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The perfect response to one special horny day.


I am glad I found this site. I really love it. This site provides to me an outlet for my favorite activity. Satisfying myself. I am a fity year old woman and have been divorced for three years. I have been masturbating since an early age and I get horny very easily. My mind is always on my pussy and orgasm. Achieving orgasm is my favorite activity. Masturbating to achieve orgasm is private, harms no one and feels great.

I wrote a story in February and I like to share my personal 'adventures'. I shaved my pussy so that I could feel my bare skin while I play with myself. It is more sensitive to my touch than with hair on it. I actually wish that I had shaved a lot sooner. If I had known that it felt so good to the touch you can bet I would have. When I am home alone I am nude except for shoes. My favorite shoes are high heels and I have a large collection of them. Some of my shoes never leave the house. I reserve them for my nude in home activities, and I like the way my legs look with them on. I also have several large mirrors in my house. I like to see myself nude. Just being naked fuels my desire.

I clean house naked, and since I live alone I use this time to work and entertain my self. I have multiple orgasms and do so several times a day. I am glad that I have a vagina and am proud to be a woman. I am comfortable with myself now and do as I please.

One Monday evening I was especially horny and just rubbing my pussy was not satisfying. So I started to look for something different. I started to rub my boobs with baby oil and watch then shine in the mirror. This rubbing made my nipples hard and they seemed more sensitive than usual. I then started to rub baby oil over the rest of my body and looking in the mirror to see my body shine from the oil. The more I rubbed on the hornier I became.

I like to tease my body because it increases the intensity of my orgasm. I grabbed my vibrating dong from the 'toy darwer'. I have several different varieties. Each one of my toys provides a different stimulation. I like the vibrator and this particular day I chose my dong. It is large eight inches long and two and a half inches in diameter. It is a multi-speed ranging from low to high. I was standing in front of a large mirror 'massaging' myself with my vibrator thinking that I would like to do something different. I am always thinking of ways to 'entertain' my self to keep from doing the 'same old thing.' In the mirror I noticed my water bed. I thought oil on the mattress. I liked the thought. I stripped off the bedding and emptied a coulple of bottles of baby oil in the middle of the mattress. I spread it with my free hand as I held the virator against my body set on low speed. I shed my shoes and climbed on my now oily bed. I slid around on the oil. I like the way it felt. I made sure my entire body was covered in oil as I turned and rolled. I had my vibrator between my legs with the tip gently vibrating at my entry. I could see my self in the mirror from time to time and I liked what I saw. It helped me to become more aroused.

My pussy was now aching and wanted to be relieved. I would change positions from face up to face down on my bed of desire. My intensity grew. By denying a quick orgasm and 'teasing' my self I have several intense orgasms when I let my self cum. My body had such a new and intense feeling I knew it was time to finish.

I turned face up from oiled bed. I increased the speed of my vibrator to medium, and started to rub myself all over. I used the head of dong to rub my boobs. My nipples became harder and my pussy gushed a little. My love juices were flowing out of my lips and I would rub them around my pussy. I was so wet. I knew it was time for release. My pussy was wet and hungry for climax. I pressed my shoulders down and my legs down into the mattress. My hips raised slightly and my pussy was pointed up. I could see my pussy in the mirror that is at the end of the bed. I laid my dong on my tightly clenched legs and started to push it in. When the vibrating head touched my spreadlng lips I felt my orgasm start. I continued to push my dong in. My beautiful 'rubber husband' followed my sopping wet vagina to the end. I had one of the most intense orgasms that I have ever had. It felt so good. I moved it in and out twice and I came again. I turned the speed up all the way. I moved it in and out faster. I was working at a frenzied pace. I could see myself in the mirror as my orgasms became stronger. I came and came. The orgasms were so strong they were almost painful. I bucked my hips. I gyrated and humped. The intensity was so strong that I had to lower the vibrating intensity. My orgasms subsided to a calmer level. I stroked my self until I was completely satisfied. By then I had reduced the vibrator speed to low. I just let my dong rest in my vagina while I rested. I dozed to a contented sleep for a few minutes. When I woke up I thought that I had had a dream, but I knew it was real. My pussy felt so good.

I have done this several times since this first time. I recommend that every woman that masturbates try it it feels so good.

The only draw back to is cleaning the oil off the mattress. I changed from baby oil to water soluable lube and massaging oil. It is easier to clean. Enjoy. Darla



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