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Summer at the river

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A long story, but not without it's moments


When I was younger I had two best friends, they were both 14. We all hung out together and ran around the woods close to our homes in northern lower Michigan.

Kris was the oldest of my two friends, he was funny because he was so easy to embarrass, all I had to do was say “pussy” when I was talking about one of the girls we knew, and he turned so beet red we would all laugh.

One day Michael, Kris and I went to the river and we were planning to swim and when we got around the corner from our favorite swimming place we could hear a girl's voice. We snuck closer and were thrilled to find two of the girls we knew skinny dipping.

The noisy one was a rather cute slim girl that was around 16, and the other was a bit plump and not very attractive in the face, but they were naked. I will take a naked plump homely girl over a hot fully dressed one and day.

A few minutes into our spying Michael got my attention and pointed at his crotch, he was clearly hard. He was trying to snake his hand between his body and the brush we were hiding in, and he was in too tight. He leaned closer and told me to feel ho hard he was, and I was not sure I wanted to.

I reluctantly agreed and he motioned to me to stroke it. Our friend Kris was a few feet ahead of us and there was a bush blocking. Pretty soon I unzipped his shorts and took out his dick and began stroking it. Michael kept whispering to keep going and I did, he shot cum a foot or more almost hitting me.

A few nights later while riding our bikes Kris had to go home and Michael and I went to the woods to a really nice grove, we had planted soft grass in the grove the summer before, and we mowed it ever couple weeks, it was a great place to lay around.

While we were laying there in our gym shorts getting sun, Michael slipped his shorts off and was just laying out naked. I decided to go ahead and join him even though I hadn't gotten my pubes yet.

Michael rolled on his side and started looking my dick over and asked if he could check it out, I said “why not” and he rubbed it and got his face within a inch of it, and then he wrapped his mouth around it and sucked it in and out of his mouth. After a few minutes he stopped and asked how that felt and I told him that it just felt warm and wet, he just nodded and said when you get your pubes it will feel great.

He gave me a little instruction and had me do as he had done, it was not easy since his was almost six inches and as thick as two of our fingers. He mumbled that he was going to cum and I took my mouth off of him and jerked him as he came string after string of cum all up his chest.

This was a regular occurrence two or three times a week all summer. As the fall got closer, the three of us went out to the swimming area dozens of times and Michael began just stripping as we arrived and Kris seemed like he was going to die from embarrassment, I was beginning to sprout little hairs and so I noticed Michael kept pointing them out mostly to watch Kris turn red.

Much to my surprise Michael came over to where I was sitting one afternoon, and began feeling and playing with my dick, now I was the one that was turning red, Kris watched and didn't even try to hide the erection that was growing, Michael called him over, and with some coaxing he came over and he too began fondling my hard little dick.

Michael shocked us both when he bent down and started sucking me, Kris was going wild with disbelief looking running around to make sure we were not being watched, but his hard on never softened.

I felt sensations I had never felt before as he sucked, and I told him to stop because I felt like I was about to pee, but he kept going and I had my first cum, right there in open daylight in my friend's mouth with my other friend yelling “no way!” “are you kidding me!?” jumping around in disbelief and asking “are you serious?, did you just suck the cum out of his cock?, DUDE!!!”.

The rest of the fall and winter I most every weekend at Michael's and him at my house, where we repeated our trading of hand jobs and blow jobs and we agreed that we weren't gay, there would never be any anal touching or anything to do with that region, and we never brought up anything to do with kissing.

The activity gradually died out, girls were showing interest in Michael, so we hardly even noticed that it had been months since we did anything.

By the time I was fourteen, I was trying to get better at sports, I was not very large so I had to really work at everything, and when I was shampooing my hair in the school shower I heard a familiar voice saying “wow, looks like the rest of your pubes grew in”, we both laughed.

Kris and I had drifted apart two years ago after that day I came in Michael's mouth. We started hanging around together a lot again and a month or so into our new friendship, he confided that he was too shy and scared to admit it, but he was jealous that Michael and I had experimented with that back then.

I played it off as no big deal, and that I had outgrown all of that, and I could tell he was a little... disappointed.

One weekend my parents were going to Detroit to visit my grandpa in the hospital, they left me money for food and told me to check in with our neighbors around suppertime and when I got up, so I invited Kris to spend the weekend.

I borrowed a video of a lingerie show from a friend at school, it was as close to porn as I could find. Kris and I watched for a while, he was acting more like the old Kris, getting really nervous and getting up and walking.

He finally began asking what Michael and I had done, how far we had gone and I told him he had seen as much as we had done. He confided that he wished he could have joined in with us, and so I said “then let's just trade hand jobs right now”, he agreed.

I went and jumped in the shower and when I came out I told him I had left him some hot water and I just walked around naked.

He came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him and I was kicking back on my towel on the couch, watching the video and stroking my six inch cock in plain view. He seemed nervous about my openness, but he went a couple feet away and unwrapped his towel and sat down. His dick was already hard.

We stroked our own for fifteen minutes or so and I slid over closer to him and took his hand and put it on my cock. He acted like he had just picked up the dead frog in biology class. I talked him into stroking faster, tighter, and to occasionally let go. Soon I was saying “faster, I going to cum!” and finally I shot my load all up my chest.

We switched places since we're both right handed, and I took a long leisurely time bringing him close to orgasm and then slowing back to the start again, he was panting and beginning to beg, so I brought out the Intensive Care hand lotion. It's coolness, and it's scent were a welcome addition and this time I brought him up slowly, and finally was jerking like mad as he began coming.

I covered the head of his cock with the palm of my hand and trapped all of his wad, only to drop it onto his belly and roll his stiff cock back and forth in the massive load, He almost passed out, I've never heard a guy sound like a girl in midst of orgasm before that, and I knew he would never refuse another night.

Over the next couple years we did exactly as Micheal and I had done, trading awesome hand jobs and a blowjob or two a week, and as it was with Michael, we gradually reduced our sessions to once a week, the every other week, and again we never even noticed it had been months, then years.

We each married great girls, and had three or four kids apiece, and we became re acquainted through mutual friends. When our kids were in their early teens, my wife caught our son trading hand jobs with the neighbor kid. I assured her it meant nothing, and told her all about my friend Michael and I and she said she wished she could have seen that when we were dating.

When Kris' wife told my wife she thought her son was being sexual with his friend from school, my wife told her not to worry, all boys do that. That I had told her all about my friend from my teen years. She knew her husband and I had been friends since puberty, so she asked Kris why he never told her about his fooling around with me, and he was mortified.

He came to my house and yelled for an hour before he figured out that he had just let out the secret in front of my wife and my kids. He was even more mortified to hear when my wife looked at me and said “you told me it was your friend Michael, not any mention of Kris”.

Kris and his wife moved away that fall, my wife and I have laughed about it a couple times, my kids and I had major talks that turned out to be quite helpful for them during those tough teen years.

I just met my new boss at my job, he's a great guy, I've known him quite a while though we haven't seen each other in years, but I am hesitant to introduce him to my wife. I'm sure Michael is going to be a good supervisor.



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