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Sunny Days, Part 1

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For years, Alan had been telling me about it. The nude beach he always went to with his mom, aunt and cousin Jenn. When we were younger, it sounded gross and weird. Alan and his family naked with a bunch of strangers on a beach, his weird cousin seeing his dick. At nine years old, this doesn't sound appealing. But fast forward to 17, and it sounds like a good time. And as Jenn had gotten quite hot in the interim, I was more than happy to strip and bare it for the chance to see her goodies.

Little did I know things would go in a slightly different direction that day.

With age comes certain freedoms, so heading to the beach didn't mean tagging along with Alan's mom. It meant Alan and I could hop in his car and drive up ourselves. To meet Jenn. And, is it turned out, her mom, Alan's aunt Jocelyn. But Jocelyn was very attractive herself and it was fine by me and my raging hormones if she was there with us. The four of us met in the parking lot, exchanged greetings, and then gathered our stuff and walked onto the beach, looking for a good spot. Once we found it, Jenn and Jocelyn pulled off the long tshirts they were wearing to reveal their gorgeous naked bodies. Both tan head to toe, no lines at all. Jocelyn hardly looked her age. Aside from her somewhat sagging breasts, she was fit and trim. She had a well maintained triangle bush and a bubble butt. Jenn was absolutely amazing. Perfect perky breasts with pointy little nipples, a small landing strip between her legs. Then Alan undressed himself and I was surprised how much I was looking. I knew Alan was athletic, but he was amazingly well built. He had broad shoulders, a six pack, and a long cock. It scared me a bit then how much I was looking at Alan, and was very thankful for the sunglasses that hid my eye line from everyone. It was my turn to get undressed, and I did, doing my best to hide my now stiffening dick. I don't think anyone noticed.

After a while, being nude wasn't a huge deal. I got used to it, and enjoyed the view. I focused mostly on Jenn, but found myself still sneaking peaks at Alan. I didn't understand why. I wasn't gay. I'm still not. But when you're 17 you get confused about this stuff, and can't understand that it's okay to admire another man's beauty.

After a while, Jenn suggested we go for a walk. Jocelyn stayed behind as the teenagers walked down the beach. I stayed somewhat behind so I could stare at Jenn's glorious butt. We walked and talked and looked at variety of naked bodies around us and I was embarrassed to find I was getting a boner again. Jenn noticed but didn't say anything. She just kept leading us down the beach.

We arrived at some rocks, which were far away from the main group of people. She led us into the rocks, and we found a little spot that was very private. Jenn told us when she was a little younger, around 14, some older girls had shown her this place. It was where people could go if they were really horny and wanted to masturbate. She told us she was getting horny, and could tell by my cock that I was too. I blushed and she giggled. Alan admitted he was getting horny as well and Jenn told us to go ahead and stroke.

I didn't wait for any reassurance. I grabbed hold of my now rock hard wang and stroked, gripping it tight, pulling at it, rubbing the head. I looked over at Alan, and he was doing the same thing. his cock so long and hard. Feeling strange about watching my friend jerk off, I looked over at Jenn and saw her legs spread, her hand between them playing with her pussy. She slipped a finger in and gasped. It sent a jolt through me and I jerked harder and faster. I looked over at Alan. He was jerking fast as well. Soon enough I came, shooting cum several feet across the way. Alan grunted, and I looked over at him just in time to see him cum. I watched as the jism came out, his hand moving slower and slower. I guess that was enough for Jenn. Soon she was squealing with an orgasm of her own, gasping as she came. We sat there for a few minutes in silence, catching our breath, enjoying the moment. Then we headed back to Jocelyn.

The rest of the day was fairly normal. Normal beach stuff, except we were all naked. As evening descended, we gathered our things, packed up and headed home. Alan and I were careful in our conversation not to discuss what we'd done, and I spent the next several years feeling weird about watching my friend jerk off. Weird, but sometimes turned on. Something I wouldn't really understand until we had a similar experience.



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