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Summer 2006 With Sheri

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My last story not very long ago was about a great time with a beautiful young man. As nice as it was to live, it was not quite as wonderful as the week I spent with Sheri July 2006. She is one my most cherished friends in the world. Even though we don't see each other often now we still have one of the most special friendships ever. I do love her dearly and I always will. I have no feelings for any other woman in the world. My feelings for Sheri are loving. I am attracted by her sexual nature and wonderful beauty. I don't want to make love to her, just share my love with her. I believe you have to be a woman to understand what I mean. It's sexual, hot and loving, but not intimate.

This too is a long story but it needs to be told as it was. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my experience too.


In the summer of July 2006 I was 22 years old. I had met Sheri two years prior through guys we were dating then. The guys lasted only a short while but we continued our friendship.

Sheri lives in the town not far from where I live in the country. Sheri is now a personal trainer, Yoga instructor and nutritional advisor. I have never met a lady in such healthy condition both physically and mentally. She has the body of a Goddess, and a beautiful mind. Talking to her is like reading poetry and looking at her is like looking over a beautiful landscape. If I am down, she brings me up. I always knew she looked great but I never saw her without clothes until that week in 2006.

Sheri and I planned a week vacation together at a beach resort area about two hours from my home. We rented one of many small row cottages just a short walk from the very popular beach. I arrived a day later than Sheri. The morning I arrived Sheri was down at the beach already enjoying the warm early sun. I knew where she would be so I walked down toward the beach carrying my shoes in hand walking through the powdery sand. As I got closer to her I could not help but notice how great she looked stretched out on her towel with a hat over her face. I knew by her lean muscle tone it was her so I called out her name. Sheri jumped up greeting me with a big hug. We sat down on the towel together and talked for a while then went back to collect my bags from the car.

As we walked back we made our way up a narrow wooden ramp that took us from beach to sidewalk. Sheri walked in front and I noticed how her tight lean muscles moved so nicely in her butt and long legs.

We spent the rest of that first day soaking up sun and talking on the beach. We sprayed our bodies with tons of sunscreen so we could stay out as long as we wanted. Mid afternoon we went back and got our running shoes on then walked the long beach about 45 minutes to the very popular area where the crowds were. We both had bikinis with running shoes, quite a fashion statement. We did get a lot of looks from the guys and even a few women. My body is slim and small with medium sized breasts that sit fairly high but I don't have the sleak muscle tone Sheri does. Sheri has zero fat, lean tight muscles and quite small breasts that sit like little rocks on her chest. Her long pointy nipples were showing though the small light fabric of her bikini top. She really was the main event for eyes as we walked along.

After our walk we went back to lay out for a bit longer then back to our cabin to clean up and make some dinner. I told Sheri to shower first while I tried to find some music on the radio. A few moments after she went into the bath she came back out telling me to look at how much sun she got that day. I turned to see her fully nude body standing in front of me. What a gorgeous sight to see this perfect beauty standing naked in front of me. I stumbled on my words then she asked if I got as much sun too. I pulled my bottoms down a bit and she came close running her hand over the white area saying looks like you did too and we better be more careful tomorrow. She turned and went back in to shower. I stood there with my heart pounding and feeling flush from seeing her body. It was a feeling I had never had before in my life from seeing a woman naked. I had seen many girls in gym class naked when we showered back in school. It was a bit of a thrill for me then but nothing like this.

After when it was my turn to shower I felt so full of sexual energy stepping into the wet stall where Sheri was minutes before. I thought of how all the water on the floor had just been dancing off her beautiful body. I turned on the warm water then took the shower head off the hook to please my now throbbing clitoris. I opened my pussy lips with one hand while letting the warm water pulse on my clit. I was not long before enjoying a quiet but intense orgasm. I finished up then walked out with just a towel on. Sheri said nothing and did not say a word about my towel dress. She said she had most of dinner prepped and we should be eating soon.

Before dinner I went to dress and came out with tracks and a large sweat shirt. Sheri had yoga pants and a t-shirt with no bra, showing her hard boobs and long nipples. We ate a nice lite meal then rested each on the ends of the old sofa with our legs toward each other. We talked for a long while catching up on the past few weeks. The conversation turned to men, love and sex. Sheri being so open told me she loves men but does not need one in her life full time right now. She said sex with men is great but it is also great with herself. I laughed saying I have always felt that way and that I too enjoy a great sex life with myself. That sparked a new conversation about our self love and self pleasure styles. Sheri was very interested asking me so many questions about when I learned and how I learned. She asked if I had changed my masturbation styles over time and what styles were my favorite. She wanted to know every detail even down to what if any toys I have used. This talk made me very aroused and wet. I could feel my pussy lips now swollen and opening up like petals on a morning flower.

After answering all her questions I asked her if she would share the same with me. Sheri was quite happy to tell me about her life of masturbation from learning to styles, who she had shared her most personal pleasures with and every detail in between. I learned she was a very sexual creature and masturbation came very natural to her. She said she had shared her self love with every man she had ever been with plus two girlfriends in the past.

We talked until it was late and I was dripping down my leg. We made our way to the one bed in the small cottage. It was queen size and looked very cozy. Sheri started to undress asking me if I was comfortable with her sleeping naked. I said not at all and told a white lie that I too slept nude in the summer. I just wanted to lay next to her naked body.

