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Summer Fun

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I love your site, as I am an avid masturbator and love everything about masturbation, especially hearing horny people's stories. This just happened to me a few weeks ago, so I decided to share it. After years of reading here, this is my first post. Enjoy.

I visited my girl friend's beach house this summer for a weekend with their whole family. It has changed me a lot. She and I met at college last year. She is really pretty, tall, slim, brunette, outgoing, and very athletic with big tits, but I did not even notice this until I visited her and her family. She plays NCAA soccer. I am considered pretty, not classically pretty like her. My breasts are not big, but I am 5' 11,' have a firm, slim figure and a pretty face and dirty blonde hair. I have been told that my nose and my butt are my best features. I have dancer's legs. I am a ballerina, although I am thinking of giving it up, and I did some fashion modelling for magazines and catalogs when I was in my teens, so I am used to guys staring at me, and I must say that I like it a lot. Well, I think now there is more to it than this. I may be bisexual, a voyeur, and an exhibitionist, and, in a little way, possibly even a pervert.

My friend's family consists of her mom and dad and two younger brothers, 17 and 19. Her whole family is really cute, and I noticed that the guys were staring at me while we were on the beach. I did not let on that I loved their attention, especially when they stared at my tits, ass, and pussy. This made me horny, but since I had to share my room with my friend and her youngest brother, there was not much privacy. Odd set-up, I know, but the two-room beach house was very small with only one bathroom, so masturbating at night before sleep, or in the morning when I awoke, was out of the question. Her oldest brother and her parents shared the other room. Also, we were rushed in the shower, so that did not offer me enough time and relaxation to take care of much-needed business between my legs.

The first day, Saturday, her brothers were running around and all I did was stare at their cocks flopping around in their suits. A couple of times they got erections. Her dad's suit was loose and his cock was always hanging down his right thigh, bobbing and throbbing, and he was looking between my legs whenever he got the chance. I started really craving the attention.

I was horny after that first day and that night I tried to masturbate in bed but it did not work that well. I was very nervous that someone would hear me and I had only a very tiny orgasm. No relief!!

I was getting glimpses of flesh the whole weekend, as people were sharing the bathroom (peeing while someone of the opposite sex was in the shower). I discovered that this interested me very much. Everyone was very open and healthy about it, with nudity, that is. I think I was the only one who was uncomfortable. Maybe it was a family thing. I asked my friend and she said that their family had always been pretty open about nudity. Not mine! I told her she should have warned me about this. She asked me if I liked it and all I could do was tell her that it was pretty exciting. She said that she was cool with it too.

On Sunday, one of her brothers was in the bathroom on the toilet, and her father and other brother were changing in the other room, so her sister, her mom, and I all had to put on our swim suits in the living space (our bedroom). Just as we were getting undressed, her dad came in and started readying the towels, drinks, and stuff for the beach. Everyone was so 'so-whatish' about it all that I felt like I had to go along, so I got nude in front of him and put on my suit. It turned me on something fierce to be nude in front of her father. I found myself taking my time. I stood nude and examined my suit in front of him, as if I couldn't figure out what was the front and what was the rear. I even lifted my leg longer than I needed to as I stepped out of my panties. Then I sat down on the couch. And I took my sweet time as I pulled up the bikini bottoms, lifting my ass up off the couch and giving him an eyeful of my exposed and hungry pussy. In some ways, I did not think that much about it, as his daughter was seated next to me, pulling up her own suit. I know she was aware of the excitement of being nude in front of her dad. He stared openly at my pussy, tits, and ass. And he looked at his wife and daughter, too. I stole looks at his penis, which looked hard in his suit. We all got dressed like it was the most natural thing in the world. By the time I got my suit adjusted, I could feel my pussy lips sloshing around, and I was aware that my clit was hard and raised, and in need of attention. This was the first time in my life I had been turned on for days at a time, especially without orgasmic relief. It was also the first time I had been nude in front of a much older man.

