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Summer of '62

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I've always enjoyed watching women masturbating. They ALL do no matter what they tell you. This was my first experience with girls.


In the summer of 1962 I was 12 years old and lived in the country. Our neighbors on either side of our house were about a quarter mile apart, and much as I would have liked a guy close to my age to spend my summers hanging out with, my neighbors were two girls. During the summer they were just about my only playmates.

Fortunately for me they liked boy stuff, making forts in the woods, climbing trees, and fishing a nearby lake. Judy was about my age and Kelly was eleven. We got along great and I considered them good friends. We had experimented a few years earlier out in the woods, basically just showing each other our sex organs out of curiosity but not doing anything more than that.

About mid-summer, Judy was visited by her cousin Dee who was fourteen as I recall, and very pretty. Judy introduced me to her close to the first day of her visit and we became a foursome for the two weeks or so that she stayed. My sex drive was in high gear, and I found myself imagining what it would be like to play with Dee, she had the most beautiful ass I'd ever seen. I most likely jerked off every night thinking about her, but during the day while we played I really did my best to be friendly but not act any more infatuated with her than I was with Judy and Kelly, who I thought of as more like sisters if anything. Besides, Dee often mentioned her boyfriend back home and how she missed him. After Dee had been there about a week we were great buddies, and I felt like she had been part of our gang for years.

One late afternoon we went down to a narrow cove that cut into the woods and relaxed on an old wooden overturned flatbottom boat chained to a tree near the shore of the lake. The water was like glass and we were surprised to see there were no fisherman out. The secluded location and extreme quiet made for good conversation and we talked about everything, including sex. Kelly asked me if I'd ever 'done it' with a girl yet and I matter of factly lied to the best of my ability and said I'd had two girls. Dee said her and her boyfriend had done it a few times, then Kelly laughed.

'Don't you DARE!!' said Dee glaring at Kelly. Dee chased Kelly around the boat we were on and put her hand over Kelly's mouth as Judy looked on laughing. 'What's goin on?' I asked. For a few minutes the girls enjoyed their private joke, laughing and carrying on and left me out in the cold. Finally Kelly pulled herself free of Dee's grasp (I think she purposely let go of her) and blurted out;

'We caught her playing with herself last night!' Dee reached down and picked up the nearest rock and threw it at Kelly, missing her.

I felt my dick swelling rapidly in my cut-off jeans and shifted my T-shirt a bit in an attempt to hide it. Dee did her best to not act too embarrassed. 'I miss my boyfriend and needed to take care of things' she said looking at Kelly defiantly. All three girls giggled. Dee continued to make like it was nothing. 'Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, my boyfriend and I have jerked off together and I know you guys have too'

'I wouldn't do that in front of anybody.' said Judy looking a bit uncomfortable. 'We've NEVER done that!' said Kelly. Dee stood near the boat and looked at me as I sat there in disbelief over the whole conversation. 'Oh come on, Judy told me a long time ago you guys did some things out in the woods' 'Not THAT!' Kelly almost shouted back.

The girls went on to tell how they caught Dee the night before, and went into such detail I thought for a second that they forgot a boy was present through the whole thing! They even shared among themselves the first time they experienced orgasm. Dee said she was about twelve, Judy timidly admitted to having her first one about a year before, and Kelly said she tried after reading one of her Dad's 'dirty books' but couldn't do it. They asked me when I first started doing it, and wondered if I 'shot any stuff'. I admitted to getting myself off once in a while. My dick hurt as it pressed hard against my jeans. Fortunately it was starting to get dark and I doubted the girls could see how they had affected me.

Dee started waving her arms; 'It's starting to get buggy, we better head back.' With that Judy and Kelly got up from the boat to join Dee as she started to head up the trail to home. I sat there frantically trying to come up with an excuse to stay, because if I stood up they would see a wicked hardon. 'I'm gonna stay a while longer I-' I started to say. Dee came back to the boat, looked right at my crotch and pointing at it, started laughing.

'I KNEW IT! He's got a BONER!!' Dee motioned the girls to come back.

I felt light headed I was so embarrassed, and I cupped my hands over my throbbing dick. The girls circled round in front of me to get a look as I squirmed on the boat.

'Come on, show us your dick.' said Dee smiling. 'NO!! Now get outta here!' I said. Dee hounded me, trying different ploys for a few minutes, then seeing she was getting nowhere with me, gave me an offer I could not refuse. 'Show us yours, and we'll show you ours!'

Judy and Kelly squirmed a bit as if to say they did not like that idea at all. 'You first' I said in a dare. With that Dee quickly grabbed the waist band of her blue cotton shorts and pulled her pants and panties to her knees. She stood there in all her glory as Judy and Kelly tried not to giggle in disbelief. I stared at her puffy slit and the small tuft of light brown hair on the mound above it.

