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Summer of '75 (Part 1)

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Part 1 of 2


I am 47 years old and happily married to my wonderful 45 year old wife, Joan. We have two grown sons of whom we are very proud. Our oldest, James is married and our first grandchild is on the way. Our youngest, Josh, just started college this fall. 

I discovered this site because I purchased a new laptop for Josh to take to college and I began using his old one. When I first cranked it up a few weeks ago, there were several start-up programs that I had to weed out because they were slowing the computer down. I also had to remove numerous add-on tool bars from the browser that I am sure were loaded with spyware. Anyway, one of the toolbars had a list of favorites on it which included SoloTouch. After parenting two teenaged boys we are not the least bit shocked that that Josh would be interested in masturbation stories. The larger revelation is for Joan and me. While we have always been comfortable about sexuality we have always kept to ourselves. Solo Touch is opening new horizons for us.

Joan and I have been reading this site for a few weeks now. We have always been very open with each other and although we have intercourse regularly, sometimes we just masturbate together. Occasionally, we take turns sharing fantasies while we masturbate.

Now that we are empty nesters we have expanded our sexual adventures to the whole house. Last week we each picked a favorite story from this site and on Friday night we took turns reading our selection out loud while the other masturbated. This is loads of fun, literally!

Honestly, it seems to us that a great many of the stories are made up. We also wonder if some of the stories from women are actually written by men as a way of getting out how they wish women would act. Perhaps our suspicions come more from the lens of our upbringing than from any genuine insight, but to us, some of the stories do not sound credible. Maybe we have had too sheltered a life.

Anyway, on Friday night my wife picked out a story about a girl's first time seeing a penis and giving a hand job. I don't know for sure if this is specifically what interests her or if it was just one that was well written and credible. I selected a story about a boy being watched by his sister. My wife had not cum yet by the time I finished the story. I wanted to continue for her benefit so I was looking for my second choice but she interrupted me, 'Did anything like that ever happen with you and your sister Anne'?

She was looking right at me while she played with herself and she could see right away that I was flushed. Somehow it had not even occurred to me that I picked that particular story because of one of my own memories. At that moment, I realized that I had, although not consciously. Joan and I have been married for almost 25 years and I knew she could see right through me. 'No', I said.

'You're lying. I can tell your hiding something from me', she was rubbing herself a little faster.

'I can assure you I said, nothing sexual ever happened between Anne and me', I said.

My wife tilted her head back and while she rubbed her clit with one hand, reached up with her other hand and squeezed one of her tits really hard. 'I can tell that someone watched you masturbate', she breathed. 'Was it Anne? Someone else?'

'It was someone else', I said.

Joan slowed down long enough to look directly at me, 'Is this since we've been married?'

'Absolutely NOT!', I said.

Joan settled back into her furious rhythm, 'When?', she asked.

My voice was cracking a little. I hadn't even thought about this experience in along time. 'I was about 13', I said.

Joan moaned louder and more uncontrollably than I had seen her in years. Her mouth was involuntarily open and her face was straining to let the orgasm out. It was powerful. I have never seen her convulse so wildly as that.

Finally she relaxed, exhausted and limp. 'Wow', I said. 'That really turned you on didn't it!'

Joan didn't even move or open her eyes. She very calmly asked, 'So who watched you?'

'I'd rather not say', I said. 'It was a long time ago before we ever met.'

'Why won't you tell me then? Are you ashamed?'

I hadn't really thought about it thoroughly until that moment. 'No. I am not ashamed. Actually, I think I was at the time but now that I really look back on it I can see that I formed that memory with a boy's mind. I have just let the memory sit there in my head with a boy's assessment wrapped around it and I've never really thought about it completely as an adult. I didn't do anything wrong though.'

I think Joan could tell I was reliving this in my mind as we spoke. 'So who was it? What happened?'

'I'll tell you what', I said. 'I'll write the memory down and send it to SoloTouch. I'll send it anonymously and I will precede the story with a description of what you and I have done tonight. I'll change the names and stuff, but everything else will be exactly as I remember it.'


Part two forthcumming!



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