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Summer Camp 1995

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Truth or Dare! Summer Camp 1995.


Hi my name is Amy I have written a few stories before but I want to talk about my times at Summer Camp In the Catskill Mountains in NY State when I was 13 years old. My parents sent me to Summer Camp along with my sisters.

This particular year I shared a cabin with five other girls and we had an older girl as our camp counselor Megan who was 15 or just a bit older. We had a small cabin with two rooms one for the 13 year olds and one for the counselor with a common area to hang out.

One night after we ate and started to talking and someone asked if we wanted to play truth or dare. We made rules you had to answer and had to do the dare. It was me, Amber, Katey, Jill, Tricia, and Renee. It started off very innocent like who do you think is cute and you ever kissed a boy for the truth questions and some of the dares were I dare you to eat a pickle with mustard on it. Things to laugh and gross each other out.

Jill finally asked Renee truth or dare, Do you know what an orgasm is? Renee said it when you have sex and you feel good at the end. Katey said did you know you can do it by yourself it's called masturbating. Katey said I read about it in the library at school. She told us that if you rub the top of your pussy you can have one. Amber said that's gross and we all agreed. Tricia said Katey truth or dare? Truth. Have you ever masturbated? Her face got red and she said no but we all laughed and said we know you do it. She said no I don't I swear. Amber said I know when you are lying. Finally after peer pressure she said she did it and had her first orgasm this past Winter. She said none of you guys have done it? Everyone was silent for a second. Tricia said she has done it and had orgasms. Amber said she did it but orgasmed only a few times. Jill said she did it but not a lot and has had an orgasm here and there. Renee said she does it all the time and has great orgasms and we all laughed at her bluntness. I said I never even tried it, this is the first I have heard of masturbating. Renee said you never got curious and put your finger in there and move it around? I said no.

Katey said now that we are older we are going to be here all summer and sometimes I want to get off but we are all going to be close to each other in here. We all saw each other in our panties the year before but this year was different. The door opened and Megan said you guys should get ready for bed soon. Jill said after we get dressed we should talk about this some more.

As we were getting ready for bed I noticed I had a wet spot on my panties I thought I peed myself. I looked around and I could see the other girls looked like they peed themselves to. We put on sweat shorts that the camp gives us to wear since it was warm out.

Tricia said truth or dare to Renee and Renee said dare. She said flash us for five seconds. Renee lifted her shirt and showed us her little A cups they were small but cute for a girl her size. Jill said to us I have a truth question and you all have to answer. Who is wet right now? Everyone agreed we were wet. Renee said I am throbbing down there I can feel my heartbeat in my pussy. We all laughed. I asked so how exactly do you do it? Katey said I take two fingers and put them at the top of my pussy and make a circular motion and then I sometimes put them up in me and wiggle my fingers around and when I am about to cum I rub my clit very hard. I said what is cum? and what's a clit? She said cum is a term for orgasm and clit is the little hard thing that gets swollen when you rub it. This is what can make you cum. She said you never stuck your finger in you? are you sure? I hadn't had my period yet so nothing went up there. Renee said to me Truth or Dare? I said Dare. I Dare you to stick your middle finger up there. I said no way they said you have to everyone who did a dare tonight did it. They said you don't have to show us just put your hand in your pants and do it. They kept telling me to do it so finally I stuck my finger in my shorts under my panties. I didn't realize how wet I was. My finger slid in and my eyes got real wide and they said how does it feel? I said weird but good. Wiggle your finger a bit. I did it, I said oh it feels good. I took my hand away and my finger was shining with wetness. Wow Renee said you are dripping wet. Amber said I bet we all are. Jill got up to make sure Megan wasn't awake.

Tricia said to Renee truth or dare? She said dare. I dare you to take off your pants and show us your pussy. Renee stood up pulled down her shorts and panties to show her little brown pussy. Let's see inside she said. Renee took her two fingers and spread herself apart. I was so turned on I have never felt anything like this before to my body I could actually feel heat coming from my throbbing aching pussy. Jill said to Tricia truth or dare truth? Truth. How many fingers have you put in your pussy. Three she said. Have you put anything else up there? She admitted to a hairbrish handle. I said does it feel good? The handle of the brush has ridges and it feels great she said.

Amber said I dare everyone in here to get naked. Renee said you all saw me now get naked. Everyone started getting undressed as Jill double checked Megan's door again. Anyone extremely horny that they have to have an orgasm Tricia asked? We all agreed. Let's show Amy how to masturbate. They all agreed to teach me. Renee sat directly in front of me and told me to touch her feet with my feet kind of indian style but more with your legs wide open. She said your pussy looks so wet. She said take your finger and put it in. I did that and I let out a little moan under my breath. Feels good doesn't it? Now take your middle finger and index finger and run it in a circle like this. She was showing me where on her pussy I should rub. I started to move my fingers in a slow circle and she said its ok if you want to go faster. I looked over at everyone else and they started masturbating. Some of the girls were doing a combination of fingering and rubbing. Amber was really horny cause she was fingering herself quickly with two fingers and I could hear her wetness when moving them in and out. Jill was rubbing like us and Tricia was fingering herself with one finger and using her other hand to rub off. Katey was fingering too and taking her fingers out and rubbing her clit. Renee said ok I need to cum as her breathing started to change. She let out a little moan but was holding in her orgams so she wouldn't be loud so Megan would hear us. She started shaking and I could feel her shakes through my feet and she kept tapping her clit. I looked to my left and one after the other each girls started shaking. I heard a few oh shits and oh fucks I'm cumming almost in a whisper and the shaking would begin. I started rubbing harder Renee was rubbing my inner legs telling me to cum. Finally I felt a wave from my stomach and a twitching feeling on my pussy as the contractions hit I was rubbing so hard and I had to cover my mouth from screaming it felt so good. I was shaking all over for a good 20 seconds. It was the best feeling I had ever felt up to this point. From that day on I always had my hands in my pants late at night before bed.

