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Summer Afternoon

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This happened several years ago, one afternoon in early summer. I was mowing the yard when my friend Van stopped by. We used to work together. He's a hunky straight guy half my age, with dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. He knows I'm gay, but doesn't care; in fact, he kisses me on the lips whenever he meets me. Maybe the reason he's so comfortable is that his dad is gay. Van always had a steady girlfriend. He and I would tease about sexual stuff, but we'd never done anything together. Well, he got out of his pickup truck and found me in the back yard. I was glad for a break from yard work, so I got two drinks and we sat on a bench on the back porch.

Just being with Van was a huge turn-on for me, even though I knew nothing would happen between us. Still, it got me hot when he started talking about sex with his girlfriend. Then he said, 'Man, I'm really horny.' I wanted to say, 'Yeah, I've got a major hardon just sitting next to you,' but I didn't. We talked some more and he said it again: 'I've really been super-horny lately.' I decided to take a chance. I started rubbing his thigh and said, 'You know, I could help you out with that problem.' I could see his hardon through his jeans. He looked over and said, 'OK, let's go for it.' I replied, 'Yeah, right.' He said, 'No, I mean it.'

I couldn't believe this, no way! I said, 'Van, don't toy with me. You know it makes me crazy.' He said, 'I'm not kidding. Let's go.' My roommate was gone for the weekend, so I had the house to myself. I still couldn't believe this was really happening; I jumped up and headed inside like it was a dream. Van was right behind me, and he was ready. He started shucking off his jeans as soon as we walked into the bedroom. I got naked and lay down beside him. I was leaking precum like crazy. I reached over and pulled his t-shirt up halfway, and started stroking his cock. He had thick, dark pubes, and his belly was covered with black hair. He must've been really horny, because he was grunting like a pig. He blew his load in under a minute. It landed in his belly hair and all the way up onto his t-shirt. I used his cum to lube up my own cock. Then I asked him to watch me jerk off in the shower. He pulled on his jeans and followed me into the bathroom, wiping cum off his belly with one of my towels. I got the hot water going and started stroking myself while he stood there watching. Then he said, 'I guess I'd better get going.' I was afraid he'd be mad about what we'd done, but he leaned into the shower, kissed me on the lips like he always did, and said, 'See you later.' I got back to business and shot my load all over the shower walls. I still couldn't believe that Van had jerked off with me; it was a fantasy come true.

When I saw Van a couple of weeks later he was fine with it; the awkwardness I feared wasn't there. I asked him, 'How come you were so comfortable jerking off with a gay guy?' He smiled and said, 'Because I trust you.' It felt great to hear him say that. Of course, I was hoping that we'd become jerkoff buddies, but we never did it again. Van got married the next summer, but we're still close friends, and he still kisses me on the lips when we see each other.



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