'Come on, let's see it' Dee dared back. I lay down on the boat, undid the snap, pulled down my zipper, and released my aching dick from my underwear. The girls cried out with glee at the sight of it. I was not any bigger and no smaller than other guys I'd seen, but I had to admit lying there, my dick stood large and proud in the dim twilight, and more massive than I'd ever seen it. It throbbed purple with anticipation.

Dee started to play with her pussy and stared at my dick. 'Show the girls how a boy does it' said Dee. My dick felt so good out of the confines of my pants, I automatically started stroking it slowly, and watched Judy and Kelly bend over for a closer look. I looked at Judy and said; 'I want to see yours and Kelly's' The girls stood up and hesitated, looking around the woods nervously.

Dee pulled herself open and in the dim light I could just make out she was tapping her clit with her finger. 'Come on you guys, drop 'em and let's see what you've got' said Dee. The girls wiggled out of their shorts and pulled them down to their knees, then standing up started working on their slits with both hands like Dee was doing. I could see a little shade of hair on Judy's, and Kelly's was still as bare as the day she was born. The girls almost cupped their pussies as if to hide them.

'I've got to see your pussies if you want to see me shoot' I said.

Now I had all three girls standing at the back of the boat looking intently at my dick and working their slits. I could not believe it. Me and three girls were having our own little circle jerk. I wanted to come so bad my dick ached so, but at the same time I wished this moment could last forever. My pace quickened as I watched Dee pick up speed rubbing her pussy in a tight little circle at the top of her slit. She squatted a bit and I could hear her pussy juice snapping under her fingers. We worked our organs and watched each other for close to ten minutes or so.

'Oh..yea...I'm gonna come soon.' moaned Dee. Judy and Kelly were starting to moan a bit and their breathing increased. Soon it sounded like the girls were running the way they were panting. I felt a surge, and knew I was going to blow soon. I stroked like a high speed movie.

Dee's head shot back and she let out a cry. I thought she was coming and that's all it took. Huge globs of my sperm shot a foot above my dick head and fell on my belly three-four-five shots, then smaller amounts cascading down the shaft of my steel hard dick as I worked it. Dee worked her pussy frantically, squatting slightly, her eyes like lasers staring at my wad, within 30 seconds she screamed.

'YES....Oh God...YESSSSS' Dee looked down at her throbbing pussy and you could hear her juice snapping between her mangled swollen lips as she worked it at high speed. After about fifteen seconds she collapsed on the boat and sat there breathless looking over at Judy and Kelly. Judy was going like blazes on her slit pulling at it with both hands, then rubbing her mound with her right hand in a small circular motion. Every once in a while she'd squat down or arch her pussy forward, humping her hand. Kelly rubbed her pussy in a more up and down motion, tugging hard on her mound on the up stroke, revealing a red slit, then pushing in as her hand went back down.

I sat there staring, as these girls wanted so hard to come, still stroking my throbbing dick, as Dee sat on the boat between my legs recovering. 'Come on Judy, you're almost there.' said Dee. Judy grunted in frustration. 'I have to sit down.' said Judy. She hardly missed a stroke as Dee got up to let her have her place. Kelly slowed down her strokes and looked distracted.

'Here Kelly, have a seat' I said getting up and pulling up my pants. She shuffled her feet, keeping her pants at her knees, and still pulling up strokes on her swollen hairless slit, took my place on the boat. Dee and I stood there, watching the girls as they lay side by side on this boat, each in their own frantic approach to orgasm, each trying desparately to come. As the scene played out before me, I felt like it was some sort of dream, and thought of some of the guys at school I was close friends with, thinking they'd give a left nut to see this.

Judy gasped suddenly, her body stiffening. Suddenly her back arched off the boat and and her head tilted back. Her mouth opened yet she made no sound, it was as though she held her breath. I looked down at her pussy and even though it was almost dark, I could see how swollen it was compared to when she started. She humped at her hand in rythmic gyrations with each pulse of her orgasm. My dick swelled up again at the sight of her come, but I was exhausted, my dick would have to wait another day. Judy flattened out on the boat, her hand falling away from her slit, as she giggled slightly in her afterglow.

Kelly was getting even more frustrated. She smacked her pussy a couple times like she was spanking it. 'I can't do it' she said almost crying. Dee took her hand away and started to rub Kelly's pussy.

'NO! I can't' Kelly said taking Dee's hand away. 'OK, Kelly it's alright' said Dee, 'we'll try this again tomorrow. How 'bout back in the woods by the fort and the Tarzan vines?' My heart started pounding at the thought of seeing the girls again in broad daylight. My balls swelled at the thought of another load blasting at those tender wet swollen red slits in the woods.

Kelly stood up and pulled up her shorts, 'I don't think I can do it.'

'I think you tried too hard Kelly, you'll come, but only if you keep trying. Besides, it STILL felt good didn't it?' encouraged Dee.

'Yea' admitted Kelly.

I motioned the girls to head up the narrow trail ahead of me, and in what was now almost total darkness I could still make out those cotton shorts caressing their ass cheeks as they walked, and grinned. Tomorrow was going to be a very good day indeed! I just may tell you about that one too someday.



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