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Summer Fun With My Cousin 2

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Well you guys asked for another story, so I thought I'd share this one.


For those of you who didn't read my first story, this all took place on my cousin's farm one summer while I was staying there.

My cousin's name is Luke and he has dirty blonde hair and he's quite muscular. He's the same age as me. I'm not as muscular, and I have brown hair.

So it was a couple of days after our first jerking off experience, when we decided that we should go fishing.

We got all of the fishing gear and headed to the dam on his farm. Luke is a really good fisherman and I'm really not. So anyway, we sat for an hour or two just chilling and fishing. We got a couple of bites but we didn't catch anything.

Out of the blue, Luke said that he was feeling hot and he was going for a swim. He reeled in his line and put his rod on the ground. "Coming in?" he asked. I wasn't sure I felt like swimming much. He saw the look on my face and just said, "Your choice."

He pulled off his shirt, exposing his amazing abs. Then he pulled off his shorts and I thought he was going to swim in his underpants. To my surprise, he pulled off his underpants. I couldn't help but notice his fat thick cock, and my dick slowly started to grow. He turned around and ran into the water, his tight butt looked amazing. He has the most amazing butt I've ever seen, he spends a lot of time outside, so he has a really good tan, but his butt is white and his thighs are white, but not as white. I don't know how to explain it, but it's hot.

Anyway, there was no way I was going to give up the opportunity to skinny dip with my cousin. So I practically threw my rod onto the ground next to his, and almost tripped as I undressed in a hurry. My underpants came off exposing my semi-hard dick.

I ran into the water and swam out to where Luke was, "Couldn't resist" I said. "Good" I suddenly felt his hard dick pushed up against my stomach. I don't know exactly what we were doing but it felt really good. We were treading water and trying to hit our dicks together under the water. There was something very hot about not seeing our cocks and not knowing when our cocks would touch.

We got really tired treading water, so we decided to take whatever we were doing to the shore. We sat on the edge of the water, naked with our cocks standing straight up. Luke said he wanted to try something, and I said he should go for it. He reached down into the water and pulled up a handful of mud. He rubbed it between his hands to check for stones, then cupped his muddy hand around my dick. It might sound disgusting but it felt so good.

Luke climbed onto my stomach, and we started humping, our dicks rubbing against each other - the mud was like lube and it felt so good.

It wasn't long before Luke said he was close. I wasn't ready yet though. He shot thick ropes of cum onto my stomach. I hadn't come yet and I had an idea.

I asked Luke and he seemed to be happy with the idea.

We went back into the water and washed off the mud and cum. Luke and I went back onto the shore and he lay on his stomach. I got some mud, removed some small stones and rubbed it all over Luke's tight ass.

Then I parted his tight butt cheeks, and lay on top of him. I slid my dick up and down the crack between his cheeks. Every now and again, he would arch his back. I lasted about two minutes before I shot thick ropes of cum all over his butt and back.

Luke tried to clench his butt around my dick and my dick slipped straight out. I rolled off of him, and he rolled over. I looked over at his cock, which was starting to grow again. He caught me looking, and smiled.

Let's just say that we spent the rest of the afternoon at the dam experimenting, and we weren't jerking off...



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