That day, my friend and her mom went topless. They said it was no big deal, and they finally convinced me to take my top off. The thing is that, by then, I was really ready to be completely nude. I was thinking, why don't we all swim nude. But I did not say it. I had done this once on a nude beach and once in France where I was not super turned on, but it felt different here. (In France, I had masturbated on my towel, but that is another story.)

All I could think about, with my pert tits on view, and my bikini bottoms riding up into my ass all afternoon on the beach in front of three attractive men, was how much I wanted to have sex, of how much I really needed sex, and I was sure they all knew this about me, like they could smell it on me or something. I could smell my own arousal. I was so turned on that I was openly flirting with the boys and her father. I think her mom laughed it off. I felt that they could sense the lust in me, like I was some kind of wild animal. My mouth was pouting and my breath was short and raspy. I was throwing my body around like it was there for the asking.

I was spreading my legs and bending over in front of them and at one point, when only her father was watching me (and he was looking very closely between my legs that afternoon), I was pulling my suit tight up into my crotch so that he could see the outline of my cunt lips. Later, when everyone else but her father was in the water, I was even rubbing my crotch against a mound of sand to see if I could come this way. I could not, and it only made things worse. At another time, I squatted just inches in front of her dad, with my legs spread wide. I felt him devouring me with his eyes. I was practically pushing my pussy into his face. Also, I could see he had a hard on. Believe me, I am usually not this naughty, and can keep myself under control.

But here it goes: My friend, her youngest brother, and I had dinner duty that night, which meant that we had to cook for everyone. So the three of us went back to the house to cook two hours earlier than the rest of the family.

Their house has a semi-private outdoor shower that is open to the sky but walled-in on three sides. It has two shower heads. After we went swimming we would all wash the sand and suntan lotion off our bodies there. The first day, my friend and I were alone together in the shower and we stripped nude, but that second day, her youngest brother joined us. We were showering in our suits but she and I were still topless.

As we all rinsed off, he was staring at my tits, and my nipples were hard and very sensitive. Since I was like nine or ten, whenever my nipples are touched, I am immediately turned on. And I was even rubbing my arms against my nipples in front of them when I would wring the water out of my hair. Basically, I was starting my daily masturbation ritual, rubbing my nipples and thinking about sex, in front of my friend and her little brother and enjoying the hell out of it.

This did not help me feel better, just more excited. I was getting even more aroused than I had been at the beach, and I was already thinking about running upstairs to the toilet to masturbate before they came up to change. But I did not want them to catch me in the act. On the other hand, for the first time in my life I really wanted to masturbate in front of other people, and for them to see me have an orgasm. This was all new information to me.

I often masturbate against the shower spray at home, sitting on the edge of the tub with my legs spread and letting the water hit my clit, asshole, and vagina; and the water hitting my nipples was really turning me on. When we were in the shower the day before, before we got nude, my friend had shown me how to open my suit and let the water go inside to rinse out the sand. Obviously referring to masturbation, she had even said that it sometimes felt 'really good, if you know what I mean.' I did. I liked it a lot then, but I kept the feelings to myself.

She suggested that the three of us rinse the sand out of our suits, since we could not get nude together. Pulling her suit bottom open, she showed her brother how to do it. So we were all pulling open our suits to let the shower water go inside to get the sand out. He added that it was important to open the bottom of your suit too so that the sand would drain down your leg. Well, it didn't take long before her brother and I were using this bit of 'rinsing' to steal glances inside each other's suit bottoms. Ditto for his sister.

I knew he was looking inside my bikini, and I am pretty sure he knew I was looking into his suit, too. This gave me such a thrill. I only got a glimpse of his pubic hair and a couple of quick views of his cock, and I'm sure he didn't see anything really revealing of me, although, I desperately wanted him to. He was also looking inside his sister's suit when she opened it, and she wasn't being shy about letting him see her pussy, and she called him on it. She called him a pervert.

