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Summer of '75

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The summer of firsts.


It was one of those summers one looks back on with fond memories... I was 14 and apparently unaware of sex in it's many forms. I did know that I was starting to mature and feel things I never felt before. I was getting boners frequently and wasn't completely sure why. I knew I was looking at girls in the neighborhood with new focus.

But this story starts with my best friend Jim (not his real name). We would swim in his pool almost daily, sometimes with a few friends and sometimes with just the two of us. One day we were taking turns jumping in the pool to see who could make the biggest waves. Jim climbed onto the deck to jump and his swimsuit slid off. We laughed but when he came back in he said 'that felt good' and he slipped off his suit in the pool. He was now swimming and jumping nude. He jumped in another time and swam over to me to show me he had a boner. We never talked about this stuff before let alone show each other. But I too got hard just looking at it. We chuckled nervously and decided to get out of the water. he said 'Grab your towel and let's go inside for a while'.

We decided to play the game Battleship on the floor in his room. Soon we got to talking about our boners in the pool. Jim said, 'I got one again' and leaned back to show me the tent in his swim suit. Seeing that, I felt a little action in my shorts too. Nervous but curious, I said, 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours.' We were the same age and both had wispy brown hair down there and dicks about the same size. We checked each other out and decided to cross swords. His was warm and smooth and we both thought it was a cool thing to do. He said 'come over here, lay on me' and he laid back on the floor and I laid on top of him. We both just wiggled a bit and it felt like nothing I ever felt before. He suddenly said, hey what's that?' I didn't know it but my dick was dripping with a clear liquid. I said 'sorry' and he said 'it's ok, lay down' just then we heard his mother come in the front door. We quickly put on our swimsuits and went back to playing the game when she came upstairs completely unaware. Jim and I never did anything like that again and discussed only one other time. But that feeling in my loins was incredible and I started to figure out how to masturbate by rubbing my dick with pillows or and then my hands and after a few attempts, I shot ropes of cum all over my belly and chest.

Three weeks after that experience with Jim I went to stay with my cousins for a week. Billy was 16 and Jane was 15. I'd done this before and nothing extraordinary happened. This summer Billy was working at a local grocery store and was trying out for JV football that was starting in just a few weeks so we didn't get much time playing. One summer evening Billy was working and my Aunt Sue asked Jane to take a walk with me to a farm nearby. We walked about a mile to the farm having a general conversation, saw the cows and a horse and started walking back. She blurted out that she had had dates with two boys that summer and liked them both but didn't say much else about them. Jane commented on how tall I was getting and asked if I had a girlfriend. I blushed and told her, 'No, not yet', She asked if I ever kissed a girl and again said, 'No'. She suddenly turned to me and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked but smiled when she backed away. She said 'there you go!' I chuckled and said 'Thanks but that was too quick.' Jane said, 'Really?' and this time she kissed me again but slowly and I felt that familiar sensation in my shorts! We were now just at the driveway to her house so, she said, maybe we can do stuff like that again before you go home.' All I could say was stutter 'Ok.' We had dinner and watched TV that evening. Aunt Sue told me that my Uncle was out of town on business and that she needed to take Billy for a physical exam for football the next morning and Jane would be around to help with breakfast.

I woke up the next morning with Sue in Billy's room with me. She said 'Good morning Sleepy, Mom and Billy are out and I thought I could join you'. I couldn't believe what happened next, Sue slipped off her robe and was buck naked with a big smile! She had firm, but not big tits and a patch of brown curly hair around her box. Her nipples were hard and her pussy lips were red and puffy looking. She laid down next to me and kissed me on the lips. Smooth and warm she kissed me and moved her head while doing so, it felt great. I then felt her right hand slide down my belly and grab my hardening dick. She moaned while still kissing me and her tongue darted into my mouth; another great feeling. She pushed down my pajamas and started to stroke my dick. It didn't take more than a minute and I came all over her hand and my belly. Jane said 'Wow, that was fun. Now you have to make me feel good'. I told her I didn't know what to do and she said she would show me.

She rolled on her left side with her back to me and grabbed my right hand and placed it on her breast. She moved it around a bit and then let go as I quickly figured out how she wanted it to move. She whispered that I should touch the nipples and I did. After a few minutes, she guided my hand down to her already moist pussy and pointed my index finger directly to her clit. She was moving her butt and hips as I worked on her pussy. She told me to keep doing what I was doing and don't stop. This went on for a few minutes and my dick was hard again and rubbing the crack of her ass as she ground her hips. She arched her back and moaned loudly and I felt her box get really wet, I know now that I made her cum. She stopped my hand but kept moving her ass against my boner. I was humping harder now and she rolled to her belly and told me to lay on her and finish off on her butt. I did as she said and within a hump and a half I shot another load against her butt and my belly. We both lay there exhausted but very pleased. We showered separately and cleaned up the bed. We were eating breakfast when Aunt Sue and Billy returned. When I left two days later, Jane gave me a cousin-like kiss on the cheek. We talked about that event at Christmas that year but never did anything like that again.

I still think about that summer; with Jim, Jane and myself each of us now happily married with families. I still enjoy rubbing one out on my wife's ass every now and then as I think about Jane. Thanks for reading!



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