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Summer Fun in the Pool

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More hot times with my wife


This happened just last week. My wife and I were enjoying the summer weather and relaxing by a pool (which is hidden from passer-by's by both a fence and some shrubs). Although we both have fun skinny dipping we tend during daylight to remain clothed, despite our secluded spot. So I was surprised when she turned to me and said Wanna skinny dip? I felt my cock rise up.

Absolutely. I began removing my shorts and noticed she was reclining smirking. What are you waiting for. I'm nice and warm in the sun. I'll just watch you.

This was new, usually we were both naked in the pool. Somehow between the daylight and her bathing suit clad body I felt really naked. However my exhibitionist streak must have kicked in as my cock was rock hard. Mmmmm. Someone is a little turned on she said reaching over to give my dick a few strokes. Don't let me stop you from going in.

I swam for a bit and she was delighted when I floated on my back, my hard dick rising up like a periscope in the water. Suddenly she picked up her phone which began to ring. It was her business partner. They spoke for a minute or two on some pressing matters as I climbed out to dry off in the sun. Suddenly she said Yeah, were just relaxing by the pool. Yeah, yeah, well he just skinny dipped. Mmm hmmm full naked, yeah too bad you weren't here to see it. Really? I could ask. Sure see you soon.

You told Chrissy I was skinny dipping? I said in mock anger.

Chrissy was her business partner, gorgeous busty brunette that grew up an ugly ducking so never developed the hot sexy attitude some women and men get. Down to earth we have a fun and flirtatious relationship. She also tends to be over a lot as her husband travels a good bit. My wife turned to me Chrissy is coming by she said ignoring my comment. I reached for my shorts. Just a minute will you keep them off?

What? What do you mean?

She smiled, Chrissy would really like to watch you naked in the pool are you game?

I had to think for a bit it sounded hot, but we had never ever invited anyone into our lives in that way.

As if reading my mind she said No sex, just you naked and us in our bathing suits, you know that would turn you on.

I took it all in. She continued, and then at the end I promise you if you give us a little show you will get a glimpse of those titties you have fantasized about.

my wife had shared many a room with Chrissy over the years on conferences and although nothing ever happens you have seen Chrissy in all stages of undress and been nice enough to share the details with me.

We talked and sat for a bit more and I handed her my swim trunks and she in return pulled a little on my nipples and then my balls. I heard Chrissy's voice right about then and jumped in the pool.

Mmm, nice ass there, she said as she opened the gate. Chrissy was wearing a one piece similar to my wife with a nice plunging neck and high, though not a thong cut back. She settled in a chair. I brought a few beers too, but you'll have to come out for those.

I laughed and we all chatted as Chrissy kept looking in the water at my hard dick all distorted by the pool finally Kerri said Oh for God's sake hon, do a back float and let her see that nice cock of yours. I took a deep breath and floated, my heart pounding both my wife and Chrissy both applauded. I then hit the shallow portion of the pool and did a quick handstand which also drew appreciative hoots.

Ready for that beer? Chrissy asked.

The whole clothed female, naked male thing, combined with the first person in fifteen years other than my wife to see me naked and erect was a turn on and I exited the pool breathing heavy. Very nice Kerri, no wonder you are so happy most of the time.

My wife laughed and popped the top on a beer as I sat down naked and wet next to her. She pulled on my nipples again as I took in a sharp intake of air. She twisted and pulled a few more times. He loves this she said and then said as I laid down next to her Will you come now for us honey. I'd love to see it. Kerri would to. I promise to lick it all up. She licked her lips and loosened a shoulder strap enough to expose one breast with a hard nipple atop. C'mon baby.

Again as if reading my mind she reached over in her bag and pulled out some lube. Gonna be dry after that pool, this will feel good.

You have lube with you, did you plan this?

She smiled. Maybe baby, as she pushed me back. Now let us see you work that.

I began stroking my cock, pulling my balls and staring at both Kerri and Chrissy. Kerri ocassionally gave her own nipple a little lick and twist knowing how much I loved it. After only a few minutes Kerri placed her hand over mine and began stroking as I tended to my swollen balls. Chrissy finally walked closer. She looked at my wife and then lowered the top of her suit releasing both breasts in their glory. Then as if an afterthought she removed the entire suit.

My wife gasped, I thought you were only going topless.

I changed mind is that okay? she said innocently.

My wife stopped stroking and removed her suit. Having seen each other naked this was no biggie for them I guess, but I was in heaven. Kerri resumed working on my cock as Chrissy gave my nipples a pull. Nice show baby, ready to finish it. Kerri let go and I grabbed my cock going for broke as she allowed Chrissy to drag her boobs over my face. That was it I came hard in five long streams one actually hitting my face.

Mmm, my wife said all mine, as she licked me clean. I reached out and touched her pussy to find it wet and Kerri only needed a minute or two of finger fucking before she came also. As I licked my fingers we remember Chrissy who was still watching us three fingers in her cunt shaking in the throes of a massive orgasm.

As we all came down we sat in relative silence as we drank our beers. Our nakedness somehow both comfortable and very vulnerable. I found out this was a plan, though not the full nudity I saw from Chrissy, though neither seemed upset. Their orgasms were also not planned, Kerri just wanted to tease me and indulge my fetishes a bit. The fact that we have been naked and had these intimate moments makes me hope there will be others. All of us agree it was fun and that we should do it again. We feel adamant that actual sex is off limits (and I won't bore you but we did talk a lot afterwards about where this takes a friendship, and business relationship) but it was one of the hottest masturbation times I have been involved in and a week later we all feel comfortable with it.



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