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Sunday Morning in Her Panties

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As so often happens on the weekends my wife and I lie in bed awake talking and just laying together with our legs and bodies intertwined. Generally what ends up happening is my wife will slowly start caressing my balls lightly with her finger tips and a few minutes later she jerks me to completion...this weekend was different.

It started off the same way. I was sleeping in just a pair of boxer briefs and she began lightly teasing my balls through my underwear. Gently caressing and then running her fingertips up my shaft just to the underside of the head. She would rub that area gently for a moment and then slide her hand back down and tease my balls with her fingernails, the sensation is absolutely breathtaking.

This went on for a little while and then she started getting worked up a bit, which never happens in the morning. She has amazingly beautiful C sized tits and great nipples that ache to be licked and sucked when she's fired up. Sure enough she exposed her left tit from her nightshirt and thrust it in my mouth. I gave her the attention she wanted pulling her nipple into my mouth and circling it with my tongue and gently sucked on it while she moaned quietly with delight. All of this was going on and I didn't realize she had slipped my boxers down and pulled my cock close to her and slipped them inside the leg her panties so the head of my cock rested on her velvety bush. She keeps it well trimmed but it's still so damn soft.

She continued to jerk me off inside of her panties, but the angle was a little off so the sensation was thankfully not as intense, but still, my cock was rubbing against her labia and I could feel her getting wetter than I had felt in a while. After about five minutes of this I had enough and took matters into my own hands. I grabbed the base of my cock and started sliding my cock back and forth across her pussy inside her panties. I could hear the wetness and feel every sensation, it was amazingly erotic. All the while I worked on her nipples and kissed the nape of her neck as she pulled me tight to her. After a few minutes of this it was all I could take. I starting stroking my cock with her panties and shot load after load against her moist pussy lips and filled her panties with my cum.

I slowly and gingerly pulled my now ultrasensitive cock out of her cum soaked panties and laid back with a deep exhale. Little did I know that she was far from done. She slid her hand into her panties and using my cum and her wetness she started to fingerfuck herself frantically. At the same time she started working her own nipples first with her hand and then she pulled her tit to her mouth and latched onto her nipple and sucked on it herself while she masturbated herself for me. She started begging me to slide my cock into her, but I said no. I told her I really wanted to watch her finish herself off. I guess that's all she needed to hear. Not a moment later, her entire body tensed and she had a mindblowing orgasm.

The best part is that she creates just as much cum as I do when she has an orgasm. Her panties, hand, and the bed were soaked with my cum and hers. When she was done, she used her cum soaked hand and gave me a follow up handjob using our cum as lube. When it started to dry she would just reach down and get another handful and keep going. It took just a few minutes of this uncharacteristic animal lust of hers to get me off. When I had cum again, she scooped the cum off of my stomach and rubbed it back into her cunt. It was amazing to watch. When she had finished 'cleaning' me up, she pulled her panties up tight and massaged the rest of the cum into herself, got up and asked me if I wanted coffee with a huge shit-eating grin on her face. All I could think of was that cum covered pussy as she left the room...good morning indeed.



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