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Summer of '72, Where Were You?

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The best summer I ever had as a young boy


Harry and I had met in fourth grade and became best friends right off. His parents were divorced and he really had no recollection of his dad. He did have an older brother but they had a strained relationship at best. I was an only child with two great parents. I had always wanted a brother so Harry sort of became the 'brother' I always wanted. We did everything together.

After school let out for the summer in May of '72 I started hanging out at his house a lot because his mom worked and he had to stay home until she got off work in the afternoons. While hanging out at his house one afternoon I noticed that Harry was acting kind of nervous about something. Finally, he must have gotten up enough nerve to ask me if he showed me his would I show him mine. He said he had always wanted to see someone else's penis to see if his was 'normal'. Since he didn't have a dad to talk with and his older brother was always to busy he decided to ask me. I was ecstatic! I had always fantasized about Harry anyway. I knew at an early age that I liked boys more than girls. So the stage was set! I think we both knew that it was going to be more than just a 'you show me yours, I'll show you mine' kind of deal. We quickly pulled down our pants and exposed our already erect penises. Harry was circumsized, I wasn't. He quickly began asking why mine looked different from his and asked if he could touch it. I also started puberty earlier than Harry did so I was already starting to grow a little pubic fuzz which also fascinated him. He was still hairless and smooth. We began to fondle each other's penis. I slowly stroked him from tip to base feeling his warm penis tremble in my hand as he began to relax and lose himself in this newfound pleasure. He began to massage my penis focusing mainly on the foreskin and running his finger tip gently under it. My pre-cum helped to lubricate intensifying the experience. Our mutual massaging continued for what seemed an eternity until I could no longer hold back and shot off a load of warm creamy-white cum into my best friend's hand. He also orgasmed but his was a dry one. We had many such sessions together the rest of the summer. For two young boys it was truly a summer to remember!



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