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Supermarket Surprise

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OK this is one of the craziest things ever. I'm a straight male, and I do not know how this happened, but it did!

After school I have a part time job in a supermarket. I work on the checkouts. Everyday theres the regular customers that come in buy their groceries have a little chat and leave. Now theres this guy who comes in every week on his own, hes about 25. He does his shopping doesn't talk much and leaves.

Now about 2 months ago he had done his shopping and came to my checkout. the usual was said 'Hi, hows it goin'?' but nothing out of sorts. When I'd finished ringing everything through he said 'Just a minute' and jogged to the magazine rack. He picked up a car magazine and asked me to ring that through too. 'Some reading material' He joked. 'I wouldn't be reading it, its the pictures of the women on the cars that do it for me' I retorted.

'Its not for that, my real stash of that is at home' He laughed. I then said in a jokey banter way 'Ha, You'll have to lend me some sometime' We both laugh he paid and left. I thought nothing of it.

The next week I was sat on the checkout and he came in again same routine but this week he held back until there was no que on my checkout. As I was ringing his items through we had a chat and it was pleasant. At the end he passed my the money and a DVD. I looked at it and the cover was plastered with big tits, huge cocks and wet pussy. I couldn't believe it 'Thanks' was all I could blurt out. 'No worries, bring it next week for me' He said with a smile and left. I obviously went home watched it and wacked off. It was a gr8 DVD.

So next week comes and I have teh DVD hidden under my checkout so no-one can see it. Same routine he does his shopping comes to my checkout. 'Did you enjoy?' was his first comment. We chatted discretely and when he handed me the money agian he handed a X-rated DVD over. When I gave him the change I passed the first one back, he grinned and said 'Enjoy!'

This went on for several week after this and the more times he brought me the DVD's teh hotter they got. The more he came in the more we chatted and got to know each other, he was a really cool guy. I was actually looking forward to going to work.

So about two weeks ago it came to the porn swap and I'd left the DVD in my locker as I was late and my boss was breathing down my neck to get on my shift so I couldn't risk taking it down. When he got to my checkout he handed me the disk and I explained why I hadn't got it he said 'Thats OK. You can drop it off after your shift' He told me his address and I agreed.

So after my shift I drove round to his house that was about a block from my work with the DVD's. He opened the door to his very nice house in a very nice niebourhood and let me in, although I felt I knew him well I was a little uncomfortable, I went in though. He asked 'How old are you?' I replied '18' He said Ok I wont ofer you a beer then' This made me feel safer he wasn't about to try and do anything. 'So were do you keep your stash then?' He laghed and ushered me to teh front room. And there was his stash. I bet there were a hundred X-rated movies in that room. 'You wanna watch one?' he asked. 'Sure'

He picked one out on put it on. We sat watching this hot chick licking out the most beautiful blonde you would ever meet for about 20 minutes chatting and laughing, and I just said out of the blue 'Man I could really jack off right now, I've never gone this long into a DVD without doing it' I looked over at him, he was wearing a white T and blue shorts and I could clearly see his boner tenting them, if I wasn't already horny this made me hornier.

He then kinda rubbed his dick through his shorts and said 'Well as you can tell I kinda do too'

We both looked at each other for a moment and mutually agreed it would be OK.

He took off his shirt and revealed a chiselled chest and stomach that was toned perfectly with a little trail of hair running to his shorts. I then took off my shirt and went to sit next to him on the couch. we both then took down our shorts and left us with raging hardons in our boxers. We both started to rub ourselves through our shorts and watch the film for about five minutes. Then I saw him slip his boxers over his penis and reveale a huge 8' cock thiick and uncut. I dunno what made me do it but I started touching his leg, I ran my hand up the inside of his thigh to his balls and started to squeeze them and tickle them, he arched his back and let out a little moan, then he stopped jacking and moved over and pulled my boxers down to my ankles, my 7' cock felt free. He started to stroke it slowly teasing the end to make me want to come there and then. I continued up him and gripped his cock and slowly like he was me jerking him up and down, we had totally forgoten the porn, we stroked each other rhytmically he moaned 'I'm gonna come' I stopped and said 'Not yet' he continued to jerk me I played with his balls a little more and teased his nipples. I felt that it was time for me to come now so I grabbed his cock again and began to jerk him again, we both stood up and put our cocks together both of us pulling faster and harder on each other, we both began to moan and tense up until he came 3 ropes onto my stomach and immediatly after me coming on his slender toned body. We both sat back down in the naked mess we were in. Looked at each other and laughed.

We cleaned up and I said goodbye. We still see each other for our DVD exchange and we plan to do it again, I'm not to sure if I want to though it was one of those things I want to happen only once.



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