The next morning we got up to start our activities and Megan said I hope you all got a good night sleep. We said Yes! we got good sleep and she said I bet you did and winked and walked out the door to attend her counselor meeting. Katey said do you think she knows? I said she couldn't have heard us we were so quiet. Jill said I checked her door it was locked. Amber and Tricia said who cares she's probably in there getting off in her private room. What a lucky bitch. We left to do our activities and came back at the end of the day. I was excited for that night.

The same thing happened as the night before we ate dinner and got ready for bed. Tonight Megan decided she would hang out with us. Renee didnt seem to like that because she had mentioned earlier how excited she was for tonight. We all agreed we were going to do it again. We were making hints to Megan like we were getting tired so she would go to bed so we could rub ourselves. She said do you want me to leave so you guys can play with yourselves like you did last night? You could have heard a pin drop. She said you don't think I could hear you from in there the sound travels in here especially through those vents. We looked up and saw vents going through the cabin. She said I heard everything last night. She looked at me and said you finally popped your own cherry congratulations and she started to laugh and the other girls were nervously laughing along. She said girls this is part of camp. When I was your age the same thing happened. Amber said do you masturbate? She said like everyday when I wake up and when I go to bed. She said I use a vibrating thing called a bullet it is small but vibrates your clit. She said when you cum it is so intense.

We all looked in shock I never thought Megan would be so open. She said she was waiting for this to happen and she was happy it happened on the first night so everyone could openly feel comfortable. She said as long as you keep your hands to yourself and don't do anything to get anyone else in trouble you can rub off anytime you want and I will not say a thing. My counselor was cool about it in my cabin a couple of years ago. Some of the staffers informed us this may happen and that it's very natural for teenagers to release tension. I couldn't believe my ears but everyone seemed happy we talked. Megan said so if you want to moan don't hold in your orgasm let it go and enjoy them.

Renee had balls, she said will you masturbate with us later and show us how the bullet works. She said why wait until later. She got up shut the blinds locked the doors and said come into my room and lock the door just in case. We got undressed and Megan had a great body and she shaved her pussy. Jill said why do you shave and she said it feels better and cleaner. You guys when you get older will understand when you have a boyfriend. Megan jumped on her bed and reached into her nightstand and pulled out a little silver thing in the shape of a little egg. She called me over and told me to sit on the bed. She said you had your first orgasm last night I want you to be the first to cum using a vibrator. I laid back and she told me just to hold it on my clit. I pressed it against me and instantly I felt a flutter in my stomach I was so horny my legs began to shake and my stomach muscles and pussy were beginning to contract. I said oh my god I'm gonna cum! I screamed and everyone was smiling. Megan said keep it there don't stop! I had about three back to back orgasms one after the other I was moving all around the bed I had juice dripping down to my ass. I took my finger and put it in my pussy I was so wet. I looked up and everyone was rubbing their pussies and moaning. Megan said everyone put two fingers in your pussies! I saw Tricia lick her fingers and stick them up there. Jill stuck them in followed by Renee, Katey and Amber. I had both fingers in me which seemed difficult because I was so tight. Megan said now curl your fingers up toward your belly button and rub where you think your clit would be on the inside. She said you feel those little ridges, keep rubbing that. That is your G-spot and you can cum from doing this too. I was so fixated on the vibrator I came again and said no more. Megan grabbed the bullet and put it to her clit she said oh my god I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming! oh shit! oh fuck! and she started shaking all over. She took the vibrator off her clit and started rubbing it quickly and had a huge orgasm. All the girls ended up cumming from the bullet that night. I came so many times that night I will never forget it. Those two days I finally became a woman.

Megan said maybe next week we could have a girls night with one of the other cabins with my friend Danielle. I said you think they would come over. She said knowing Danielle all these years we will be able to show you girls things you never experienced before. We all said if you can make it happen we know a few of the other girls from activities and it would be cool if they are into what we are doing. Renee said I like the bullet and all but I love to see someone really rub on their pussy cause you know how hard they are trying to get off. It is almost like a look of desperation on your face when you are going to finally cum. Megan said yeah but the bullet is always a good night cap when you are tired and don't want to give it your all but agreed it is hotter to watch someone rub off. We couldn't wait until next week but that is a story I have to tell some other time.

I should tell my mom and sisters the stories about Camp but I bet they wouldn't be too surprised after what we have been up to the last couple months or so.




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