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Sunday Mornings

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It's a Story I always seem to remember, even though it happened far too long ago, and an occurance happened recently that brought me to write about it today!


Well, this happaned way back in grade 6, on Tuesday of this week, we had just received the 'talk' about not birds and the bees just about like youth hormones and masturbation.

My friend and I worked early Sunday mornings: 4am-7am, and when we finished work we would sometimes go both back to his house just to chill, or sometimes to my place, it was the same week's Sunday from when we got the talk that we had went back to his house. His parents work early in the morning also so they were never home when we got there.

Well, it's something I'll never forget he turned to me randomly while we were watching T.V. and said: 'Ever try masturbatin' like in the video from Tuesday.' I was surprised. I didn't even listen to that video and he knows it. I answered with No, and he said 'This morning before we headed our I woke up around 3:00 and I wasn't doing anything and I tried it laying in my bed, you should try it.'

Again: I didn't know what it was and I must have look dumb struck cause he goes: 'Here I'll show you.' He stood up, pulled his pants to his ankles then started rubbing his dong on the same leather couch I was sitting on. I uh.. I'm not against one persons own choices I just can't stand the sight of another man indecent, so I got the briefest veiw I could get then tried it. It gave me the exact feeling I got from the jets at the swimming pool, (You guys know what I mean when you position it just right it works better then anything) and I just said awesome! Now I can do this not at the swimmimng pool now that I know how. That went on for about 5-10 minutes when I got to the point where it felt the best, (again I know now but didn't know then about this stuff) I freaked out that I had peed because all of a sudden I squirted out about a tablespoons worth of this liquid, I cleaned it quickly then we played some games.

The next Sunday I didn't care if it was in the presence of him, it was the first time I had been alone since last Sunday and I wanted to try it again, he had the same thoughts apperently. So we just again dropped our pants and started at it when we got home that morning, now: He has a twin sister, born same day kind of thing, so same age, she usually sleeps till 9:00 kind of thing after we would have probably already left his house and again, his parents were never home Sunday mornings.

So there we are beating it and his sister comes and walks in, with nothing but a shirt to her knees and some (soon to find out pink silk like panties) we both jump up and pull our pants up, she just looks at us and yelled out: 'What were you guys just doing!?!?' me and him were both like: 'Uh.. er... um... nothing?' and she demanded: 'Tell me or I'll tell mom' hey, we're only in grade 6! of course we don't want or parents knowing what we do. I told her what we were doing and we had learnt it from the videos from last Tuesday, she then explained that the video she had watched mentioned something about masturbation and she had tried it on Friday night. She then said that we could continue and asked if she could join us, me and my friend gave each other a curious look, kind of expression on our face was: 'Girl's don't have penises how do they masturbate.' and me still thinking she'll 'Go tell Mommy' say 'Sure!' She walked over into the middle of us and dropped her panties to the ground pulled up her shirt and spread her pussy apart and while we were sitting there beating it she started to go, she couldn't find a comfortable spot, she kept squirming and dropping the shirt over it when she tried to use two hands and then couldn't see what she was doing, she eventually got to the point where she said 'Fuck it,' (we had all been swearing since like 4 Good Job teachers on teaching us our vocabulary right?) So we're sitting on either side of her with our pants to our ankles jerking ourselves while she's naked in between us rubbing everything around her area.

I didn't know how it worked and she said she didn't know much either but that when she tried before she rubbed her (she explained to us it was called a clit at the time we thought it was like a ungrown penis) so before she rubbed her clit and got really wet feeling and seemed like she had peed on her bed sheets before. Anyways I asked her if she could fit a finger up into herself, (I knew that sex involved a penis going up a girls pussy which made it feel good for BOTH of them, the things you can learn off the internet *shrugs*) So she tried it, she took her finger and stuck it up herself, she didn't describe much just said that it felt really good.

My friend had just hit that time where he climaxed and squirt some (what I know now is cum) it flew about 2 feet actually and landed on the ground he said he'd be right back and ran off to get something to get it out of the carpet. She asked me if I was going to do the same thing, I was still a bit away but I said to her 'Hmmm... Eventually..' she's like 'Okay when you do get between my legs and squirt it right here, she pointed to her breasts. (I knew what they were but she insisted on not calling them boobs or breasts) Can you do that for me?' she asked me, I just said 'I guess.'

We were still going at it for a few minutes before I was ready and when I did I did exactly what she asked and I squirted on her boobs. She with one hand rubbed it all over her nipples (It looked like she had done it with lotion before) and continued with her other hand. I was about done with, so I was sitting there still with his naked sister like practically on me naked with my jiz on her breasts and he getting off and me in just a t-shirt (my pants had fallen off my ankles). She was like 'Ooooooooh!!! Now its my turn' and started to go faster, and faster, suddenly she like screamed and then collapsed and just sat there, my friend came running in, (looked like he just got out of the shower he thought something was wrong) she was like Oh I'm fine and he was like okay what ever and he went to his room and got dressed.

While he was back there again she stood up and instructed me to look where she was sitting, I looked sure enough she was right, there was sitting her fluids all over their leather couch. I looked at her, we were both standing up and I just said one thing: Where's your shower? She's like: 'oh come with me' and she led me to the bathroom where we shared the shower, it was kind of weird feeling, standing naked next to like my best friends naked sister in the shower. When we got out we both got dressed, well I put my clothes on I was working in and she just put her shirt on, didn't bother putting on her panties, she had taken those and put them in my pocket!

We all three just lounged around for the next several hours watching T.V. it felt nice and yet awkward that my best friends sister is now walking around with just a shirt on and her panties were in my pocket. When I went to leave I asked her if she wanted them and she told me to keep them as a present. Still have them to this day, they're a silk like (don't know the material not good with materials and the tag is worn off) material in a pinkish red color.

We did the same thing the next sunday, she had a friend over sleeping over and she woke herself up early and let herself sleep so she could come down and join us, but that was the last time.

We're still friends to this day, she was over the other day (Thursday) and was looting through my room for money when she found the panties, she then was like is this from way back when? and I was like yeah... (thats why I'm writing this we went over what happened way back when it was good time) My parents were there that day, so we couldn't try it again after it's been a long time. She told me to come by tommorow morning and we could 'Reflect on our past' as she said.

That's where my story ends.



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