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Summer Fun With Bro

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Previously I wrote about some of my exploits with my brother and his friend. Here's another one.


Since my brother and I are only two years apart, both developed very early and shared a room, there was lots of experimentation growing up. We both masturbated every night, often jacking eachother off or sucking eachother. During the summers as young teens, we usually got off together several times a day.
One summer we had been out playing all day. In the late afternoon we were wrestling on the grass and before long we were both aroused, pressing our hard cocks together through our loose shorts as we rolled around on the lawn. We used to do this all the time and sometimes we would cum in our shorts, but not this time. After a while, my brother suggested that we go up to our room and look at some of the dirty magazines he and his best friend had stolen from his friend's dad. I readily agreed.
When we got up to our room, he pulled out the stack of magazines, we took off our clothes and sat facing eachother on his bed, each jacking to his own mag. When we had been stroking for a time, he asked me, predictably, if I would mind 'doing him' for a while. I set aside my magazine and began to stroke his fat dick, already slick with precum. Soon he asked me if I felt like doing some sucking today. Now, I always was up for that. So, as he spread his legs, I got down on my stomach and positioned myself to give a long, slow blow job. As I neared his cock, I could smell the sweat on his crotch from a day's summer outdoor activity. I'm sure we were both pretty ripe, actually, and it was a big turn on to literally lick the sweat from his hairless balls.
Now, we had both discovered the joys of anal stimulation while masturbating, and often fingered one another when jacking eachother off. Today I decided to do something different. After licking and sucking his cock and balls for a while, I pulled his legs up and began to tongue his sweaty hole. Very quickly, the magazine disappeared from his hands and he rolled over and got on top of me, grinding his ass into my face while he jacked himself off. This is the first time anyone had sat on my face, and I licked eagerly as he ground himself onto my tongue. By this time, I was literally gushing precum as I lightly stroked myself and licked his ass.
It wasn't long before he let out a long moan and I could feel him shooting his wad all over my chest and stomach as his hole quivered above my feverish tongue. After he came, he said it was my turn.
Gathering some of his cum in his hand as he repositioned himself, he went to work on my ass as he jacked me off using his spunk for lube. The very idea made me want to cum immediately, but I was able to hold off for a few minutes as he tongued my musky bottom. Soon I told him I was going to cum and he stroked faster as he inserted a finger and lifted his head to watch an enormous fountain of cum shoot from my cock. It was one of the best orgasms I had ever experienced. After I came he ran his tongue over my chest to lick up some of his prize.
Later that night we ate eachother out again and this became part of our regular routine when fooling around together.



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