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Summer Afternoons

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This account is kind of long.

I did not want to leave anything out.

More will follow.


I was thirteen when I saw a neighbor boy ejaculate.

Though I hit puberty earlier that year-my cock and testicles had grown by leaps and bounds, and my crotch was now thatched with blackish-brown pubic hair, I still had not been able to make myself ejaculate-I had only heard about it as a myth until I watched in hiding on that late spring afternoon. Jed was sixteen and, to my mind, the epitome of cool-he even had a girlfriend (and while I was most definitely interested in girls, and my best friend in the world was of that fairer sex, the idea that a girl would actually want to date me was a far off concept). Jed and his girlfriend, Clarissa, were out in Jed's second-story sunroom, making out as usual. My telescope came in handy yet again, and, thanks to it, I was privy to something they thought a secret.

Clarissa, after Jed whispered something in her ear, unzipped Jed's pants and pulled them off him while Jed himself threw off his shirt. Clarissa stripped as well, her body in a most exquisite profile, courtesy of my high-magnification lens. The telescope was rated for astronomical use, so needless to say with only twenty five feet between my room and Jed's sunroom, I could practically pick out Jed's individual pubic hairs, and I knew that Clarissa had a crescent moon shaped birthmark on her right upper thigh. I also knew that she dyed her hair-she had platinum blonde hair back in a ponytail, but her pubic hair was a beautiful jet black. She sat down in the one chair on the porch, a massive wooden Adirondack chair facing my direction. Jed knelt to the side of her, kissing his way from her neck down to her toes, while his hands fondled her pert breasts.

His hands moved downward, and he began to rub her crotch in a circular motion-she smiled and reddened noticeably after a minute or so under his fingers. I could not tell what exactly she was saying, but it definitely seemed to encourage Jed. He took two of his fingers, the two he had been working on her clitoris with, and slid them into her vagina. She began to writhe as his fingers slid in and out of her I noticed a lot of gooey liquid coming out of her pussy on Jed's fingers, it seemed to be the cause (or result) of her writhing. Minutes passed as Jed continued to finger her, and she continued to orgasm again and again (I did not know that she was having an orgasm at the time, of course-but later I figured it out).

She pulled his hand out of her and began to work on her clitoris, practically kneading it between her fingers. She took Jed's glistening fingers and slid them back into her, but at a different angle than before, lifting her butt off the chair as she did so. In this odd position she began to hump Jed's hand, thrusting her wetness up against it in the throes of passion. Clarissa screamed in utter ecstasy. A jet of clear liquid shot from her pussy, darkening the fabric of the chair. I thought she had just peed, but neither of them seemed to be reacting to the stuff like it was pee, so I kept my thoughts to myself. Clarissa dabbed a finger in the largest pool of this fluid and licked it. She smiled and stuck another finger into it, offering this one to Jed. He slid her finger into his mouth and smiled. They kissed. With that she knelt down on a pillow next to the Adirondack chair Jed was now sitting in. The chair faced me dead-on, and I watched in open-mouthed wonder as Clarissa stroked Jed's penis.

To me, Jed was hung like a stallion-he was probably just six or seven inches long, but when you have a four inch penis (a recently developed penis, at that), those extra three inches really mean all the world. Jed's cock, like mine, was uncircumcised, and I looked on as Clarissa slowly eased his foreskin up and down his shaft and head. My left hand idly fondled my cock (I was naked-and alone in the house for a few hours) and then I copied Clarissa's motions: three slow strokes, five fast. Up until then I had pleasured myself by humping a pillow (which sat untouched in the middle of my bed as I watched the action a house away unfold), now, however, I could tell I was doing something that just felt right, it felt so good I wanted to moan. I stroked in time with two lovers, pausing every now and then to focus on Clarissa's surprisingly well-developed breasts with dark pink, almost purple nipples, or what snatches of her pubic hair and vulva I could get.

She shifted once, turning her body slightly more towards the window so that I got an almost full-on view of her beautiful crotch. And then Jed began bucking erratically under Clarissa's ministrations, his penis thrusting in and out of her grasp. I couldn't hear what was being said, but I could tell by the expression on Jed's face that he was enjoying himself. White liquid shot from the tip of Jed's penis, splattering Clarissa (who, by her expression of shock, did not seem to be expecting it) square in the chin, and spurted out in pulsing cream colored ropes. Whatever this white pee (as I termed it) was, Jed seemed to be in total ecstasy. Jed stood up and kissed Clarissa, his dick flopping around, smearing some of his white pee on her hip. She smiled and then put her arm around him, pulling him to the floor and unfortunately out of my sight. I continued to stroke myself until I got the good feeling I was used to getting after humping my pillow for a very long time. Stroking, I noticed, took much less time to get that good feeling.

