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Summer Vacation at the Lake

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We started vacationing at cottages around a lake with a private beach a few years ago. We'd meet the same families taking vacation at the same time. Each summer the kids would be a little older and bigger.

We'd spend whole days in our bathing suits on the beach and in and out of the water.

The dads would be off fishing or maybe at work during the week. The mom's and the kids would have the beach to themselves. Many of the mom's would go topless and no one thought twice if a mom did all her changing at the beach like all the little kids.

There's not much to really do there. Without kids my age to spend time with I spent a lot of time on the beach daydreaming. Seeing all those naked boobs and occasionally more gave me a lot to think about as to what I would look like when I was older.

I am by far the oldest girl when we're there and get to do a lot of baby-sitting.

This past winter red-headed Timmy, who I used to baby-sit, turned 13. He was a little taller and I, for one, noticed him watching the naked mom's and the frequent bulge in his loose swim trunks. In the past Timmy changed on the beach like all the other kids. Now he used the changing rooms. It didn't take me long to decide that seeing Timmy naked and maybe more would be a worthwhile summer goal.

Very few bothered with the changing rooms. Like many changing rooms ours had developed spy holes over the years for looking into the next stall. I thought about having Timmy walk in while I was there or walking in on him. Walking in on him seemed more practical. So one day that's what I did.

A couple of minutes after he went in I went in and took the stall before the one he was in. He probably couldn't believe his luck when I proceeded to undress and he could watch the free show from where he stood probably naked to boot. When I finished changing I went straight to the beach.

In a little while Timmy followed and he spent a lot of time watching me and my bikini while I kept track of that bulge in his shorts.

From my stall I could see him standing there watching and I hoped jerking away, but I couldn't really tell. I really wanted to see his dick, his butt and whether he had red hair down there. But, what I really wanted was to see him cum.

One day, after about a week, I called out: Hey, Timmy, it's Rachel, is that you? It took him more than a few seconds to answer that it was.

I asked what was happening and he said not much. I said I noticed he was growing up and he just grunted. I asked if he liked the free shows he'd been watching for a week and he stammered out a yes.

I suggested he could see better if he came out and took a 'real' look and not just through a hole. He asked do you really mean it and I answered come and see for yourself.

I thought his eyes were going to fall out. His dick certainly looked like it was going to rip a hole in those shorts!

I ask what do you have there Timmy and he asked where? I said it looks like you have yourself a boner in your shorts. Let me see it!

He was embarrassed but I helped him take his shorts off. Sure enough, there was real red hair down there.

I said, now Timmy what do you do with that boner like that? Do you rub it or something? He said yeah and I told him to show me how he did it. He started jerking and pretty soon there was lots of cum on me and the floor. Wow! I suggested he let me do that for him the next time.

Starting the next day I jerked off a very happy Timmy each day. Before long he wanted to see what I had down there and wanted to know why it was so wet. I let him find out for himself and he helped me cum a lot.

That's what we did each day and the summer sure went fast.

I'm looking forward to next summer already...



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