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Summer Resort

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When I was 19 I worked one summer as a busboy in an upstate New York resort. Many of the guests were women who would stay for the week and their husbands would come up on the weekend. One very attractive woman was a regular there...She was 43 and had two daughters, 14 and 16. They stayed all summer and her husband came up three or four weekends. Although I wasn't the tennis pro at the resort, I was pretty good at it and this woman wanted her daughters to learn. So she used to have me give them some lessons independently (which pissed off the tennis pro and made him my instant enemy for the whole season). We became pretty friendly--Adrienne would invite me to go into town with them sometimes and she would pay for dinner and once a movie. Around the third week of the summer, she said she was very anxious to teach her daughters about boys and sex, but was uncomfortable doing it. She said her daughters were starting to date and she wanted them to know about boys' reactions and how to deal with them. Basically, she said she felt close enought to me to ask her to help teach her daughters what she wanted them to learn. She asked me to let her daughters see me naked and to show them about my 'responses'-which I knew she meant getting an erection. At first I was very embarased, but then I realized it could be a real turn-on, so I agreed. She said she would pay me a hundred dollars, which was a lot more than I was making for that time. On the night we agreed on, I went to her room and her daughters were sitting on the bed while she stood with me in front of them. She explained what she wanted to do and then told me to undress, which I did. The girls started to giggle, but then got quiet when I took off my underwear and stood in front of them with a strong erection. I let Adrienne touch me and talk about what turned boys on--all the time while the girls just stared, both of them blushing bright red but not saying very much. After awhile, and I was really surprised by this since she was the quieter of the two girls, Melissa (the 16 year old)asked her mother 'Could we ask him to masturbate?' Her mother actually seemed to become a little embarrased by this, and I definitely was, but she said she would give me another hundred dollars if I would do it, so I agreed and was also a little surprised when Adrienne said, in front of her daughters, 'Do it slowly so we can all enjoy it longer.' She told me to tell her when I felt like I was going to come so she could get me some tissues. As I started masturbating, I could tell the girls and Adrienne too were getting very aroused...I felt kind of in control over them because obviously they weren't going to do anything to themselves and just had to watch and be frustrated sexually, so I prolonged it as long as I could until I finally said I was going to come. Adrienne had Melissa hold the tissues by my prick so when I came it was into the tissues. After I put my clothes back on, we all went to the clubhouse for a movie and some snacks and didn't mention what had happened the rest of the night..



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