A few weeks later, while hanging out at a Boy Scout meeting to get ready for a big summer camp trip. I was alone with a friend of mine in the supply room, we were sorting things for the trip when I asked him about 'stroking and spurting.'

'Just stroke it until your white pee comes out.' was all Cory told me.

'I...have been stroking it, and no white pee comes out. It just feels good and then shrinks.' I said. Cory shrugged and said. 'I can't make white pee either, but my brother Andy showed me what to do.' Cory paused, seeming to think something over, and spoke again. 'We should be alone for awhile up here and...I can show you if you want.' I nodded, walking over to the supply room door and locking it. Cory unzipped his fly and pulled out his erect penis. He was gorgeously tan courtesy of his Italian mother, and his dick was tan up until a dark ridge an inch before his pink head. I gasped in wonder even though this was not the first time I had seen his penis (we had mandatory showers in gym class), this was the first time I had seen him fully erect and had the opportunity to stare without being ridiculed.

'You...don't have a foreskin like me.' I commented.

He nodded and said. 'All the boys in my family were circle-sized at birth...except for Ping...but he is adopted.'

Cory had three brothers: Ping (14), Andrew (16), and Sean (18), and three sisters: Trisha (22), Danielle (16, Andrew's twin), and Kylie (13, Cory's twin). Twins apparently ran in his family.

'Circumcised.' I corrected.

He smiled and nodded. 'Ping seems to really enjoy his dick-skin, but I think circumcised penises look nicer.' he said, his hand brushing his dick.

I shrugged and said. 'I like my foreskin.'

Cory was still hard, his head turning a slightly darker color as he made a ring with his index finger and thumb and circled his cock. He began to move these fingers up and down his shaft, from near the base to the ridge that bulged out to form the glans penis. As I watched I imagined semen like I had seen Jed produce issuing from Cory's circumcised member. He must have stroked himself for a minute, making sure that I was watching, probably noticing that my hand had drifted into my pants and was stroking the quite noticeable tent that had formed. 'You just touch it like this, see?' he said, pausing. 'Since...I showed you what I do...can you show me how you do it?' he asked. In reply my khaki shorts and underwear hit the floor to reveal my erect member.

It was Cory's turn to gasp as he stared at my crotch. I gently gripped my foreskin and slid it forward to cover my head entirely, and then I rolled it slowly back down the head and shaft. I wanted him to get a good view of just how useful the foreskin could be. I pumped my foreskin up and down for probably two minutes, eyes closed and off in my own little world, imagining Jed and Clarissa naked in the sunroom, Jed's semen gushing out of his cock.

I was drawn rapidly back into the world of Cory and the locked supply room when I felt his hand catch mine in mid-stroke. His erect penis still protruded from his fly as he spoke. 'Do you mind if I touch it once? You can touch mine, if you want.' I wanted to, and implied as much by wrapping my fingers firmly around his shaft and working them up around his pinkish-red head. I gave him a few quick but tight strokes before I looked up at his face and said. 'Okay, your turn.' he smiled and, with surprising gentleness, drew my foreskin up around my head. He then pulled it back to its full extent before, holding the skin back with one hand, wrapping his fingers around my head and stroking lightly. Without really knowing why, I began to hump his hand. Unlike when I touched him for short time, Cory just kept going, switching between using the foreskin and working on me directly with his fingers. It felt indescribably good to feel another person touch me there. I suppose that was one reason I had always been turned on by visits to the doctor, and the chance that a certain cute nurse, Jenny, would roll back my foreskin to check on my glans-the last time she had done that, I was rock hard and blushing, she just smiled and said that spontaneous erections were perfectly normal and healthy for boys my age. As Cory continued to stroke me I moaned and got the usual good feeling, this time it was really intense, but still not the white pee that he spoke of.

It would take a more helpful and generous friend named Bobby to bring me to my first ejaculation. Bobby was the same age as me, 13, though he had hit puberty earlier than me, and it showed-looking at a picture of us taken that summer, I'd say he looked about two years older than me. Even though he looked older, I was probably four inches taller than him. Bobby had blond hair and the palest skin in the world; despite hours at camp spent attempting to tan, all he ended up with was a burned back. I had been paddling aft-we had no destination really: the scoutmaster only said that Bobby and I had to camp somewhere across the rather large lake for the next two nights (the troop did this every year as part of a wilderness survival merit badge), so I had been letting us drift slowly in that direction. For safety's sake we each had been given cell phones with the numbers of others in the troop to call in case of an emergency. Bobby and I were floating on the middle of Lake Tamarack in a large green fiberglass canoe, no other boats were in sight-unsurprising, as there were many small creeks and inlets to explore. Bob looked back at me said something softly, smiling. I had been totally lost in thought, staring rather blankly out at the forested shore.

