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Summer Vacation Nudity

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I've read a few stories lately that involve showers & they remind me of something I did while on a family vacation shortly after my 18th birthday. It's not a story that oozes sex but at the time it was a very exciting sexual experience for me as a green shy kid that had yet to do more than feel a girls boobs. I was extremely well practised at masturbating by then. My thoughts were always on pretty girls & my focus was on my sexuality. I came from a strict family background & I was taught that you only had sex after marriage.

Sex was always on my mind & I had never ending erections. I gave into a life of habitual masturbation years before then & feeling guilty after each time I did it. What I did in the story below was a big deal for me then. I still think about it sometimes when I masturbate. The memory has that same feeling that it did at the time.


We spent two weeks renting a cottage that was a short walk from a long wide popular beach area. Loving the sight of pretty girls I'd take off just after lunch with nothing more than a towel, my bathing suit on, sunglasses & sandals. I'd get to the beach & stash my towel & sandals in the long grass back by the trees, then walk along taking in the sights of tight female bodies.

There were bathroom stations along the way about every mile. It was a good spot for me to duck into if my erection needed attention. I would sometimes go in twice during the day to jack off a load into the toilet. What thrilled me about that was the fact that strangers were in the room & I was jacking off while they were there even though they were just guys. Still, it was exciting.

About two days into the vacation I was walking into a bathroom intending on jacking off into the toilet like I'd been doing. I was at one of the most popular areas of the beach & I'd been watching a volleyball tournament with both guys & girls. The girls were so sexy in their bikinis & I'd been watching for almost two hours. This time I had my stuff with me & I'd been sitting on my towel. I'd been feeling the erection pulsing in my shorts going from hard to soft all the while & now it was not going down. The games were over for the girls so I watched them hug for a few minutes then I knew it was time to jack off of otherwise I'd go crazy.

I grabbed my stuff & headed to the bathroom to jack off in the toilets again. This time when I walked through the door I saw something different. There was a toilet area & change area just like the rest but this one had a shower room too. I rinsed off my bare feet at the doorway where the sign read "NO SANDY FEET BEYOND THIS POINT" then I walked in to take a look at the shower room. It was a big empty room with nothing more than shower heads & taps spaced out along both sides. No stalls, no walls, no curtains. Just a big room where you would be seen by all if you were showering.

All I could think about was being nude in front of strangers & showing off my erection. It was right there in front of me & all I had to do was take off my suit & walk inside. I walked back to the change room area & started to tremble thinking that if I wanted to I could be nude in public & it was OK to do. "There's nothing wrong with it or they would not have made the showers this way" I told myself. "All guys have the same thing" I whispered. "I'm doing it".

My thrill meter went through the roof. "I'm going to go in there & walk around with my hard cock showing for the next guy that comes through the door to see & it's ok to do" I thought. I slid off my bathing suit & hung it on the hooks over the long wooden benches in the change room. "I'm nude in public" I told myself. I walked with nothing more than my sandy towel in hand around the corner & hung my towel just outside the shower room on more hooks. My cock was as hard as it could get & I felt more naked than I'd ever before. All I could think of was I was vulnerable & had no choice but to be seen naked as soon as somebody comes through the doorway to the showers.

At that time I had a slightly muscular build but with a very lean thin body. My cock was full & long at seven inches when erect. Back then I thought my cock was big because I jacked off so much. How funny is that. I know now it was just normal & I had nothing to compare it to.

The warm water ran over my body and my cock was so ready to be jacked off. I could feel that dull ache like feeling a guy gets when he's been horny for a long time without any stimulation of the penis. I reached down & began to slowly move my cut foreskin back & forth. Oh did it feel good! I went real slow so as not to even get close to orgasm. I wanted to show off my erection so bad! Then I heard the water at the doorway where you rinse your feet. Seconds later I heard voices so I let go of my cock & pretended to be washing my hair even though I had to shampoo or soap. I turned so that my profile was at a good view of the doorway. My heart pounded & my erection was standing high ready to be seen. I heard the voices get closer so I kept my eyes closed & then I heard them enter the shower room. I kept my eyes closed & kept rubbing my hair. I heard the other showers turn on. I felt so sexually charged knowing there were strangers in the room with me also naked & I was showing them my erection.

