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Summer in Duck

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Every summer, my family would rent this beach house in Duck. Being one of the many younger kids, I had to sleep in a room with two bunk beds. I was scared to be on the top bunk, and when I was older, too lazy. Heh.

One year, the house we rented changed, and I was alone with my older cousin Teresa. Teresa was sixteen, and I was thirteen at the time. She was an awkward teen, pale with big poofy curly red hair and she burned so easily, you could tell where she missed the sunblock by the red lines in her skin. She wanted the bottom bunk, but I got mom to get her to sleep on the top. She was really upset about this. Every night, the bed would shake a little. When I asked Teresa about this, she said she rocked as a nervous habit. But she did something weird every night. The bed would rock, get more and more violent, then suddenly stop. Then it would start again, and then stop. Then it would start again, she'd sneeze, and then the bed didn't shake for the rest of the night.

Same thing for days: Rock, stop. Rock, stop. Rock, sneeze, and then quiet. All in all, it lasted about ten minutes.

Finally, one night, while the bed was rocking, I decided to see what she was doing. I got up very stealthily, and peeked to the upper bunk. I could see that Teresa had her legs spread akimbo under the sheets, her pale feet pushing against the footboard, doing something up and down between her legs. Then, she arched her back, made a face, and then laid down like she was exhausted with a smile. Then, 'Ah-chew!' When she sneezed, she turned her head and looked right at me.

She grew even more pale, and started screaming at me that I was violating her privacy, and made such a fuss, her mom (my Uncle's wife) came in and started screaming, but all Teresa could accuse me of is looking at her. Her mom said she was sixteen, and shouldn't play these games, and to set an example for the younger girls. Then Teresa started to cry, and her mom yelled at her some more, and then left us alone.

I was scared Teresa was going to beat the crap out of me. I said I was sorry, but I wanted to know why she sneezed. She said she was a freak, and no one liked her, and admitted she was masterbating, and for some reason, she always sneezed after she came. Then she cried for a long time. I didn't know what to do.

The next day, we were on the beach, and Teresa was under the umbrella, as usual. I sat with her, because I really felt bad about everything, because I was the one spying on her. She told me to forget it, but I tried to strike up conversation that I had heard about masterbating from the girls at school, but never did it, and I wanted to know how she did it. She called me a perv, but then apologized, and said she'd tell me, and laughed she'd 'set the example' for me like her mom told her to.

Later that night, she kneeled next to my bunk, and told me how she did it. She used the handle of her hairbrush, but said she had a dildo at home. I had a hairbrush similar to hers, and used that. She told me to take off my panties, and pull my nightshirt up high. Then she guided the brush around my clit, and gently slid it in and out. It hurt a little at first, but then it felt kind of good. Then Teresa put some Aloe burn gel on my hairbrush for lubricant. The cool sensation then REALLY started to feel good. I really got into the rhythm, kind of like when you are doing long distance running in track and field. Then Teresa started rubbing the gel on my budding breasts. Suddenly, we heard footsteps, and I had to pull the sheet over me, and for some reason, I jammed the hairbrush up my snatch, I guess trying to hide it. That was really dumb, and it hurt like hell. Teresa climbed to the upper bunk just as her mom opened the door on us.

Her mom came in, and told us the plans for tomorrow. My uncle wanted to go fishing, and she was in charge of taking us out to some museum. She talked and talked and talked. All the while, my sore pussy was squirming slippery Aloe gel around my hairbrush. It felt kind of good, and I felt exhilarated that I was doing this while her mom had no idea. Finally, after what seemed like hours but was probably only a few minutes, she finished, and said, 'Good night girls, and for God's sake, Teresa, put a nightshirt on!'

We were silent until we were sure she went back to bed. Teresa asked if I came, and I said I didn't think so. She giggled and said she'd help me. She came down to my bunk, slid under my covers, and for the rest of the night we just rubbed each other. I didn't come that night, but she did. I think I was sore from that hairbrush. It felt nice anyway.

The next day, she showed me how to come by sitting in the tub with my legs in the air, and letting the faucet spray down my clit. The water pressure was pretty weak, but you could make it better by putting your thumb over the faucet and making it spray a small stream. Then she left me to guard the door. After fooling with the faucet and angle I was in the tub for a while, it felt nice, but made my back sore in that awkward position. Then, suddenly, I felt the urge to pee, but before I decided to actually get up and pee, my pussy swelled up, and my first orgasm thrusted into me. It was incredible. I nearly passed out, and I couldn't help but make some pretty odd noises. Teresa said it sounded like I was having a seizure.

Luckily, no one heard me, or if they didn't they didn't rush into the bathroom to see if I was okay. The orgasm left me weak and rubber-legged, so I claimed I had menstrual cramps so I didn't have to go to the museum. We were left back at the house with one of my grandfathers, who fell asleep almost right away. For the next few hours, Teresa and I sat in the hot tub, letting the jets drift us from orgasm to orgasm.

At night, we fooled around until we came a few times, and got too tired to continue.

That was the best summer ever.



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