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Summer Resort Fun

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I had just graduated high school. I had a summer resort job. I was a 'kitchen assistant' in a seafood restaurant, which meant I filled in on just about any job on peoples days off and otherwise washing dishes or pots and pans or hardware cleaning in 'spare' time. All the waitstaff were still waitresses and busboys. The girls made the best money by a large margin. Us kitchen types didn't get tips. The young cook had his own summer house on the next property down shore. That is of course where we had all the parties.

I was the newbie. In the scheme of things these were pretty good summer jobs back then. We all had to earn money for school each summer so most kids kept the jobs for 4 years though there was a lot of shuffling of positions throughout the several dozen businesses that made up the resort. There were a dozen attractive young ladies and 7 of us guys. I liked the odds. As we closed early on Sunday when all the weekers and weekenders had left, Sunday was party night. I was invited and accepted to a poker party having no idea what I was in for.

I arrived with everybody else. We had all cleaned up and come to the party. There was plenty of leftover food from the restaurant. Always is. Kind of pot luck each week though. I asked 'what's the game'. Lammi a beautiful brunette and a melt your heart smile of high voltage, said 'Strip poker'. Well, despite everybody else knowing what the game was we were all dressed the same, shorts and t-shirt and sandals. It was hot.

We had the whole crew there and I was the only newbie and apparently nobody was about to miss this. We played strip poker in a form of 1 clothing piece ante and only the winner doesn't take off a piece. Obviously it gets clothing off quickly, and it did.

After we were all nude Lammi turned to me and said 'And now the game changes. We are all in college. None of us want to get pregnant or diseased and mostly we have serious boyfriends or girlfriends back at our schools. Us girls will have no choice of guys with such a lousy ratio. So years ago the crew then decided that everybody gets to have some fun and friendly playing around but no pairing off.' We were working 60 hour weeks. There wasn't enough energy or time for much of a relationship. With that she handed be a gift-wrapped package. I opened it and it was a set of poker chips with my picture on each chip . She says 'Everybody who plays with us has a set like this.' And sure enough, a kitchen cart was brought in with all the sets'. We play all play poker for single use chips at however many tables we need, usually two. Halfway through, half the tables population swaps so everybody plays poker with everybody. Then games are the usual kinds and betting is with our own chips only. We each keep our wins. Then the fun begins. It seems that Lammi, out hostess has a list of 'payoffs' with various point values. They ran from body stroking or light kissing or serious kissing to breast stroking and masturbation by the person for some minutes or one or more of the others willing to cash in their points by joining in a group erotic massage of one person.

It turns out that the game ended for each person as they ran out of chips. So there were no big winners and losers. Everybody has the same amount of points in circulation. The few most frugal fought it out winning each others chips largely.

And everybody not directly involved in any payoff was the audience. Then, things started with those who had the fewest points to collect from any one person. So there was a lot of kissing and fondling to start with, everybody examined closely, everybody showing the steps of what turns them on, each 'to' somebody collecting their payoff, but everybody else gets to watch too. This is out weekly entertainment out in the middle of nowhere. By the end of the day everybody has as many orgasms as then can stand with nobody having any secrets left.

My first payoff was kissing one of the girls breasts. I was cheered on the whole way as both of us got more and more turned on until 'time was called'. Then one of the girls collected having her entire body rubbed in lotion. They would have me positioned so everybody could watch me get erect as paid off my debts. Finally a big spender had me rub her pussy until she had an orgasm. I found out later that female orgasms were priced so each girl could get ten or more if she wanted from her stack of chips. It was their game after all. Then one of the ladies bought my big money shot. I masturbated for her and of course everybody else. Later one of the ladies gave me a second orgasm. And at the end a group of 4 girls and 2 boys gave me a group erotic massage and a third orgasm. I participated in all sorts of individual and group erotic massage and giving a bunch of orgasms with a bunch of great girls for 4 or 5 hours. We had a whole lot of fun. No wonder everybody was on good behaviour and came back each summer.



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