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Summer With the Exchange Student Part 3

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It's been quite a while, but I've been so swamped...till I got laid off, so now I can finish more stories. Yay! This one is about the exchange student and my sisters friend.


Sorry it's been about 17 months since my last submission. In my last two stories I told you about the goings on with the exchange student, and my sister. This one is also about the exchange student, but our day in the pool.

Kailee came back the next summer because she liked it so much the previous year. Last summer we had many sessions together, whether helping or watching the other. This year I was hoping for a repeat. After about a week of being there, we had our pool cleaned out and it was now usable again.

Kailee and I were just itching to use the pool that day and the pool guys were coming at about 11ish to get it up and running again. We woke up and had our usual masturbation session together with a nice heavy make-out session afterwards with some heavy petting and nipple licking/sucking involved. After our playtime, we sat down and watched some movies on the computer for a while until the pool guys were done. On a side note, my sister was away for the next two days and had already been gone for a week out to our aunt and uncle's farm. Kailee and I were anxious to have sis home again.

Once the pool was ready, Kailee and I waited for the pool people to leave before putting on our birthday suits and heading down to the pool area. If you want a bit of a clearer picture of our backyard, you go out the back door and in front/to the right is our large lawn. to the immediate left is the driveway going down the side of the house and to the street, while the garage is directly in front of it, stretching further to the left. To the left of the driveway is a large circular Zen garden (about 10 feet across), surrounded by about another 15 feet of fist sized rocks with some shrubs in here and there. The circle extends almost to the large 7 foot privacy fence we have, and in the backyard just before the fence is weeping willow trees fanning the entire lenth of the fence all the way around the perimeter which gave complete privacy from all sides during the summer months.

Upon getting to the pool, we decided to fill in the gap of where my sister would be and so called up her friend Jenny to come over for a dip. Jenny already heard about the sessions between Michelle and I as well as Kailee and I and had asked my sis to join in once, which will be my next story, and hopefully in a more timely fashion. So Jenny agreed to come over and join us.

Once Jenny arrived and came to the back she put on her birthday suit as well. Jenny is about 6'3' with redish magenta colored hair (natural). Jade green eyes, dazzling smile, natural tanned looking skin, killer legs, nice round ass, and about 34D tits. She was a knockout.

Back to the story though. As we swam around we wrestled around some, did some laps, and had an all around good time. After probably 30-45 minutes of swimming around, we all got out and laid down on the almost hot tiling around the pool to sun ourselves. We put sunscreen on and helped each other with the areas we couldn't reach...and some we could! I helped both of the girls with their breasts and backs, while they helped me with my back and penis. Once done we laid around sunning for about 2 hours. We all went inside for a while to have a drink and some snacks before going back out and sunning ourselves some more. I fell asleep after a short time and awoke to slight moaning and immediately knew the girls were having fun. I sat up and the were fingering each other. I had an erection in no time and didn't plan on wasting it. I started jacking with force and within a couple minutes or so had a great orgasm. The girls finished each other off in a couple more minutes. We decided to go inside and get cleaned up, get rid of the sunscreen and sweat. The three of us managed to fit into the shower and cleaned ourselves up really good. Once finished we all dried off and went to play some video games for a while. Mother arrived after a couple hours and said we should watch a movie. Jenny and I didn't feel like watching a movie and went back to my room to play some more games.

Afterwards, we both went back downstairs and joined Kailee and my mom in the living room, and both gave us knowing looks. We plopped down in a chair together. After a few minutes we were no longer paying attention to the movie and were lounging sideways in the chair. More cuddling than making out was done. Jenny stayed for another couple hours after supper, which by the way was absolutely delicious! Mainly spent cuddling and kissing on the couch while *looks sheepishly* Kailee and my mom did the few dishes there were. Before putting her bike in my car and driving her home, she asked if I would be her boyfriend. She looked so beautiful and I gave her a gentle kiss. She hugged me tightly and thanked me for the great day, supper, and ride home. I dropped her off and drove home in a slight daze.

When I arrived home my mom's car was gone. I entered the house announcing that I was back. Kailee appeared at the stairs and gave me an almost hateful look. I took that as a cue to go about my way and leave her alone. I went and had a shower, before retiring to my room to attempt some sleep. I was almost asleep when Kailee walked in and asked if I was asleep yet. I could tell that she was/had been crying. I told her I wasn't and asked what was wrong. She sat down on the bed and broke into tears again. I sat up and held her close. She calmed down slightly and said that I was an asshole. I was slightly shocked and asked her why. She told me that I had taken her virginity and was now moving on to someone else and shutting her out. I kind of clued in and tried to explain that it wasn't like that. But she got up and went to her room where I heard her begin crying again, and eventually fell asleep, crying the whole time. I felt really bad and didn't get any sleep that night.

The next day I got out of bed at about 9 and felt like shit. I looked like it too. I got into the shower and shaved once out. I cleaned the counter off and put my stuff away before walking to my room getting caught off guard by my mom being home and right in front of me (I was naked). I covered myself as best I could and continued towards my room. My mom laughed and told me she'd seen it all already. I realized she was right and that I was being silly, but continued to my room. I got dressed and went downstairs and started making breakfast, but not for me. I needed to try and set things right with Kailee. I made her pancakes in the shape of hearts and poured some orange juice, grabbing a couple types of syrup. I went back upstairs and checked to see if she was awake yet, which she wasn't. I quietly placed the tray on the table next to her bed and went back downstairs to make some pancakes hotmail for mom and myself. Just before eating, Kailee called me upstairs. When I got to her door, she was sitting in bed, with some tears running down her cheeks. She smiled and told me to come over. Upon sitting down she hugged me, really hard! She thanked me, and apologized for ... over-reacting. I told her she didn't need to and that I had been quite an ass, without even meaning to. We held each other for a while, kissing a few times and I went back downstairs to join my mom. We ate and put the dishes in the dishwasher (yes I know I said that they were manually washed the previous night). I went back upstairs and took Kailee's dishes downstairs, put them in the dishwasher, put the syrup away, and turned the dishwasher on. Then I went back upstairs and opened Kailee's door to find her on her bed and masturbating. She gasped and then realized it was me and not my mother. I told her I would help her and masturbated her to an orgasm, and then simply went back to my room. Another present.

More stories to come. Not much in this one really, but the others could make up for it. Have I mentioned how much I hate editing?



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