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Summer Afternoon With My Best Friend

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At age 12, my best friend James and I were interested in girls, but neither of us had never actually touched one for real. We talked about titties and pussy all the time, we were obsessed. We lived in a neighborhood close to a prostitution district and we wondered all the time about how much the girls would charge for a blowjob. Of course, we didn't have any money, so that was out. Sometimes we'd dare each other to get naked, and we always accused each other of being gay, the way boys will do.

But nothing ever happened between us until the day I found a porn magazine in my Dad's dresser. When I told him about it on the phone, James came over to my house right away. Our parents were at work. We put the magazine on the bed and spent what seemed like hours poring over every picture, on every page.

Our hearts were beating like crazy. We started talking in hushed tones, saying things like, 'Look at her ass!' 'Oh man, this girl's pussy is so wet!' Our pre-teen dicks were bulging like crazy.

At some point, he finally brought it up. He asked if I had ever jacked off. I lied, telling him that I hadn't. He said he hadn't either, but I believed him since he was always kind of embarassed about stuff. In reality, I had been stroking my cock with soap or lotion in the bathroom every day for about 6 months, and I couldn't get enough. I had often wanted to jack off with James, or even talk about jacking off, but since he was the dominant one in our friendship, I was always terrified he would say I was a 'fag' or something.

To my suprise, that day James started saying things like, 'I wonder what it feels like. Jacking off, I mean.'

Suddenly I was more turned on than I had ever been, and I think he was too. Time seemed to stand still. My heart was beating so fast, I thought I would pass out. My saliva was thick. It felt like a really good dream, just talking about jacking off with my best friend. I was dying to pull on my cock, and to see his hard-on, but it would have to be James that brought it up. I was too scared of how he might react.

Finally he said something like, 'I don't know what's so wrong with it. I mean, I think it's natural.' I thought I would cum right there. We looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

'You want to try it? If you don't tell anyone, I won't tell anyone,' he said.

'Sure. Let's do it.' With these words, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

'Where should we go?'

'How about right here?'

'Do you promise not to tell anyone?'

'Look, if anyone finds out about you doing it, I'll be busted too, so don't worry. I won't tell anyone.'

We lay on our backs on my parents' bed, our legs dangling off, our bulges pointing toward the sky. We pulled down our elastic waistband shorts and our young cocks sprung up. We looked at each other's dicks and compared. I already knew that his was much bigger than mine and uncut, from times we'd been naked on camping trips. That cock looked amazing to me in that moment, thick and hooded, unlike my smaller, circumcised dong. We held them down by the base, pushing downward to see how long we could make them look. This was one of the best feelings I'd ever had.

He kind of made fun of me for having a smaller dick than him, laughing nervously. We stared at each other's cocks, and our own.

'What should we do? How do ya do this?'

'I don't know,' I lied. 'Should we just rub them?'

'I guess so.'

We were so nervous that we wasted a lot of time sort of joking around, pretending to think this was gross. But we both knew we were having a great time.

I started rubbing mine like I always did when I had no lubricant, with two fingers on the bottom behind the head and my thumb on the top. James was doing something similar, but on his uncut dick, the head would peek out every time he pulled downward. I was mesmerized watching him, and I think he was, too. Our breathing was heavy, my heart still racing with adrenaline. Every now and then we'd say something.

'It feels so good, just stroking it.'

'Yeah. God this feels good.'

'Yeah. God.'

'Man I love this.'

We would say things about each other's dicks, too. 'Yours is really thick, man. So hard.'

'Yours is really hard, too. You have a big head on yours.'

'Yours is really red.'

'Yeah, I think it's supposed to be like that when you beat off.'

'God, yours is hard, huh?'

In the end, we never came that day. He jumped up at some point, wracked with guilt and shame, and made up an excuse to go home. We didn't speak of it again for a few days, when he brought it up. Eventually James got over his embarassment and we started beating off together almost every day.



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