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Sunday Night

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Let me know what you think. My wife and I love this site.


This turned out to be one of my best sessions yet.

One evening, I sat in my office wearing only a black silk thong, looking at this great news group. This was nothing unusual. My wife just went to bed as usual. About ten minutes later I stumbled across a beautiful shot that stopped me in my tracks. I just had to stop and enjoy it.

I immediately started to rub my cock through my under wear, getting it as hard as I could in as little time as possible. Staring at the computer screen, I didn't notice my wife had come back out to ask me a question. She doesn't mind me jacking off, as long as I don't bother her while I do it. She usually just watches TV and makes it look like she is into the show. I was so excited I hadn't even noticed her standing there.

As I rubbed my dick I was completely wrapped up in the image on the screen. I was so hard I just couldn't stop. When my wife asked if I liked what I was looking at. I just said yes and kept going. I felt so good to have the string of my thong sliding up and down over my ass hole as I pumped my cock. I wrapped my fingers around myself and pulled even harder. It felt great to play with my dick in front of my wife.

She said does that feel good. All I could say was 'Oh god yes.' She asked me why. I just told her I love the feel of the soft silk caressing my balls as they bounced up and down in their loose cradle. I told her I like the feel when my dick is wrapped in silk and hard as a rock. I love to jack off with her watching, I just wish I had one of my toys to make it better, and looked back at the screen.

I was still on the same picture so it just charged me up some more. I didn't even notice she had left. When she returned she asked me why I liked that girl on the computer so much. So I told her. As I slowed my stroke because I was about to cum, I told her I liked the girls nice tiny tits (about 34A) and her neatly shaved pussy. I said I loved the way she was posed with her legs spread open and pulled up off the grass to show the gorgeous round curves of her ass under her beautiful body.

By the time I had explained it to her she had a big smile on her face. My wife kneeled down in front of me and told me to let go of my cock before I came. She pulled my thong off. Taking enough time for me to settle down a little. She reached up and placed my hand back on my cock. She said to go slow as she rubbed one of my balls.

I wanted to cum so bad I could already feel it building up as she worked on my balls. Again she told me to slow down as she pulled my favorite blue vibrator out of her pussy and placed the tip of it on my ass hole. It's only as big round as a pencil so with her sweet pussy juice on it, it slid right in. She continued to play with my ball as she moved the vibrator in and out of my ass.

I just couldn't take any more as I pulled my dick harder and faster than ever before. She told me to cum. She started rubbing my balls and ass as he told me to pull the cum right out of my dick. She kissed me on the nipple and worked my ass and balls. This was too much. As cum shot out of my dick and covered her tits and my chest. It was great.

As she used my T-shirt to wipe herself off she asked me if the girl on the computer would do that. What could I say. After she went back to bed I just had to get this down and send it in.

Thanks for the good work.



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