He denied it, but to tempt him, she opened her suit again, really open, pulling it down slightly and out a few inches from her pussy with her thumbs, and she held her suit open longer than she had before. He immediately looked and didn't stop looking. She said, 'Busted! Now you have to return the favor.' He said, 'No.' But she persisted, saying that she knew he had gotten a nice long look at her privates and that he had also looked long and hard into my bikini. So then he reluctantly opened his suit really fast and we both, being taller than he is, looked directly down his shorts. He closed them just as fast and she said that wasn't fair, that he still owed us. So he undid the drawstring and opened them again. This time he left his suit open longer than he had before, and we got a good long look at his semi-hard cock, pouched in the little white mesh basket of his swimsuit. I could see the purple head and the veins and the sprout of dark pubic hair. He closed his shorts. We both said we didn't see much, but we were lying. She was grinning ear to ear and she winked at me, while she tweaked her hard nipples and openly massaged her breasts. We were all laughing a lot at this point and moving around so that we could take turns at the showerheads. The mood had definitely changed for the better.

Then she suggested that it was only fair that, since her brother had been so accommodating, that I open my suit too, like we were all kids playing truth or dare. I said 'No,' but I really wanted to do it. She did not press the issue. Her brother, on the other hand, persisted, saying that I owed them a good long look. I felt sorry for him, and so desperately wanting to let him see my aching cunt. I kept acting as if I did not want to. Finally, after a lot of coaxing from both of them, even them pulling at my bikini waist band, I did it. I put my thumbs inside the sides of my bikini and pulled them down a few inches and away from my pussy. The fabric was pressed firmly against my ass crack and between my pussy lips. I was weak with lust. I held them open for 15 seconds, a lot longer than either of them had. And I found that I was instinctively pulling them down farther, and arching my hips upward toward their eyes. I stood close to her brother, making sure he got a really good long look down my suit. Then I found myself pulling them down my thighs until my crotch was entirely visible. If he saw what I saw, he saw my tightly cropped pubic hair, my wet, open slit, and my throbbing clit, which is as big as a knuckle when aroused. This was making me hotter than hell. I wanted to take my suit off completely and open myself up for them both. I wanted him to pull open my pussy lips and stare deep into my coral opening. I wanted him to see my tight asshole. I wanted him to touch me, to finger me, to suck on my clit. I wanted him to fuck me right there in the shower in front of his sister. What was obvious to everyone was that her brother was very hard, because it was tenting his swimsuit. Both of us girls were looking right at his hard cock. And I think we all had the same impulse.

Then she suggested that we all do the same thing with the backs of our suits. This time, though, like it was a game with increasing stakes, she suggested that we hold open each other's suit bottoms, instead of doing it ourselves. I was so horny and ready that I eagerly volunteered to go first. This surprised me as much as it did them. But I bent over, giving them access to my butt. They each put a hand on my bikini bottoms and pulled them slowly down and away from my ass until my entire ass and pussy were exposed. I bent over and opened my legs, hoping that they could see the folds of my cunt. Then she said to raise them. As my suit returned to its proper place, I felt his finger go in the very top of the crack of my ass. He was raising the stakes. His finger lingered there between my ass crack. I could feel electricity all the way down to my clit. (I feel it now, as I am currently fingering myself as I write this, my second orgasm today just thinking about this shower.)

Then we opened his suit. My hands were shaking, and I did the same with my middle finger to his ass, even pushing my finger down his crack further and lingering there, just above his asshole, before we pulled his suit open. She knew that I was copping a feel of her brother's ass and she just smiled at me. When his suit was open, she reached down and pinched his butt cheek. I have an ass thing, and I wanted to go all the way down his crack to his balls, but I did not. But I let my hand graze his ass.

