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I am a bad girl. I have always been a bad girl. But so is my little sister, Kelly. Kelly stole two of my boyfriends in high school and rubbed it in my face (not that this justifies what I have done here). One of my boyfriends (he was really just a friend I wanted to screw) ended up fucking her first. She seduced him a week after I told her I was going to let him fuck me. This is all water under the bridge. But she flirts openly with every guy I bring home. And she is a tease, but then so am I. I guess we have always been in competition.

First a little about me: I am 5' 8,' brunette, slender, B-cup, 28 years old, college-educated, an amateur photographer. I am an exhibitionist and I love to masturbate. I don't have a boyfriend right now. I masturbate four to eight times a week, and regularly at work. I like to come here and read stories while I am at work and slip my hand inside my panties and think about all of the bad girls and bad boys who come here to do the same. I am a receptionist who basically just answers the phone. I have a private work area and a deep, secluded desk, which allows me plenty of privacy and time. The boredom is just too much. I usually start reading erotica around 2:00 in the afternoon, so that I can rub one off by 5:00. Sometimes I like to 'come' while people are leaving the office for the day. By 4:30 I am so horny I would almost fuck anyone; I have at least one finger deep inside my cunt under the desk. Sometimes I go home sans panties. I love to feel the juices running down my thighs as I ride the subway. I get off because of the danger of it all. I get off because I like to be seen, or to imagine that I could be seen.

I'm telling you this because my love of exhibitionism has led to some naughty behavior over the years. This has been going on for a long time. When I was a teenage gymnast, I teased my coach something terrible. I was so bad. I had a crush on him. I had just started masturbating and I was doing it everywhere. I purposefully let my leotard ride up into my pussy. I just liked the pressure against my clit, and I basically masturbated (without hands) in front of him, rubbing against practically everything. He could not take his eyes off of me. I know he lusted after my tight virgin ass. And I gave him every possible view of my body that I could dream up. I was always 'accidently' showing him my panties or 'forgetting' to wear underwear under my gym clothes, which were sometimes soaked through until they were transparent. I love his eyes on me. He must have been so frustrated, with my spread legs in his face all the time. And he stared, but he was always a gentleman. I am surprised nothing actually happened between us.

But back to Kelly: Kelly and her new boyfriend Mike came to stay with me for a night at my apartment just after Thanksgiving. She told me she is not in love with him. Mike is just a fling who fucks her well. She said they are not exclusive and that it is not at all serious. This got my interest up. Let me just say that Mike is good looking, not really my type, a little too sleazy and preppy but he has a good body just the same.

They stayed in my roommate's room (she was out of town) right across the hall from my bedroom. The doors have transoms, and the transoms have been removed, so there is a big hole above each door. This allows sound to travel easily from one room to the other. My roommate and I hear everything that goes on. She and I both have listened to each other having sex. I have heard her masturbate (she and I both have vibrators) and I am sure she has heard me. She has certainly heard me watching porn. The sounds are unmistakable, especially when I join in.

During dinner my sister asked me how my photography was going. Eventually I confessed that I had been taking some erotic self-portraits (we had already been discussing our sex lives or in my case lack of sex, which meant masturbation). She asked what 'erotic self-portraits' meant. Mike's jaw dropped and he intimated that he was very interested in seeing them. I said they were mostly soft-porn nudes and a couple racier than that. She pointblank asked if I was actually masturbating in the photos. I confessed that in some of them I was. She asked me what I did with the photos afterward. She asked me if I showed them to men of if I used them to get off; or were they 'art' pictures. Then she cut me off and said that actually she did not really want to know. 'I use them to turn me on,' I told her. 'I would show them to men if any were in my life, but for right now I look at them myself.' Mike said he would love to see them. 'I'll bet you would,' my sister said, and she punched his arm. 'Let's go to bed,' she said. 'First let's see the photos,' Mike said, 'I think she wants us to see them.' Kelly shook her head and laughed. She said that if I wanted to show my 'erotic self portraits' to Mike, that was my business. (She scowled at him.) Then she added, 'If I know my sister, and I think I do, she definitely wants to show off her nudie photos.'

