine, and my cock was nestled deep in her ass crack. With all the pre-cum that was now leaking, it took almost no pushing from either of us, and my cock slid easily against her tight asshole.

Becca let go of my right hand on her breast to continue to squeeze and play with her nipples. Her right hand slid down between her legs, and she began playing with her cunt. The smell of sex soon filled the room, as she pumped between her clit and burying three fingers deep in herself. We rocked together, my dick sliding against her asshole. Soon she increased the motion on her cunt, as my dick got harder and harder, nearing explosion. We climaxed together in a heart-stopping frenzy that seemed to go on forever. I was stunned, since neither of us had said a word during the entire episode, just the animal sounds of pure passion.

We lay on the floor, breathing hard trying to regain our composure. After a couple of minutes, my cock slid off her ass, and the flood of cum followed it. We were momentarily spent, but not so much that I couldn't kneel, pick her up, and take her to my bed. We spent the rest of the night and the entire next morning finding new ways to pleasure each other.

I'll keep those memories for myself, though, since we let this be our one special night, as we both had fiancés. What a night to remember, though.



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