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Summer at My Sisters

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After reading and enjoying so many of these stories I figure its about time I tell you what happened to me. This happened many years ago but its one of the memories I'll take to my grave.

I have twin sisters three years older then I am. When I was on summer vacation between junior and senior year, they were attending university about four hours drive from home. They invited me to spend summer break with them in their apartment. I had my own car and our parents approved so off I went.

My sisters kept their apartment over summer because it was one of the few three bedroom apartments near campus. They had a roommate they liked and didn't want to give it up. Jane and June (my sisters) decided to room together while I was there so I could have my own room. It worked out OK.

One evening, all three girls had made plans to do some partying at a local pub. I wasn't old enough to join them so I made plans of my own for the night. As it turned out, I wasn't too familiar with the city so I didn't want to stray too far from the apartment. My plans were a bust so I just went back to the apartment to watch a movie or something.

It got on about 11:30-12:00 and I heard the door open. Thinking the girls were back already, I got up to greet them. When Jeannie (roommate) walked in alone I asked where my sisters were. Jeannie said she had an argument with her boyfriend for getting too drunk and passing out that she left. She said my sisters were having a great time and probably won't be home for a while.

I told Jeannie I was sorry about her luck but there was a good movie on if she wanted to join me. She said she was still angry and thought she would just go to bed.

I said good night and sat back down to finish the movie. About 20 minutes later I hear heavy breathing coming from Jeannies room. I get up quietly to check it out. I saw her door open so I walked in. All I said was 'Are you....'

What I saw will forever be burned in my memory. Jeannie was laying on her bed, totaly nude except for her blue panties. She was rubbing her crotch and moaning. She looked my way for a second then went back to what she was doing. Rubbing and bucking her hips slowly and enjoying every second. So was I! I just stood at the door not knowing what to do. She reached under her pillow and brought out a bright pink vibrator and turned it on. Still with her panties on she poked the tip of the vibrator down to her clit and kept moving her hips. Her legs were straight and spread open a bit as she started to orgasm. She had a nice quiet orgasm and slowly came down from her exstacy. She gave me another look and smiled. She put the vibe away and got under her covers. She said good night and so did I.



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