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Super Solo Session

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i have made several posts in recent weeks and have mentioned about how i get turned on to highly intense self-pleasuring sessions by viewing photos of fitness babes in various muscle and fitness magazines.
the last two sessions i have had may rank as the most satisfying, most intensed solo sessions i have had in quite some time.
i was hot to get into a prolonged masturbation session earlier this week after getting off of work. i practically came out of my clothes the minute i got out of my car.
then i proceeded to gather up several of these magazines along with the necessary accessories for self-pleasuring and headed outside, to the garage area where I could initiate such a session. i had set up a fold out table in the garage, away from the view of anybody who might happen to come by. on the table, i spread the magazines out, to pages of various women who were turning me on. there was one in particular, of a woman with a firm ass and non-stop legs spread out on the beach who had my self-pleasuring juices working overtime.
then i went to Stroking City, if you will, working my penis into a quick erection that became more and more firm with each grasp of my hands. i like to begin my sessions by stroking the penis with both hands, alternating with the left, then the right and vice-versa. it gets me highly aroused.
in addition to the necessary lubricants (baby oil, etc.), i also had a bottle of vaseline and a semi-large candle. i dipped the candle into the vaseline, whipped a nice coating of the lubricant on it and then inserted it into my ass, all the while moving the candle around near the 'G spot'. talk about getting even more aroused. my penis became extra firm and prompted me to stroke even harder.
the more i worked the anus area with the candle, the more my penis became erect. i just knew i was going to explode with sperm being spread all over the photos of the lovely fitness babes. but i didn't. with each self-pleasuring session i undergo, i try and prevent any type of ejaculation. sometimes, it's tough because i become so aroused. some pre-cum eventually spills out. but not during the last two sessions. i used a Tantric-like method of inhaling, exhaling as I stroked the penis and also used the traditional stop-and-go method. various breathing exercises were also used and that also helped tremendously in maintaining an erection, yet not climaxing. after a while, it was as if i was actually making love. it was an incredible, very alive feeling. the more i stroked, the more i just knew i was going to ejaculate. but my penis became even more harder to the touch. i fingered the tip of the penis and other very sensitive areas and it turned me on even more.
every five minutes or so, i would take the candle out of the anus area, apply additional lubricant, then go back to re-insert it. it felt great. my erection continued to earn 5-star ratings, if you will. it was incredible and i didn't want to stop. this went on for an hour and i truly believe it could have gone on another two or three hours. sometimes, when i have a lot of time and am in an extremely sensuous mood, i want to conduct at least a three-hour self-pleasuring session using these methods. that's something to look forward to, for sure.



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