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Sunbathing and Being Watched

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It was one of those fairly rare summer days in England when it was hot enough to lay in garden and get some rays!

I had put a windbreak up on one side of the patio to block any views from the house on the left. Anyone in the house on the right would be able to see the whole patio, especially as the side fence panel had blown down in recent winds, but I knew there was no one in as family was away on holidays.


I was laying on a sunbed with just my trunks on - speedos were the in thing still back then and my reasonably size cock bulged them out a decent way. I was on my own in the house and was flicking through a copy of my older brothers skin mag. for the 70's it was as hard core as you could get from normal newsagents and as I was looking at the photos my cock was filling with blood and starting to get uncomfortable in the trunks.

I looked around to check and nope, no one could possibly see in, so I pushed them down and off completely, leaving me totally naked, with a fairly small amount of pubes around the base of my penis and going up a little. I never had a lot of body hair compared to my classmates and they certainly didn't hide my growing cock at all.

I stroked myself, imagining I was screwing one of the magazine girls (and being still a virgin and never even seeing a girl nude for real, it was only my imagination I could rely on!). As I was stroking my cock with my right hand, sliding the foreskin up and down the wet tip and hearing the slurp, slurp as the pre-come moved around, I dipped the fingers of my left hand into a blob of suncream and pushed one against my anus.

As I spread my legs wider, my arse relaxed a little and allowed me to push one finger, and then a second into my bowels and after a couple of minutes I was able to get two fingers deep in my arse and was pushing in and out while wanking my cock in time, drips of pre-come dropping on my belly.

I thought I heard some noise and looked around, but could see nothing. I thought there was some movement by the window on the right, but I knew they were away, so couldn't be.

I carried on wanking, and took my fingers out of my arse and started playing with my balls as I neared my climax.

As I carried on rubbing my now 7.5" dick, as stiff as I'd ever felt it, my cum started to come out. I'd never been a shooter, even when I was young, so after just one squirt, the cum just poured out like a tap and collected in my bellybutton and then started to overflow and run down my stomach down to the towel on the sunbed.

Ever since I first started to wank and ejaculate at the age of 13, I had started to eat my own cum on occasion, and I quickly started to scoop it up in my fingers and swallow it down. Just as I was about to take the 3rd handful into my mouth, I heard a noise again and this time I saw a window open on the right and a face appear at the window with a big smile showing! It was the grandmother of the two little girls who lived next door who must have come over to check on the house.

I was too shocked to do anything but just lie there, and then I heard her call out "Does your mother know what you are doing? I'll be round it a minute".

As I quickly gathered the porn mag, trunks and towel up, wiping the remaining streaks of cum off me, I heard the doorbell go.....



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