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Sports are for all of us.


This happened last year during the Superbowl. My cousin Linda's husband invited some of his friends over for the game. Linda asked me to come help pull the party together. She was happy to provide the snacks for the guys, but she is as interested in football as I am. Just about zero, that is.

I got to their house at about 11:00 in the morning and we spent a few hours putting together some lovely snack trays that we knew would be totally wiped out by the ravenous hordes. Neither of us minded, really. I mean, that's what a cook wants, isn't it?

Anyway, by kickoff, the guys were pretty much settled in and we had the kitchen to ourselves. Looking at my cute cousin, I began to get some ideas. She seemed to have the same ideas since she gave me her devilish smile and said, 'It will be at least an hour 'til half time. Wanna play our own game?'

I just smiled and kissed her on the lips and then followed her upstairs to the master bedroom. She locked the door behind us and wasted no time in getting me in her arms. We kissed deeply and passionately and I started to take her top off.

She stopped me and said, 'We shouldn't get undressed. Steve or one of the guys could need something and we'd have to go.'

So, I just put my hand under her top and played with her titties and her hard nipples under her bra. She was doing the same to me and we were both getting pretty hot and bothered. I put my hand on her thigh and slowly worked it under her cute denim mini and ...

'You didn't wear any panties with all those horndogs down there?'

'They weren't looking at me. They were looking at the TV and the cheerleaders and stuff.'

'I bet if they got a flash of your pretty pussy they would have sat up and taken notice!'

'Well, I was pretty careful not to flash anybody. I just knew that you were coming and I wanted to give you a nice surprise.'

In answer to that, I worked her skirt up around her waist and started to finger her pussy as I kissed her some more. She had my jeans unbuttoned and her hand in my panties as well.

She said to me, 'We don't have a lot of time. Here, use this on me.'

She handed me her Hitachi Wand vibe and I put the head of it on her mons. I started it up and just held it there for a moment. The lovely aroma of sexy pussy filled the air and made me get even wetter as I stimulated my cousin.

She was starting to hump the vibe and I knew it was time to finish. I moved it a little lower, just above her little clitty. She started to move a little faster and I was working to keep up with her. I turned the wand up to its highest setting and just worked on getting her off.

It didn't take more than a couple of minutes and she was having a crashing orgasm. She made me pull the wand away from her pussy and just held my hand for a minute as she came down.

'Wow, that was awesome! You always give me better orgasms than my husband.'

I just smiled and handed her the wand. She didn't need to be asked twice. She didn't bother taking my jeans down. Instead, she put the head of the wand over my mons through my jeans and panties and just started to vibe me.

After seeing my cousin get off, I was in a real state. I needed this real bad and was very ready to cum. She did to me pretty much what I did to her and it didn't take too long for me to start spasming too. She held it on my clit as long as she could wrestle me for it after I started cumming and it was so intense.

For a while we just cuddled and kissed and then we heard Steve yelling for Linda and we had to get ourselves together real quick. I ran into the bathroom and closed the door and she just pulled down her skirt and went out to see what he needed.

I found a soggy mess in my panties so I just took them off and left them in my cousin's lingerie drawer and I pulled my jeans back up and rejoined the party. I dont' think the guys were any the wiser that 2 beautiful ladies just had sex in the same house!



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