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Summer School

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Summer School
During the summer after my freshman year of high school I took a summer school course for high school students at the local university. About a week into the class, I figured out that the girl sitting next to me was masturbating.
I had been paying attention to her because she had reasonably large breasts, and because she often wore thin white pants that would reveal distinct panty lines across her ass. At that point in my life I would jack off two or three times a day, and my favorite thing to think about while stroking my penis was the panty lines or "bra lines" that I had seen recently.
So I was devoting much of my attention to secretly glancing over at her breasts, trying to decide if she was a B or a C cup, when I realized that she was sitting with her legs tightly crossed, with her leg bouncing rhythmically up and down. She had a specific pattern: her leg would rock up and down for about 5 or 10 minutes; then she would hook the ankle of her top leg behind her lower leg and sort of "pump" her legs for a minute, really quickly. Then she would be still for a minute, and then start with the rocking again. I decided that she must be getting herself to the edge of coming, then stopping until she calmed down a bit, then starting again.
After two or three cycles, her face and neck would be flushed red, and her nipples usually poked through her blouse Ð it was obvious if you were looking for it that she was highly sexually aroused, although I imagine that she just looked like she was hot (the room had no air conditioning) if you didn't suspect that she was engaged in sexual activity.
After several cycles of this, she would get up and go to the bathroom. When she got back after 5 minutes, her flush was gone, and she resumed paying attention to class, and the show was over. I was sure that she was going to the bathroom to finish herself off. Finally after a few weeks, she took the next step, and would actually come, right there in class, next to me. After several cycles of rocking and pumping, she would do the tight "pumping" thing for a minute, her face would turn even more red, and she would shove her hand between here legs, right up against her crotch. She would squirm around in her seat -- arching her back and sitting up straight, as if she was just adjusting her position, but obviously pressing her hand into her crotch. Then, her eyes would half-shut, and her head would rock back and forth for 15-20 seconds.
There was no doubt -- she was experiencing an orgasm. She continued to do it, once each class day, for the rest of the summer. Watching this just about drove me around the bend. I spent the whole class hard as a rock, and by the end of class my underwear was filled with pre-cum. I practically run to the bathroom after class and jerk off -- those were some of the most intense orgasms of my life. I would fantasize about confronting her and forcing her to suck me or fuck me, but I never got up the courage, and just spent the summer as a voyeur.
I still fantasize about her, and ever since then, watching my girlfriends masturbate has been one of my favorite sexual activities.
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