'What?' I said, tilting my head slightly and smiling in return.

'I've got to pee. Do you mind if I just go over the side...or do you want to head for land and I can find a tree, if you don't want to watch?' Bobby said, clutching his crotch to emphasize a full bladder.

'Oh.' I said. 'Just pee over the side, I don't mind.'

'Great, thanks.' he replied.

Bobby shifted his weight where he sat near the bow, knelt gingerly toward starboard, and pulled down his swimming trunks to piss over the side. Bobby's semi-erect cock was ringed by a blond tuft of pubic hair, he held his member for a second, stroking it idly as he waited for his urine to flow. I stared fixedly at Bobby's circumcised penis, wanting to crawl forward and hold it for him while he peed. Bobby had not seemed to notice my gaze, so I simply sat and watched as my tent-and-canoe mate whizzed over the side: a clear stream arcing from the tip of his penis to the blue-green waters of the lake. He appeared to have drunk the better part of his canteen over the last two hours of canoeing, and so that clear stream continued for a number of seconds. I noticed an urge to piss rising within me as I watched his stream falter and stop. He shook the last drops from his uncovered head and sat back down in the canoe, not bothering to pull his suit up.

Already kneeling to starboard with my trunks around my knees, cock out and foreskin pulled back, I said. 'Do you mind if I follow suit, Bob?'

Bobby turned slightly in his seat to regard me. 'Fire away, dude.'

It felt like an eternity: waiting there, hand on my slowly hardening penis, holding it over the calm lake, just waiting for things to start flowing. Eventually my bladder complied and I peed into the lake, watching the jet of urine make small bubbles in the surrounding water. I gently shook my glans, making sure to keep the foreskin back as I did so. As I did this, I noticed Bobby had turned around and watched me the entire time. He was still naked, his swimming trunks lying in a heap on the floor of the canoe, and he was visibly erect. Being watched went from giving me stage fright, which many boys tend to have when peeing near others, to a desire to keep going. I coaxed a few more small jets of piss into the water before my bladder was well and truly emptied. Bobby was blushing bright red as I sat down to face him.

'We...should find a place to pitch our tent.' I said, looking at the sky, it was mid-afternoon-and we had quite some time before we actually needed to pitch a tent, but all the same, it was better to get it done soon, so we could spend the rest of the afternoon swimming before we cooked dinner. Bobby nodded, scanning the mostly tree-ringed shore until he found an inlet. He tilted his head in the direction of that inlet, and we made our way there. On landing we found that we were alone, on an island, actually. Small island though it was, we knew we would have a good view of anyone who wanted to camp in what was definitely our site. After our tent was pitched, we went back in for a swim-my trunks lay beside Bob's in the canoe. We frolicked in the water, splashing and sporting about as you would expect. Eventually we decided to dry off, so we headed in and lay on our towels, letting our naked bodies soak up the afternoon sunlight.

I looked over at Bobby, his penis was rock hard and pointing skyward. 'Dude,' I said, deciding now was as good a time as any to ask him about masturbating and the question of white pee. Bobby looked over at me, not bothering to cover up his erection. I went on. 'Do you know how to shoot white pee?'

He smiled, lighting up the beach. 'You mean cum?' he asked, I hesitated and then nodded as he continued. 'Yeah, I do. You just...wait, you know how to, right?' he said.

'Well...' I said, blushing. 'I know how to stroke it.' I pulled back my foreskin and then moved it up my hardening cock. 'But I just can't seem to shoot it yet.' I said.

'Oh.' Bobby said, pausing. 'Do you want...do you want me to show you how I do it?'

'Yes. Yes. Yes.' I said. Bobby smiled. 'Alright, let's go inside the tent, though, so nobody paddling by sees us.' he said.