Mike said he was willing if I was. Kelly said he could see them but that she wasn't that interested. We went upstairs to my room. But when Mike followed me to my room, Kelly came in right behind him. I turned on my computer and showed some nude self-portraits to them on the screen. They were tasteful and did not have any explicit shots of my ass or cunt-and none of me masturbating. They showed me in panties, bare-breasted with hard nipples. They showed my exposed ass and a couple not-too-revealing shots of my pussy and erect clit, but nothing superbad. Mike said they looked really great. Kelly complimented me, saying that they were surprisingly erotic. She said that she could see how they would lead to a good rub. I sensed that Kelly was uncomfortable and that Mike was horny. Then I said that the show was over; that I did not know Mike well enough to show more. Kelly said it was a good idea to stop. (But I really didn't want to stop.) Kelly suggested that, for a special treat, I show Mike one more photo and then we were done. Then she stood up and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. 'Don't tarry,' she said to Mike, as she shut the bathroom door.

As soon as she left, Mike asked to see a racier shot, 'You know, one where you are really into it, really turned on. One where you are 'taking matters into your own hands,'' he said. I said he was a very naughty boy and he said that I was the naughty one because I was the one who was showing nude pictures to her sister's boyfriend. I had to agree. He began to beg, which was not a turn on. He said that I was a tease and that I couldn't leave him hanging like that. Then he played the 'you know you want to' card. He whispered 'You know you want to show me a racier photo. And you know I am dying to see one. You're really pretty. I want to see one where you are actually touching yourself.' The truth was I very much wanted him to see me masturbating. My pussy was burning and soaked. I said that maybe I would show one or two more but that then he had to leave. 'Hurry,' he said, 'We don't have much time.' He motioned to the bathroom.

I thought 'If you want a racier photo, I'll give you one.' Mike leaned in close over my shoulder. I could feel his hot breath on my neck. I selected a photo of me bent over with my ass in front of the camera. It displayed my crack, asshole, and glistening cunt lips. I was looking over my shoulder at the camera, licking my lips. This was by far the hottest I had shown yet. He groaned, saying 'Mmmmmm. Very nice.' His face was right next to mine. 'One more,' I said, 'Then it's off to bed with you.' He said, 'You are one hot piece of ass.' I elbowed him in the ribs. He responded by putting a hand on my shoulder. I was getting very worked up. I selected another in the series, one of me still bent over, but spreading my cunt lips open with the V of my fingers. He could see right into my pink hole. He could see the wet pearl. He could see my fingers wet with my juices. He whispered 'Oh, my God. That's so hot!' I felt his hand slip down my back and around, under my armpit, to my side. He was getting near my breast. His hand advanced. I felt his finger circling my nipple. I pushed his hand away.

I left the image up on the monitor and stood up to let him look longer. He took my seat at the computer. I did not know what I was going to do. I needed some distance from him. I was getting hornier by the second. He stared at the screen. I said that I thought that's enough. I put my hand on the mouse and he put his hand over mine. 'Just a few more seconds, please?' he asked. I removed my hand from his. Then he asked if in the next image I was actually fingering myself. My heart was racing. My mouth was dry. I was shaking. I told him that I think I was maybe a little. He said that he loved to watch a girl play with herself. He said Kelly wouldn't let him watch her. Then he asked me if I was going to finger myself later that night. I said that I probably would, since I was really turned on. He told me he was really turned on too. He asked to see one more picture, one of me with my finger deep in my pussy, and then he promised he would leave.

My cunt was burning. 'You know you want to show me,' he said. 'And you know I am dying to see it,' he added. 'Come on, I want to see what you will look like when you are doing it later tonight.' My breathing was audible. I said 'You're right. I'm bad. I love to be watched.' I leaned over his shoulder. I selected another photo. 'Are you ready?' I asked him. The image came into view. It was of me nude on my back, knees up and spread wide. I was spreading my pussy lips with one hand and fingering myself with the other. He jerked back and said 'You are so hot. You make me want to fuck you.' I was standing next to him. He reached around and put his hand on my ass cheek. I did not do anything. He ran his finger up and down my ass crack, tickling me. 'Thanks for the compliments, but I think you should go to your girlfriend now,' I said. He continued to stroke my ass.

