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Summer Set-up

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I have to tell you about two of my friends setting me up with an event that changed my life. This happened last summer between my junior and senior year at college. I was home that summer and hung out with two of my best friends from high school, Lisa and Jill. We were suntanning around my parents pool and talking about sex like we had done many times before. I was still a virgin and also very conservative with my body. I had masturbated only a couple times, and had never done it to complete orgasm, so when the talk turned to sex I typically listened.

On that day my neighbor Dave and three of his friends were over playing basketball in his driveway. Dave was a couple of years younger than me, so I never really paid much attention to him. On that day as him and his friends were playing basketball without their shirts on and sweating, Lisa, Jill and I noticed that Dave and his friends had grown up. Lisa started talking about which one of the guys was hung the best and giving hand jobs to them. Jill made us a bet that she could get all four of them to not only strip naked for us so that we could see who had the biggest cock, but that she could get them to masturbate for us. Lisa was definitely game for this. I on the other hand said no way! After quite a bit of persuading and a $50.00 bet, I agreed to their plan. After I agreed Jill said that I had to play along with them or the bet would be off. I reluctantly agreed.

We called Dave and his friends Larry, Sean and Jim over for a swim. After about 30 minutes of playing in the pool, Lisa and Jill started talking sex with the guys. Again, I stayed pretty quiet. Lisa and Jill were getting pretty brave with the things they were saying and the guys were loving it. I have to admit that I was even getting a little turned on. Jill started teasing the guys about masturbating and how that was probably the only action they get. Then Lisa started asking the guys to masturbate for her. Larry and Sean were acting all cool and were telling her no problem, they would do it for her. The talk then started to get serious. Jill and Lisa were like, O.K. all of you whip it out right her and let's see it. I was pretty amazed at how bold they were being. The guys then started to back down. Dave then said that they would do it if all us girls did it. Jill and Lisa immediately agreed. As turned on by all the talk that I was, I said no way was I going to masturbate in front of four guys. Lisa gave me the look that I was co-operating and following the rules of our bet. I have to admit that the thought of those four guys jacking themselves off was really getting me turned on, but I just couldn't get myself to agree to doing it in front of them.

Jill asked me if it would be easier for me to do it with just one guy and not four. I said yes, probably. Big mistake on my part. Jill instantly got a grin on her face and looked at Lisa who also had a grin on her face. Then she suggested a contest. She proposed to the guys that they masturbate for us girls, and the first one to cum would get to come inside and watch us girls masturbate for the winner in private. Then she looked at me and said that I had already agreed that I would do it for one guy and not for all of them. Before I could object all four guys heartily agreed to the contest. I have to admit that I was intrigued, excited and scared to death all at the same time.

Jill and Lisa came over and sat on either side of me and the guys came over in front of us. There was a really awkward moment where the guys didn't really know what they should do, so Jill took over. First she had them take off their swimsuits. To my delight, Dave went first. He was already hard and I was very impressed with his size. The other three followed right behind. I was shocked by the size of Larry. He was huge! All the guys started stroking their cocks and I kept looking back and forth between Dave and Larry. Dave had the best body but Larry was so big that I had to watch him. Jill put her hand on my thigh and I about jumped out of my skin. She told me to relax that I was shaking. The guys continued to stroke there cock for about three or four minutes, Sean was getting close. Then all four of them picked up the pace and were really jacking themselves at a feverish pace. Then Dave let out a little moan and I looked over at him just as a long stream of cum shot out about five feet. Sean moaned and he came followed by Jim. Larry was the last to cum and when he did the force and the amount of his ejaculation was amazing. That was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Everything was quiet and time seemed to stand still until Jill broke the silence saying that Dave had won and that he needed to come inside with us.

It all hit me at once. Now it was my turn to do this in front of my next door neighbor. I couldn't stand up. I felt suddenly sick to my stomach. Lisa grabbed my arm and pulled me up and said come on, a bet is a bet. We went inside up to my bedroom and sat down on the side of the bed. Dave had put his swimsuit back on and was standing in front of us again with Lisa and Jill on either side of me again. Lisa said, O.K., now it's our turn and took off her swimsuit top and Jill did the same. They both then looked at me waiting for me to do the same. Nervously, I followed suit. Then they both took off their bottoms and waited for me to do the same. We had been friends for a very long time and I had seen both of them topless before and they had seen me, but we had never been totally nude in front of each other before, let alone with a guy standing there watching us. Jill again took over and said for us to lay back next to each other and masturbate for Dave. I have to admit that the sexual energy that I was feeling was pretty amazing. I laid back on the bed but I didn't know what to do. I looked over at Jill and she was looking at me with that same smile she had earlier and she was lightly rubbing her fingers over her breasts and nipples. My eyes were drawn right to this. Then she lightly ran her fingers of her right hand down to her pussy and ran them through her trimmed pubic hair. I just watched.

Then I could feel the bed moving in a rythmic motion and my eyes were drawn to Lisa. She was looking at me too and her hand had settled onto her clit and she was slowly rubbing it in a circular motion. She asked me if I was going to join in or if I was just going to watch. I put my hand down on my pussy and felt how wet I had become. When I placed my middle finger on my clit it felt better than I ever imagined. I closed my eyes slightly and started to relax and enjoy myself. Then Jill put one of her legs over mine and Lisa did the same to my other leg forcing me to open up my legs wide enough for Dave to get a wide open view of my pussy. After a minute or two Lisa reached over with her free hand and started playing with one of my nipples and Jill reached over and put her hand on the front of my hip with her fingers down inside my thigh. As I was rubbing my clit, I could feel her hand with mine. The electricity that shot through my body at the feel of this was too much. I began to arch my back and I could feel the rush surging through my whole body towards my pussy. I saw bright lights, my breathing stopped and my body convulsed as I exploded in orgasm. I didn't want it to stop but I soon realized that both Lisa and Jill were having their own orgasm. I just laid there for a few moments holding on to myself and coming down from the intensity of it all. Then I felt Lisa's tongue flicking across my right nipple and I felt Jills hand move mine out of the way and start rubbing my clit.

I opened my eyes to see that same smile again and then I just enjoyed the moment. It only took about another minute before I was exploding in a tremendous orgasm. Then came hands and lips and tongues all over my body. Lisa and Jill were all over me bringing me to a third and most powerful orgasm. After this one I had to stop and then I noticed that Dave was still there watching. His jaw was about on the floor.

I later found out how I was set up. Lisa and Jill had been trying all summer to get me naked so that they could have there way with me. I found out that they had been 'playing' with each other for about a year and had wanted me to join in with them. They had got together with Dave and his friends and had devised this whole scheme weeks before it had all happened. It was the best set up of my life and it is something that I will never forget. We have not had any other session together since then, but I'm sure we will some time in the future. Since that day though Dave and I have been dating and have had some great masturbation and love making sessions. Like I said, it changed me forever.



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