We went inside the ratty nylon tent, the tarp-floor already covered by woolen blankets we used in place of sleeping bags. Bobby gestured for me to sit down, I did so, then he turned around and began rummaging for something in his backpack. I found myself captivated by his ass, by his scrotum, by his thighs. I wanted to feel him, to stroke every inch of his skin as he stroked me, made me get that good feeling, and just perhaps, shoot 'cum' as Bobby called it. Bobby sat back down holding a box of tissues in one hand and some hand cream in the other. He placed both items down on the blankets between us. 'Okay. Now, first we are going to go over some terms-if you are going to do something, do it right.' Bobby said. 'First, while it can be called 'stroking it', or a number of other things, masturbation is the appropriate term for touching yourself until you cum. Cum, spelled C-U-M or C-O-M-E, is what shoots out, though sometimes it just dribbles, of the penis when you have an orgasm. Cum is whitish and sticky, not like pee. Got that?'

I nodded. 'Sure, masturbation makes you shoot cum.'

'What masturbation does,' he said. 'Is trick the penis into thinking it is having sex, until it is tricked so well that you make yourself shoot cum. Girls do it by touching the clitoris. Sarah showed me hers, it is kind of like a mini penis.' My penis was rock hard as he spoke, especially after he mentioned Sarah, his sister. In the afternoon light of that tent his body was beautiful, as was his circumcised cock. I wanted to touch him so badly, to take him in my hands and stroke him. He edged closer to me.

'I am, uh, I mean, we are going to make you shoot cum. You are thirteen and definitely well developed enough.' he said, eyeing my crotch. 'It might feel like you have to pee, but then it will feel really, really good. Just trust me. Let me touch you.' He looked at me with an almost hungry look in his eyes. I nodded, sliding my foreskin down from my glans and gesturing as if to say 'I'm all yours.'

My entire body shivered with excitement as he touched me that first time. I felt his breath hot on my crotch as he knelt over me. Bobby seemed to be fascinated by my penis, gently sliding the foreskin back fully, as if he was trying to figure out just what made me tick. 'Now it looks just like mine.' He slid it forward, back over the head. He kept doing this for one minute, then two, then three. I could feel that good feeling building within me, the sense of a nervous pleasure-filled feeling, but there was something else to. I felt a need to piss, to just let it pour out of me in a flood. Affirming what Bobby had said earlier, I said, 'it feels like I'm going to pee.' I attempted to get up and move towards the tent flap, but Bobby's hand gently pushed my chest back to the ground. 'Good. It means you are close.' he said. While his right hand stroked my foreskin and glans, pumping the first and occasionally fondling the second, his left hand had been cradling my scrotum. His left hand moved from my balls to his mouth, he licked his middle finger before sliding it under my scrotum. I felt, distantly, his cool, wet finger touch my asshole. I gasped softly. And then I felt it go deeper, actually into my ass. I cried out in pleasure. As this happened, something else was about to occur, something even more amazing: my first orgasm.

'I'm, I'm, I'm...' I sputtered.

'Cum, Jake, squirt over my fingers.' Bobby said, his finger still toying with my asshole as he kept pumping my cock with his other hand. I began to gently hump his fingers when I finally came. I screamed, feeling semen rush out of my urethra, one rope, two, three, four.

'Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh. Yes. Please. God. Oh. YES!' I cried out. Another spurt of cum shot forth, and then I felt each of them land on my chest in sequence. It was so warm and yet cool on my skin.

Bobby milked every drop of cum out of my shuddering body. The pleasure only intensified as he went on pumping my softening cock. I moaned under his fingers. His hands were soaked with semen; then again, so was most of my torso. Not that I really noticed at the time-I just wanted to make him feel as good as he had made me. I turned to look at Bobby and put my hand around his cock. He was circumcised, but I remembered how Cory had shown me he pleasured himself, so I parroted those movements as best I could and began to stroke Bobby. His penis was dripping pre-cum, and his shaft felt smooth under my fingers. Bobby restrained my hand for a moment, opened up the tube of hand cream, and smeared a little on his shaft and glans. I was noticeably confused.

'You're doing great, your fingers feel really nice. But since I don't have a dick-skin, my penis needs a little lotion. It makes things go smoother.' he said. 'Makes it feel like your hand is actually a girl's pussy.' He let go of my hand and began to gently thrust into the ring of my fingers. He moaned as his thrusts picked up speed, my stroking fingers tightening around his circumcised cock.

'Oh, Jake. I'm going to shoot.' Bobby said, almost in a whisper. He was moaning with pleasure as his breathing got faster and faster. Bobby's balls tightened up and his cock throbbed in my hand as his hot juices began to flow. He let out a high pitched shout, almost an animal yelp, as semen, warm and thick, shot from his glans in jets that spattered my hands and chest. He bucked under my hand as I stroked his shrinking member, little drops of cum dripping out of him and onto my fingers. Bobby gasped for breath and collapsed on the tent floor next to me.

To Be Continued...



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