I moved away from his hand, but I didn't want to. 'Just let me drink it in,' he whispered, staring at the photo. 'You are so fuckable, and such a bad girl,' he added. 'I love how wet your pussy is. Is it that wet now?' he asked. 'Probably. Yes. It's very wet,' I said. 'You have to go now. You have to go to your girlfriend.' He stood up. 'Is your clit hard right now?' he asked. 'Yes, it's very hard,' I said. 'Is it sensitive?' he asked. 'Yes, I am sure it is,' I said. He ran his middle finger around my ass and pussy on the image on the monitor. 'I would love to taste you,' he said, as he pressed his finger against my clit on the screen. 'You are worse than I am,' I said, and I pushed him toward the door.

In the doorway, he reached down between my legs and gently cupped my pussy, stroking my slit with his middle finger. It felt wonderful. Without thinking, I pressed back against his finger, shaking. I spread my thighs and grabbed his hand and pressed it harder against my crotch. 'Kelly is ten feet away,' I said. 'I know, it makes it that much hotter,' he said, and he kissed me hard on the mouth, now running his finger from my ass crack to my clit and back again. I opened my legs. I exhaled, and then I removed his hand and pushed him out. 'Goodnight,' I said. 'I'll be thinking of you,' he said, reaching again for my cunt. He unbuttoned my pants and quickly unzipped them. He placed his hot hand on my stomach. 'I just want to put my finger inside you, please, just for a second,' he begged. 'No,' I whispered, 'You have to stop.' Before I knew it his hand was inside the waistband of my pants and deep into my panties. A second later his finger was inside me, working its way into my very wet cunt and I was gyrating against him. 'We have to stop,' I said. I pulled his hand out and pushed him out the door. 'Goodnight,' I said. 'Thank you,' he said.

As soon as the door shut, I locked it and shoved my jeans and panties to my ankles. I kicked them off and sank two fingers into my soaking pussy, as well as one into my ass. I fell back on the bed, legs spread, thinking of Mike pounding away at my cunt, sucking my clit, forcing his cock inside me. I fantasized that he was raping me. I came in less than a minute, shaking and writhing to a wonderful orgasm. I heard Mike go to the bathroom and then back to their bedroom. I got ready for bed. Then I stripped nude and got under the covers. I knew I was going to masturbate again.

Before my sister arrived, I had warned her about the noise issue with her room; that I would be able to hear everything that went on in there. Still, almost immediately after I got into bed I could hear that they were having loud sex. I shouldn't have been surprised. I knew how horny Mike and I were. I might as well have been in the bed next to them (I wish that I had been). I heard them kissing, sucking, moaning and cooing. I heard her giggling, and I heard her beg him to eat her out; to go faster; to lick faster; to fuck her harder. I heard the bed creak and move.

I had to finger myself again, and this time I rubbed my clit, with my vibrator moving in and out of my pussy. I know they could hear me going at it. I didn't hold back. I wanted them to hear me. I wanted Mike to know what he had done to me. I groaned louder and louder. I held back, though. I heard Kelly come really loudly then I heard him come. He said 'Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. I'm coming. I'm coming. Oh, God.' She said 'Come for me. Come for me'; I waited, so that they would know exactly what I was doing. I turned my vibrator on high. My orgasm built and I allowed them to hear me moaning and coming in gasps. I grunted 'Oh, God. Oh, God. Ohhhhhhhhh God!' as I came.

There was a long silence after my orgasm. Then my sister, laughing, said 'Goodnight.' We all burst out laughing. Mike said 'Goodnight. That was amazing.' 'Goodnight,' I said. 'Sleep tight.' Lying there, I could not help but continue to toy with my pussy until I went to sleep. I wanted to come again but I did not have it in me.

In the morning, I brought myself to another great cum thinking about the night before. Then I took a shower, went downstairs, and made coffee. Mike came down alone in his PJ bottoms and a T-shirt. I was sitting in a chair in my nightgown and panties (sans bra). He got a cup of coffee and leaned against the counter. I asked him if they had a good time last night. He said yes and asked if I had a good time too. We both laughed. 'You know I did,' I said, grinning. He told me 'You know I was thinking about you last night, especially when I could hear you touching yourself.'

