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Summer Job With Benefits

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Is that a paintbrush in your pocket?


I could not find a summer job so I’m painting houses. I have a friend that helps me most days especially when we use scaffolding or step lifts. I learned from my uncle, who is in the business, he basically feeds me the crap jobs that involve a lot of prep work, or ladder work. If the people baulk at his price he refers them to me. He likes it because he just skims the cream, and of course I give him a kick back as a commission. I’m busy enough so I work 5 days a week sun up to sun down. I usually take a long lunch and catch a nap in the car. I’m Hispanic so my friend busts in me that I can’t work without a siesta.

The current house I’m on is owned by a newly divorced ex trophy wife. The house is amazing. The house has to be sold but they want to “slap a cheap coat of paint” before they put it on the market. Cristal the owner is only 35 but she could pass for late 20’s she works for a car dealer as a receptionist she is a knock out and she knows it. She works 10-6 most days and noon till 5 on Saturday. She would lounge around the house in the morning in a silk robe, she may have had a nighty under it, but there could not have been much to it, her nipples are clearly visible out in the cool morning air. She would sip coffee on the patio reading the paper as I worked. It was difficult to keep our minds on our work. If I didn’t have my buddy there I’d have cranked one out in the car to take the edge off. I wore bib overalls with a tea shirt and boxers underneath. So access was not a problem. There even is a slit in the side to get to pockets inside if you ware pants. My partner calls them hand job pants.

I would change in the garage to start and end the day. On the third day I got there a little early so I decided to crank on out in the garage, dreaming of putting it to my client. I was horny and in less than two minutes I had a very satisfying cum. I took my time getting dressed and putting on my boots. As I walked out to start the day, she met me with a cup of coffee, and says “just so you know there are motion sensing cameras tied to the alarm for the garage. I was woken by the alarm but was pleased to see it was you.” I’ll be in the house this morning, if you would like to work on the second floor Northwest corner I could return the favor. She did not have to draw me a picture. It was not the area I had planned but I set up there, and put my partner working on the other side of the house.

The room was her boudoir off the master bedroom. There was a chaise lounge facing the large bay window, the window overlooked the pool and the valley below. She appeared several minutes later completely nude; fresh out of the shower she placed her towel on the chaise and sat with her legs spread and painted her toe nails. I tried to at least give the appearance of doing some scraping. I’m sure if my buddy was looking he would have figured out what was going on. I had a full tent pitched in my pants. As she waited for the first coat to dry she flung on leg over the back and dangled her other over the edge, gently kicking at the air. Then with her legs fully spread she began to openly masturbate. From time to time she would look right at me, and lick her lips. Her pussy was mature and fully engorged; it appeared as a flowering orchid. After 10 minutes or so she went reached for a black dildo from the coffee table, It took a little playing before she could sink it in to the base. With that done, she took a break to do another coat on her nails. She rocked back and forth on the dildo. Finally she retrieved a vibe from the table and resumed the spread eagled position.

She used the vibe on her clit as she pumped the dildo in and out. I reached down in my bib of my overalls and stroked my prick. If I had not blasted a nut less than and hour before, I would have been done before her. As it turned out she took her time. Finally after 10 minutes she came arching her back. She pulled the dildo out and her white pussy cream was clearly visible on the black rubber dildo. She brought it to her mouth and made a tiny lick while looking me right in the eye. Then she held it out to me, in a teasing fashion knowing I could not partake. Then she licked it clean. She came over to the window and mouthed the word Show’s over and closed the drapes.

I made it a routine to show up a little early and crank one out for the camera and she would tease us in the morning in only her night ware. Saturday things changed my helper was not there and she got home early from work. It had been incredibly hot and the dealership lost power and they closed early. My Client came home took a shower and came out on the deck where I was working. She was in only a thong. She said she wanted to catch some rays. She asked if I was ok with her topless. “I said it’s your house, go nude if you want.” To which she took off her thong. She smiled and asks me to lotion her back. I have rough paint covered hands you don’t want that. “Wipe off the wet paint and lotion my back, please. I need a man’s touch in the worst way right now.” It was half pleading half commanding.

It was more of oil than a lotion she lay face down and I squirted it on her back. She jumped a little because of the cold. Warm it in your hands please. I did as she said. I did apply the oil and just as I was about to stop she said your hands feel wonderful rub my back harder please. She was directing me higher, left right there, now lower. Do my legs. I was literally slathering her with this tropical oil with the most erotic aroma.

Perhaps it was accentuated by her scent. I was rock hard. As I worked her legs she spread them more and more the invitation could not have been more clear, as I approached her ass on the way up her legs, she thrust her ass up to give me access to her clit. I oiled up and went to work she moaned humped my hand she came and I was preparing to stop but she flipped over and said eat me please. There was no command any more, it was a woeful plea. I did as she asked she writhed under my ministrations. I so wanted to fuck her but it was clear that was not what she wanted. Finally she after one last convulsive cum she grabbed my head with both hands and through bated breath see said “too … much … oh … my… need … rest” I suggested “I guess you did need that, I’m glad I cranked one out or you would have gotten a good deal more.” As she regained her composure she said “that was amazing! Can you stay the night?” At this point I felt just a little used. She got her jollies, while I was left blue balled. I said I had other plans. She started to cry. I pointed out to her it seemed like a one way street. “I’ll do anything you ask. She says” sensing an opportunity I said make me dinner and if you can serve me a little maybe I’ll stay.

This was clearly a woman you was used to getting her own way. She picked up the phone and had a courier picking up from a local steak house. She said we have an hour before dinner arrives come in and allow me to clean you up.

I put away my paint and put my brushes in the freezer and came to the door on the deck with my clean clothes in hand. You won’t need these she says. She grabbed my hand and led me to a two person shower. She helped me disrobe and as I pulled my t- shirt over my head she latched on to my nipple and licked my chest. I was sweaty but it did not detour her at all. She did not turn on the water she licked me from head to head, she sucked on my sweaty balls and licked my cock and using baby oil she gave me the best hand job I had ever had. When I came I could not stand. I slid down the wall of the shower with her still latched on to the end of my prick. As I sat catching my breath she turned on a hand held massaging shower head I figured she was going to use it on herself but instead she has me sit on the small seat in the corner and bathed me completely head to toe. She had me stand to rinse off under the most wonderful showerhead I had ever experienced. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Cramer gets a black market shower head. She got out and oiled her skin as I enjoyed the shower Just as she finished the door bell rang, with dinner.

The meal was awesome. I had beer she drank wine. By nine I was ready for bed. She says let me put you to sleep. She gave me a hand job and then gave me a massage with scented powder. I fell asleep in her linen sheets glad that I had decided to stay.

I was awakened with her hand squeezing my morning woody. We spent the whole morning in bed. Way outside the bounds of this site. Around noon the ex shows up to move some of his stuff with his next iteration of a trophy wife. She was my age with fake boobs that looked like water balloons ready to pop. When he saw his ex still in her silk robe and me just in jeans, he chastised her as being a “floozy”, I laughed and said she is just making up for lost time with you limp dick. His new girlfriend says he’s not always limp, besides how do you know about that. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

I can’t believe I’m dating a woman almost old enough to be my mom. All I have to do is remind her it’s not a one way street and she stops dead and its all about me. I try not to abuse it. I do love seeing her cum. She really loses it.



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