I had to look. I had to see who they were, how old they were & how they were reacting to my erection because they were not talking any more. I opened my eyes & saw two guys maybe in their early 20's & they both still had their suits on!! I felt so embarrassed! I turned my back to them & pretended to continue washing my soapless body. I knew they saw my erection & I felt so helpless & even more naked than I did before.

The guys left the room & my sex meter went full tilt again. What a rush! I was the only one naked & they saw my erection too. "That was so good" I thought to myself.

My erection was about half gone but I still needed to masturbate. I moved my hand back to my cock & with a few moves back & forth my cock was fully erect again. "I'm going to cum now right here" I told myself. "If somebody comes in then that's just what it is because I need to cum."

With that in mind I began runs back & forth on my cock. It was a bit difficult with a wet cock & trying to do it by moving my foreskin. I'm circumcised & dry I'd always use two fingers & my thumb or my preferred method then, baby oil with a full hand to slide back & forth.

I kept losing the grip on my cock & I'd only get a few strokes each time because I was trying to go too fast. I had to slow right down so that's what I did. It felt so good going slow. My fingers moved in slow motion & I knew it would be time to cum real soon. I could feel it getting better & better & just then more voices followed by the foot rinse sound. I stopped masturbating & now that I was feeling about as excited as I could I turned to show off my cock again. With eyes closed I rubbed my hair like I was washing. The voices entered the shower room & this time there were three guys. One was about my age or maybe a bit more & two were much older maybe close to or over 30. This time I didn't care I was so horny that all I wanted to do was feel sexy & show off my cock.

This time the guys were also naked which made me even more excited. Shortly after more guys came in & more left. It became a revolving door of naked guys now that the tournament was over.

I stayed put with my erection showing for all to see & in a short time there was only me & two other guys in the room showering. What happened next was pretty interesting for me. I noticed the two guys left had erections too. They had been there a long time I guess waiting for the other to leave. They were showering with soap but giving extra attention to their cocks. The guy right across from me was covered in suds & would run his hand up & down his cock every few seconds then he'd move to another spot to make it look like he was not jacking off. The 3rd guy left with his cock still half hard & it was a BIG one too. Once he left all I could think about was this stranger jacking off in front of me. My heart could not beat any faster & I decided I was going to do it. The guy was still giving the few soapy strokes to his cock every few seconds. I never looked eye to eye with him. With huge hesitation I did it. I took hold of my foreskin & I knew I had to go slow or fumble. I was turned so he could see me & I could see him. Seconds after I began to masturbate he moved his hand to his own slippery cock but this time he never took it away.

It was really happening! I was jacking off with a stranger! It was far more than I'd planned to do that day. I planned to show off my hard cock not jack it off in public. We stood jacking off together in silence looking back & forth from the floor to each others moving hand on his cock. It could not have been only about two minutes before I knew I was going to cum. My breathing got harder & faster & I couldn't hide the sound of the deep breaths I was taking. My cock felt so good & I let my orgasm go. I softly grunted each time a fresh stream of cum squirted out & landed on the cement floor in front of us both. I can see it now like it was yesterday. My body jerked with tiny shocks & like it was slow motion I shot about eight hard ropes of cum on the floor. About the time my last rope was hitting the floor the other guys come began to flow too. He shot really hard & far too. I stepped back just a bit for fear of getting cum on my feet even though he was about six feet away.

We were done & I felt fantastic! What a release it was! I turned to rinse off my hand & squeeze out the last drops of cum from my still hard cock. The other guy was doing the same thing & he said "thanks, that was fun" I walked to get his towel. I went to dry off with my sandy towel & said, "yah that was good" then that was it. I felt so satisfied & good & even with my sandy body & with sand in my shorts & went back out into the bright hot sun.

I walked back to the cottage & thought about what I did all day long. I loved it! I felt so full of sexual energy. I jerked off in public with a stranger & it was good.

I did go back to the showers again almost every other day. I showed my cock to a few others & there was one guy that also had an erection one day but no more mutual masturbating. That was fine with me. I jerked off on my own in the showers every time alone hoping maybe somebody would walk through the door & catch me but it never happened. The thought of it was enough to get me off.

I have never done anything like that since & doubt I would now.



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