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Summer in Greece

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Love story in Rhodes


I have been reading the stories on Solo Touch since 1999, and I think that as well as turning me on they helped me improve my English and even introduced me to the American way of life. Of course most of all I was surprised to read all these strange stories with very unusual things that happen in this world. I believe that all of us that read this site, have to write at least one story (all of us have something to talk about) because this will help it to go on and on. For me it's more difficult because of the language but I will try my best.

Well I'm Greek, and I live on one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. That's why every summer there are plenty of tourists coming to spend their holidays here. We have tourists from Northern Europe, Central Europe and England. They are looking for beautiful weather and clean seas to relax with, to do their sunbathing and go back full of nice memories.

The girl I met in July 1986 was from England, and she came to Rhodes with a friend of hers to spend two weeks here. It was evening and my friend and I were out for a walk when we met them in the street. We talked to them and they talked back to us. After talking with them we all decided to go to a disco. We went to the same disco, that my friend and I tried to get in an hour ago, but the man at the entrance didn't let us in because it was full, as he said. This time of course there was no problem, because of the girls that were with us.

The disco was one of the best on the island and we were having a very nice time. After dancing a lot, I saw that my friend was kissing the first of these girls, that was supposed to be his girlfriend. That got me in a difficult situation because, of course, I had to do the same with my girlfriend. I liked her a lot, but I hadn't kissed any girl in an erotic way before. So as I had my arm on her shoulders, I started pulling her slowly towards me without feeling any resistance. Slowly our lips touched and we started kissing.

It was a strange sentiment I felt, something between fear and pleasure which accelerated my heart rate and flushed my face. This first kiss lasted two to three minutes and I don't remember if we repeated it in the disco, but on our way to her hotel we were always stopping and kissing. I was in heaven. I couldn't believe that this thing was happening.

From that day every evening at about 10:00 o'clock my friend and I were waiting for them at their hotel entrance. Each time we went to a different place. The girls had to enjoy themselves and go back with beautiful memories.

I remember that the second day we met we went to a park waiting for a club to open. As we were sitting and talking we started kissing again, but this time I wanted to see if I could explore her with my hand. So as I was kissing her my hand touched her breasts, which were pretty small but a very nice shape. It was the first time I had touched breasts and the feeling was great. I didn't linger much there even though I noticed that she liked it, because I was very curious to touch her lower. Her legs were very smooth, and I started to run my hand up them and going up I felt her underwear under her short skirt. I don't know why but I hesitated touching anymore, so I stopped there. My heart was pumping like crazy and I felt that I couldn't even talk!

The next day we went to Lindos which is situated 50km from the town we were in, it has a beautiful temple monument on the top. After riding up to the Acropolis on donkeys we decided to swim in St. Paul's gulf which has the shape of a ring with a small opening to the sea. After swimming a little we started kissing again. The sensation of our almost naked bodies touching each other, the clean sea and the hot sun from the blue sky made us feel great. My erect penis almost shot out of my swimming shorts and she felt it on her crotch. She didn't react at all, just smiled and told me that it would be better to stop as there were a lot of people on the beach at that moment.

When we were alone, especially in dark places, apart from kissing, she would let me touch her breasts and her genital area. I was always putting one or two fingers inside her vagina, feeling the lovely smooth wet channel of her uterus. She didn't want to have sex. Of course the place where we could do it, was not the ideal one, so I didn't insist. It would be difficult to go to her hotel room because of the reception there and of course I would be ashamed to bring a girl to my parents house just for sex.

The only problem for me was that after all that kissing and vaginal exploration my testicles were aching and I could hardly walk. The strange thing was that I couldn't masturbate at home afterwards. But the last night was different.

We met at the same time as usual, we went to have dinner in a nice restaurant and afterwards we arrived at our favourite meeting place. It was an old café-bar which was closed but had a very nice position. From there you could see the entrance of the port with the place where Colossus's feet used to be 2000 years ago. We started kissing again passionately and I started exploring her, fingering her and giving her one or two orgasms like the days before. But this time it was her turn to do something for me too. So slowly I took out my penis, I took her hand and placed it around it. She was not moving it, so I had to hold her hand and we pumped my penis together. As I stopped she stopped too. I can't say that I ejaculated very quickly, and that the orgasm I felt was great, but after cleaning me up, I told her how nice I was feeling. It was the first time my testicles were not aching and I had a great feeling of euphoria.

I took her back to the hotel and said goodnight to her.

The next day, was her day of departure. We met in the airport and she was very sad. She was going back to the cloudy London and to her office. She promised me she would come again next year.

Well our love story went on for two more summers, but I don't know if I will write about what happened then, because the subject of this site is masturbation. Anyway, thank you for reading my story and sorry for any mistakes.



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