When her brother and I pulled her suit open, there was no hesitation or pretense. We just pulled the suit down well below her ass cheeks so that her whole ass was out. She burst out laughing, saying it was not fair. Her brother pinched her cheek. Then I pinched the other cheek. She put her hands against the shower wall, as we looked at her butt and she pushed it out toward us and shook it. I could see a hint of her full pussy lips below her ass cheeks. Picking up on this, he told her to turn around so that we could see her front. So she turned around quickly, pushed her suit down to her knees, opened her thighs, flashing us a full view of her wet and open cunt. Then she pulled them up and snapped them back into place. Needless to say, we were all getting very excited. His cock was sticking a good six inches outward and up.

She teased him about this, and I know he was self conscious. It bumped into me a couple of times. He even moved it back and forth and rubbed his shoulder against my nipple. I was so turned on that all I wanted to do was fuck him or rip off my suit and masturbate. My friend stood under the shower so that her nipples were getting hit, holding her suit open as the water ran down into it. She arched her back and opened her legs and said, 'God that feels really good,' and then she started to massage her breasts. She did not seem to care at all that her brother was looking into her suit bottom or watching her rub her tits. She said, laughing, 'Boy, there is a lot of sand in there.' This got me to do the same, really loving that her brother was watching us as I opened my suit again and let the water run down and hit my clit.

And I decided to go further. She had closed her suit back up, but I was holding my suit open continuously, and I pushed it down my legs, with my legs parted some. My whole pussy was exposed under the spray of water, and I was trying to aim the water at my sensitive nub. Her brother was looking directly at my pussy as the water was hitting my clit. He squeezed his cock inside his trunks. Then she said to me, 'If you are going to masturbate, why don't you just take them off. It would be so much easier that way.' I did not know what to do, but I was so horny that I just said, 'Okay.' and I took them off and put them on the bench.

I had never masturbated in front of anyone before, but after a short time standing under the shower, I sat down on the bench and spread my legs wide, scooting my ass down, lifting my legs, and offering her brother a complete view of my crotch. Her brother could not believe it, and was now more shy, backing away from me but staring directly between my legs, as I worked two fingers inside my pussy and frigged my clit. She asked him if he ever masturbated and he said 'Yes.' She said, 'Me too, and I have to right now, but if you ever tell anyone about this you will regret it forever.' And she put her hand inside her suit and started masturbating, as she leaned against the wall, telling her brother to masturbate too. He dropped his suit and began stroking his cock, as he looked back and forth at us both.

I am not a virgin, and this was one of the best and most erotic things that have ever happened to me, including anything I have done with my boy friends. Quickly, I had a very, very intense orgasm that made me convulse and writhe on the bench. And I loved watching them both come. She came next, pushing her suit to her ankles and pulling her pussy lips open for us just before she climaxed. He quickly followed, and I reached out and pulled his cock as he was shooting his load. We quickly rinsed off and made dinner.

That night in our beds, we all started talking about how great it had been, and we all got super horny and masturbated again in the dark, but we stayed in our separate beds. I was so turned on that I asked her if she thought it would be okay if I got her brother off. I said this looking at him, so that he could hear me, and they both agreed that it would be great. I did it while she and I masturbated on his bed. It was fantastic. Then I held him and kissed him some while he rubbed me to another orgasm. Then I talked them into petting each other for awhile. They really got into touching each other, and he even fingered her ass. He and I both wanted to have sex, but we did not have any condoms. His sister was looking everywhere for one because she really wanted to see us fuck. She seemed more upset that we couldn't fuck than we were, and believe me; I really wanted to fuck him. But we agreed that it was too dangerous in a crowded house.

My friend says that maybe her brother will come visit us at school in the fall so that the two of us can fuck while she masturbates and helps out, giving directions. I really want to fuck him silly, or at least to have some more fun masturbating one another. I have dreams of fingering her and doing other things while he watches us. The thought of it all takes me over the edge.

Ever since this happened, sex with the two of us is all she talks about on the phone with me, telling me that she is masturbating just thinking about her brother and me getting it on while she watches. I have even greater plans. She has also told me that he and she have had some wild masturbation sessions together since then, and that I am always in their thoughts.

As you can imagine, I am really looking forward to going back to school in the fall.



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