We got undressed in the moonlit room and I slid into bed. I could see Sheri's perfect body shadowed by the light. Sheri closed the curtains and lay down to sleep. After a bit of non sexual small talk she said goodnight. I slid my hand down to my parted wet lips and dipped in for some slippery liquid to circle my clit. Ever so slowly I circled my clit then my breathing started to get harder so I had to stop. I lay wet and bothered for quite a while before sleep took over. As I lay awake I could not help thinking how Sheri must also be aroused right now and how she would probably masturbate with me if I only had the courage to ask.

The next morning I woke to Sheri walking around the cottage wearing only a thong bottom. She heard me get up and said she was making us a tea and it should be ready soon. I grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it on leaving my bottom just covered but with no underwear. I was still feelng horny from the night before.

I went out to the kitchen and there was Sheri looking so good with her tight little boobs and very long nipples. I could not help making a comment asking if she was cool then laughing. She smiled flicking one nipple a few times saying they always do this and it can be a pain when she was working.

She poured the hot water and handed me my tea. Sheri sat on the sofa end again and asked me to join her. I did, keeping my legs closed as best as possible so as not to offend her at all. Sheri pushed one of my legs to one side saying, oh my don't you look comfy. I grinned and said I should put more on but she held my leg down saying no it was quite ok with her.

I was at the point where I just had to have an orgasm or I would burst! I thought I would turn the conversation back to sex and masturbation again just like the night before then Sheri might ask me if I wanted to masturbate with her. I was dying to watch her and to have her watch me.

I started the conversation with asking how did she sleep. Sheri said she slept ok but the strange bed kept her awake. She asked me the same and I told her after all the talk about sex and orgasm that I found it hard to sleep without having some orgasms and masturbation time. What she said next made my heart pound hard in my chest. Very casually she said that I should have said something and that she was quite comfortable if I was to masturbate with her there. She said we have to listen to our bodies and do what they tell us. Sheri said she too was feeling the same way but did not want to step out of line. Then since I had not uttered a word yet she asked if I was ok with what she said. I replied with a very hard YES. I said I was quite alright with it.

Sheri leaned forward and reached out to give me a hug. I leaned forward hugging her and she told me what a great and special friend I was to her. We both leaned back and she said sharing her most private pleasures with me will be beautiful.

Sheri then lifted her body up pulling her tiny bottoms off revealing her little pussy to me. She was shaved all but a small bit on the top. I lifted my shirt and opened my legs too. There we both were with our legs over each other, spread apart then Sheri was the first to start. Sheri asked me if I would please remove my shirt so I did. As soon as I saw her hand touch her clit I too went straight to mine. We had the most wonderful time rubbing our clits and looking over each others bodies while we got closer to orgasm. Sheri's nipples got even harder and longer than before.

I reached my orgasm rather quickly and it was certainly above average. I kept my eyes open and looking straight into Sheri's as I wiggled and pushed my hips into my hand with a quick and steady pace. Once I finished Sheri stroked my leg from toe to pussy and back again while she continued rubbing herself with the other hand. Sheri changed her style and inserted two fingers inside her pussy pulling toward her g-spot. I thought she would do this from her story the night before. She said it was her favorite style when not using a vibe and dildo.

She started breathing hard and her shoulders rolled back pointing her chest way out showing her body so nicely. I could see every muscle, tendon and rib in her body as she hung her head back off the sofa then lifted her pussy high in the air rubbing fast and hard. She was thrusting her fingers very fast and hard into her body then she let out a yell and started bucking her hips fast. As I watched this beautiful creature orgasm she started squirting out small streams of fliud. I was mesmerized by this clear fluid, lightly squirting and splashing around as she moved her fingers back and forth over her clit so fast now.

As she finished I was even more turned on now that I had seen her squirt like that. It was on my legs and feet just like on hers. She was breathing real hard then opened her eyes and with a voice out of breath said she was so sorry and that it did not happen often, only when she was very excited just like she told me the night before. I told her I loved it and took that as a compliment as I rubbed the juice into hers and my legs. I asked her if she could do it again for me and she said she was not sure but would try. A few seconds later we were both masturbating again while watching each other. I rubbed my legs and feet over her hard body as I probbed my clit this time. She felt so nice and her skin was like silk with the wet juices smearing around. I came again nice and long enjoying every second and every pulse my pussy pushed out. Sheri fingered inside her pussy for a while longer while I watched then she added her other hand to her clit then said, I'm coming again.

Her breathing picked up once more then she grunted out hard with more wet juice squirting out again. I watched the juice fly all around from her hand moving so fast over her clit. The sofa had wet spots now and we were both getting quite wet too. I had her juice up to my boobs now. Sheri started to laugh a bit saying that it felt so great to orgasm so hard like that.

We took a break and showered together. We went back to the couch nude and talking some more for about a half hour. I soon let my hand wonder back to my clit and started to masturbate while we were talking. Sheri kept telling me her short story smiling and looking down at my hand. A few minutes later we were both sharing another masturbation time together.

Sheri only rubbed her clit this time and she came so nice pushing her legs hard and tight together. She did not squirt but she sure did have a nice orgasm.

We spent until noon that day enjoying our bodies. I had many orgasms that day and so did Sheri.

We spent that rest of the week together and most days finished with us doing the same thing that day started with. It was the best time I have ever spent with a lady in my life.

I have not had much time to spend with Sheri lately and I'm not sure if we could enjoy ourselves the same way again or not but I would like to try.

Now you understand why Sheri was and still is such a special friend to me.

Peace and Love to all.



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