I reminded him that he was a very bad boy; that he had turned me on so much that I had to bring myself off. He said that I was the bad one. He told me he was thinking about fucking me while he was fucking Kelly. Then I noticed his cock was getting hard. It was swollen and going down his leg. I got wet right away. His cock got larger. It bobbed, like it needed to get out. I lifted my foot up to the chair (I wanted him to see me). I allowed him to see my damp panties. I felt them getting wetter. He looked between my legs. I spread my knees. My panties were riding up into my cunt and ass. I rested my head on my knee. I closed my eyes. Then I opened them and I stared at his cock. It was totally hard now, tenting his PJs. I opened my legs to give him a better view. I felt the wetness seep into my crotch.

'You are the naughtiest girl I know,' he said. 'You're pretty naughty yourself,' I said. He reached down and squeezed his cock. 'If I could I would fuck you right now,' he whispered. I reached down and slid a finger up the moist slit of my panties, ending on my hard clit. 'I don't think we should do this,' I said, as I pressed my finger against my clit, rubbing it in circles. 'No, we shouldn't,' he said, as he pulled his cock, 'but I really want to fuck you.' I slipped my finger inside my panties and into my cunt. I had never been this brazen before. I pulled my panties aside, showing him my pussy, as I worked my finger slowly in and out. He groaned and continued to squeeze his cock. 'I love watching you,' he said. 'I would love to eat you and fuck you.' 'I would love for you to fuck me,' I told him, as I worked two fingers in and out. 'Show me,' I said, pointing to his cock. Mike pulled his PJs down, letting his cock bounce into view. It was beautiful. He squeezed it. 'Do you want to suck it?' he asked.

Then I heard my sister coming down the stairs. In a few seconds she would be in the kitchen. I removed my wet fingers, put my foot down, and crossed my legs. Mike pulled up his pants and turned to the sink to hide his erection. They kissed and said good morning. 'You look flushed,' she said, 'Do you feel OK?' 'Yeah, I'm just a little warm,' he said. 'I'm actually cold,' she said. Then he told us he was going upstairs to take a shower. He left. I got my sister a cup of coffee. I said I was going up to my room to get dressed. (Really, I was going to finger my pussy or ravage Mike's cock, but you already knew this.)

I went upstairs. The bathroom door was shut. I thought about opening it. But I held myself back. I went to my room and took off my nightgown and panties. I played with my nipples (with my bedroom door open). I was very wet, imagining Mike licking my cunt. I imagined sucking his cock. My pussy was slick and hot. I put a finger inside. Then the bathroom door opened and Mike walked nude from the bathroom to their bedroom. I saw his tight butt. He did not see me or even know that I was there. But I knew if I did not shut my door he would see me and I would see him. I just froze. Then I sat down on my bed facing the open doorway. I lifted both feet to the bed and opened my legs wide. I heard him gasp. He was standing outside my doorway. His cock was long and thick and semi-hard. I gasped and acted surprised. Then I smiled wide. 'Sorry, I thought you were in the shower,' I said. 'I didn't know you were up here,' he said. We just stared at each other.

His cock started to rise. He took it in his hand and squeezed it. I opened my knees. He just said 'Oh my God.' I slipped a finger down to my clit, then to my puss, wetted it, and started stroking. He grasped his cock harder and started stroking in earnest. He walked into my room but I held up my hand to stop him from coming too close. I rubbed really fast and hard. So did he. He stood between my open legs. He slipped a finger between my ass cheeks and tickled my asshole. I jerked. 'Let me at least lick you,' he begged, still stroking his cock. 'No, just finger me,' I said. 'You have an amazing body,' he said. He worked two fingers into my willing cunt. I lay back and bucked my hips against his hand, as he fingered me hard, telling me how much he wanted to fuck me. I stroked my clit. I took hold of his cock and stroked him. He kneeled on the bed between my legs. He was guiding his cock to my cunt. He wanted to fuck me. I stopped him from entering me. Soon, we were both almost ready to climax. Then I heard my sister slowly coming up the stairs. 'Go!' I told Mike. He ran to the bathroom and shut the door. I closed my door just before Kelly got to the top of the stairs.

She suspected nothing. She stood outside my door and asked me what we were going to do for lunch. 'I don't care,' I said, as I brought myself (quietly) to one of the best orgasms of my life.



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